Bank "Russian Standard" was beating in agony

The loan portfolio of the Russian Standard Bank in the priority card segment for April declined by 4.2%. The new team of the bank for two years and did not manage to achieve its growth. The head of the bank, Rustam Tariko, will not save anything.
Now the portfolio of credit cards corresponds to the level of 2012. The "Russian Standard" explains this by writing off overdue loans that were accumulated in the crisis years. And they assure that from the second half of the year the portfolio will begin to grow. This is probably no longer interesting to anyone, since from day to day Rustam Tariko can lose his bank. And what will grow in it, will become the concern of new owners.

Nevertheless, the "Russian Standard" is still trying to portray the activity on the market and in mid-May suggested that credit card holders connect interest-free installments to them. Is there anyone else biting on the proposals of Rustam Tariko?

In October last year, Russian Standard Ltd defaulted on bonds with redemption in 2022. Their holders did not receive $ 35 million. Rustam Tariko, apparently, for procrastinating time, announced his desire to redeem these bonds for $ 451 million. From where did he get such Money, if $ 35 million can not find? Tariko decided to mock the banking market?

49% of shares of the bank "Russian Standard" are in pledge for the issue of bonds. In order to prevent its restructuring, bondholders created an initiative group of 27.5% of the holders of the issue, which could block the decision of Tariko. If the parties do not agree, 49% of the bank's shares will go to the bondholders. And some of them, probably, are not averse to seeing themselves in the role of banker.

The last negotiations of Rustam Tariko with bondholders were held on March 6. On them, Rustam Tariko proposed two options for restructuring. The first one assumed the redemption of shares for 25% of the face value, the second - for 20% plus the payment of interest on the shares of the bank, depending on the results of its work. These percent, probably, in general, no one would ever have seen. What is the bank's effective activity?

The initiative group called the proposal of Rustam Tariko unacceptable and announced its intention within three weeks to begin the process of seizing the shares of the bank "Russian Standard". The group's requirements are to pay a 6.5% coupon on bonds. The last news on this topic was March 12, so it seems that the parties did not agree and the initiative group began the process of withdrawing the pledge. Rustam Tariko will soon wave the jar with a pen?

What will investors get?

If the bank passes to the new owners, one of the options for the development of the situation is an invitation to the Russian Standard for a new team of managers. But this is something Rustam Tariko, probably afraid of most. When transferring a bank in it, it may come up that the loss of the bank will seem to Rustam Tariko flowers. And as a berry, he probably can face imprisonment.

Earlier this year, it became known that the Russian Standard Bank could participate in the withdrawal of assets from the Rossiyskiy Kredit bank Anatoly Motylev. This was written "Documents and Facts." 4 billion rubles. could be withdrawn through federal loan bonds.

Anatoly Motylev also used his personal account in the bank "Russian Standard", to which he transferred 6 billion rubles. Could he have done this without the knowledge of Rustam Tariko? Probably not, because it is a very large sum. There was probably a preliminary agreement between Motylev and Tariko.

And the day before the license was revoked, Rossiyskiy Kredit granted the Russian Standard a loan of 1.2 billion rubles. Now Anatoly Motylev is hiding abroad, and the hole in the "Russian loan" is estimated at 126 billion rubles. So Rustam Tariko, apparently, has something to fear.

In terms of its assets, the Russian Standard ranks 27th in Russia, but at profit as much as 442. It simply does not have a bank, it has a negative value. Since the beginning of the year, the bank's assets have decreased by 12.78 billion rubles, profit by 4 billion rubles, capital (in form 1243) by 4 billion rubles, loan portfolio by 15 billion rubles. Does Rustam Tariko not take money from the bank to hide with them abroad?

The number of loans granted to legal entities and individuals has decreased.

But most striking indicators of profitability of the bank, they are generally negative, and this should not be. The bank fell down the profitability of assets by 135 positions, by the return on equity - by 329.

"Russian Standard" has negative ratings from international agencies, which can also be downgraded.

None of the capital adequacy ratio corresponds to the recommended value.

The level of doubtful debt, which characterizes the quality of assets in the bank instead of 5% is 27.55%, that is, exceeds the norm by more than 5 times (!). The refinancing ratio at the rate of 100% is 2912%, the excess is almost 30 times (!).

The liquidity ratio K4, shows that at least 15% of the funds attracted to the bank should be provided with highly liquid assets. The "Russian Standard" has this indicator - 3.4%. Almost 5 times (!) Below. Protection of deposits of the population of C4 should not exceed 150%, the bank 364%. Maybe it's time to save his money from him?

How did Tariko come to such a life?

Bank "Russian Standard" was created with money from the alcohol business of Rustam Tariko. His alcoholic empire includes holding Roust and the manufacturer of sparkling wines Gancia. The bank quickly became the leader in the consumer lending market. Only in what way?

In 2010, complaints were massively filed against the collectors of the "Russian Standard", which in severe form knocked out debts. One of the debtors to pay off, even offered to sell his kidney. This was written "Documents and Facts."

And Rustam Tariko, apparently, at this time chic. I bought a personal jet Boeing 737-7BJ / W BBJ for $ 52 million, a chic villa in Sardinia from the wife of Silvio Berlusconi, paid 320 thousand euros for calling an orchid by the name of his girlfriend. But, as they say in the people, you love honey honey and chill. Apparently, it was Rustam Tariko's time to descend from the financial Olympus to the ground.

In 2018, he has to pay $ 718 million on credit notes. Tariko probably does not have money. And all of his alcoholic empire can collapse. In the "Russian Standard", probably, already on the verge of this. Once the collectors of the banker forced the clients of the bank to pay the bills. Now the account is presented to Rustam Tariko himself. So far, only bondholders. Probably, after them it is necessary to keep the answer before the investigators. If, of course, by this time Tariko will still be in Russia.