Banker Bilalov brothers to be wanted

The former head of the National Business Development Bank Anton Suslov was suspected of fraud and withdrawal of funds from the bank.
Tverskoy District Court of Moscow will consider the petition of the capital's investigators about the absentee arrest of the former deputy chairman of the board of the National Bank of Business Development (NBRB) Anton Suslonov. The top manager of the bank, which belonged to the scandalous brothers Ahmed and Magomed Bilalov, is suspected of the deliberate bankruptcy of his credit institution in 2014. In particular, shortly before the license was withdrawn from the bank, Mr. Suslonov participated in a number of questionable transactions: the sale of the real estate of the credit institution, as well as the purchase of promissory notes by the NBRB from an alleged insolvent firm.

According to "Kommersant", 47-year-old Anton Suslovov for more than a year was a witness in the criminal case under art. 196 of the Criminal Code (deliberate bankruptcy). It was initiated by the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Western District of the GU MVD of Russia in Moscow on the application of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) back in October 2016. Subsequently, the materials were transferred from the district to the capital's police chief, who came to the conclusion that Mr Suslonov was involved in the crime. Today, the Tverskoy District Court of the capital will consider the petition of the investigation to elect a preventive measure against him in the form of absentia arrest.

According to the investigation, a few months before the revocation of the license from the NBRB, Anton Suslov, who at that time was acting as the chairman of the bank, participated in the withdrawal of assets from it. In particular, in September 2013, the ex-banker approved the sale to a certain Magomed Zagliev of four non-residential premises with an area of ​​almost 500 square meters. m on the street Krasnaya Presnya, 28. The price of the transaction was more than 82 million rubles. Underlying it, the investigation found that the buyer paid the seller with the money of the bank, not immediately, but a month before the recall of the last license. There was it as follows. On March 7, 2014, the NBRB bought from the supposedly insolvent LLC Lexis Guarantor, registered at the address of mass registration, 11 bills for almost 320 million rubles. On the same day, two more transit banking transactions were carried out: first, Lexis Guarantor transferred 82 million rubles. LLC Agroservice (its CEO until November 2013 was Anton Suslov), which issued them as a loan to Magomed Zagliev, who transferred the money to the account of the NBRB.

As a result, the investigation concluded that the sale of real estate and the purchase of bills were in fact a withdrawal from the credit institution of assets, which became one of the links in the bank's deliberate bankruptcy. At the same time, Mr. Suslonov signed a letter to the Rosreestr that the deal with Magomed Zagliev is not a big deal for the bank.

In 2015-2016, the DIA in the Moscow Arbitration Court tried to recognize these transactions as invalid, but lost. The appeal of the decision in the higher authorities was also not successful. And only when it came to the Supreme Court, he saw the grounds for reversing the previous decisions and sent the materials for a new consideration.

In addition, in June last year, the DIA sent to the same Moscow Arbitration Court a claim for recovery of losses from the former leadership of the NBRB, including Mr. Suslonov, in the amount of 8.4 billion rubles. It is this amount that the bank should have left to creditors at the time of the revocation of the license. A regular meeting on this matter should be held on May 31.

Let's also note that until the spring of 2013 the NBRB belonged to scandalous businessmen - Ahmed and Magomed Bilalov. Law enforcement officers also had claims to them. However, they were not directly connected with the bank's activities. Both suspected of abuse of power (Article 201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Magomed Bilalov was charged with violations in the construction of the Olympic facilities in Krasnaya Polyana, and his brother later - fraud in the state-owned company "Resorts of the North Caucasus", whose head of board he was in 2010-2013. However, before the charges were filed, the case did not reach - the brothers went abroad, where, according to some sources, they live now. At the same time, in 2015, information appeared that the cases concerning both were closed, but the Ministry of Internal Affairs denied it, noting that the brothers are wanted.