Bank "Russian Capital" reduced two thirds of offices and half of employees

The optimization plan includes the entry of Roskap into the top three largest mortgage banks of Russia by 2020.
The state corporation Dom.RF (former AHML) completed the main stages of the transformation of the bank "Russian Capital", which it received late last year. As part of the transformation of the former sanatorium SU-155 into a mortgage-building bank, two thirds of the offices and about half of the employees were reduced, including due to significant optimization of the management team. Thanks to these measures, the state corporation hopes to reduce the significant losses of the bank. According to experts, the optimization will save about 2-3 billion rubles. before the end of this year.

At the disposal of Kommersant was a report on the interim results of the program of transformation of the bank "Russian Capital". Completely it should be completed by the end of the year, but as it follows from the document, the main activities to optimize the business of the bank have already been carried out. In particular, the number of network points has been optimized - from 132 to December 1, 2017 to 54, there should remain 51 of them by the end of the year. A project has been launched to reorganize the network management model - based on six branches (previously there were nine). In addition, the number of employees of the bank was significantly reduced from 4,300 as of December 1, 2017 to 2,500 as of mid-June. At the same time, the reduction to a significant extent affected the management team: if earlier there were 3.8 employees per manager, now - on average 11. The number of managers was reduced by 30%, to 720 people. "As part of the new strategy, measures have been implemented to optimize costs and launch a new business model for a mortgage and construction bank," Kommersant was told in Russian Capital. In the "House. RF "this information was confirmed, refraining from the details.

Bank "Russian Capital" belongs to "Dom.RF" from the end of 2017. The state corporation plans to create a mortgage-building bank on its basis. The process of transformation is led by Artyom Fedorko, a native of Dom.RF, who was appointed chairman of the bank's board in February this year. Since 2008, "Russian capital" was sanitized by the Deposit Insurance Agency, in recent years, the bank has been engaged in the sanation of the developer SU-155. "Russian capital" is included in the top 30 banks. According to the results of 2017, the bank's loss on international reporting amounted to 14 billion rubles.

As follows from the report, a significant reduction in the points of presence and personnel will be offset by the development of remote channels. In addition, to optimize costs, the bank will transfer all back office functions to a single service center in Voronezh. In addition to work on reducing costs, "Russian capital" gradually translates into a balance of mortgage sales from "Dom. The Russian Federation ". The joint issue of mortgage loans by the state corporation and the bank for the four months of 2018 amounted to 25.1 billion rubles, which corresponds to a market share of 2.8%, the plan for issuing in 20128 - 100 billion rubles. All this should contribute to the realization of the previously stated goal - to enter the top 3 in the mortgage market by 2020.

Considering the significant losses of "Russian capital", a significant reduction in expenditure items is a logical step, experts say. According to the estimations of the partner and managing director of the Moscow office of the Boston Consulting Group Sergey Ishkov, the described measures can reduce the bank's loss by 2-3 billion rubles by the end of the year. "Optimization will prepare the bank for the future and come to the model that was planned," he said. "It never happens painlessly, but the optimization processes will allow the bank to develop from next year, focusing on its main products - mortgage and housing finance projects in the corporate block ". According to Yuri Gribanov, the general director of the analytical agency Frank RG, taking into account the measures described, by 2020 the bank is quite capable of fulfilling the task of entering the top-3, as its funding capabilities allow offering good rates to customers, which is especially important for mortgage borrowers. "At the same time, a mortgage bank does not need to have a very large regional network, since a significant part of sales can occur through developers and brokers," the expert continues. "An additional multiplier for business can be the building for customers of a convenient simplified mechanism for issuing and refinancing mortgages."