Bank that attracted more than 30 billion rubles from the population has collapsed

Centro Bank established temprorary administration over Voyenno-promyshlenny Bank.  
The central bank introduced a temporary administration in the Military-Industrial Bank, said the regulator. The reason - the threat to the interests of creditors and depositors. interim administration functions assigned to the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), and the powers of the shareholders and the board suspended. "The primary task of the interim administration TBF is to conduct a survey of the financial situation of the bank to determine its objective financial situation", - stated in the report of the Central Bank.

Bank holds 98th place in the ranking of "Interfax-CEA" Agency following the results of the II quarter. He attracted 30.6 billion rubles. public funds, as of August 1st.

The Bank has problems with the beginning of September. Last week, on Friday, the Central Bank, disconnect it from the system banking electronic payments (BESP), told "Vedomosti" two counterparties of the bank and confirmed the chairman of the board of directors Yury BIG Koltok. The Bank has ceased to make payments, grant funds from the card at ATMs of other banks, also set a limit on withdrawals at its ATMs in the amount of 150 000 rubles. per month.

In late August, the Central Bank ordered the bank dosozdat reserves of 6 billion rubles., Told "Vedomosti" two counterparties TBF. According to them, this is seriously shaken the financial position of the bank. Part of the reserves accounted for loans to technology companies, they pointed out. Koltok confirmed "Vedomosti" that the bank has received an order doformirovat caterer for more than 6 billion rubles. It reserves for loans to investment projects: plants in Cheboksary and the Kaluga region, the construction of economy-class housing for military personnel, said Koltok. From his words, it follows that the bank had to create a 50% reserve on almost half of the loan portfolio.

According to him, the bank increased its capital in August to 12 billion rubles. due to the recovery of reserves and an additional issue, but due to the requirements of the Central Bank capital in September fell to 5.8 billion rubles .: "This is no standard, we did not break, to break the norms of our capital should amount to 5.3 billion."

In addition, the Central Bank has set limit on the turnover of funds on the accounts of legal entities - no more than 6 billion rubles. per month. Legal entities, including banks and the Central Bank, the means of BIG actively taken: 20 billion rubles. at the beginning of the year to August, it remains only 6.5 billion rubles.