Banker Andrzej Malchevsky died in prison

The founder and former owner of Mosoblbank, transferred to the structures of the Rothenberg brothers, died in a colony where he served time for the theft of 68 billion rubles.
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The businessman was sentenced to four years in prison for stealing about 70 billion rubles. In the course of the sanation of the Mosoblbank group of the SMP Bank, its ex-owners Malcevskie transferred almost all of their assets to the owners of the SMP Rotenberg.

The founder of Mosoblbank, businessman Andrzej Malchevsky, died in a hospital in a colony where he served a four-year term. This was announced by his lawyer Andrei Solomenny.

"He died in the hospital at the colony. He felt bad, he was transferred to a hospital. I will not comment on [the causes of death] now, because the documents have not been received yet, an autopsy today. So far, only this information, "- said Straw, adding that the businessman" died from the disease. " "There is no evidence of violent death," explained Strawman.

The death of Malchevsky RBC was also confirmed in the National Horse Park "Rus", which previously belonged to the structures of the entrepreneur.

"Yes, he died on the 16th," the park employee said, without specifying the details of the place and date of the funeral and information about the causes of death.

RBC sent a request to the press service of the FSIN with a request to confirm the death of Malchevsky and clarify the details.

The founder of Mosoblbank was convicted in 2016. The Izmaylovskiy District Court of Moscow sentenced him to four years in a general-regime penal colony, finding him guilty of a large-scale embezzlement of money. According to the Prosecutor General's Office, top managers of the credit institution withdrew 68 billion rubles from the bank.

Since May 2014 the Mosoblbank group is under the sanation of the SMP Bank, the controlling interest of which belongs to the brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg. During the sanitation, Andrzej and his son, Alexander Malchevsky, transferred almost all of their assets to Rotenberg.