Banker Malchevsky died because of an overcrowded barrack

Founder Mosoblbank, businessman Andrzej Malchevsky died in a hospital at a colony in the Ryazan region. As the relative of Malchevsky told The Bell, he died of an infectious meningitis caused by overpopulation of the barracks where the ex-banker lived.
Origin source
The first about the death of the former founder of Mosoblbank, Andrzej Malcevsky, was announced by the Telegram-channel "Banksta" on June 16. According to him, Malchevsky died in the colony No. 6 of the village of Stenkino in the Ryazan region. At the same time, an obituary to Malchevsky appeared on the website

The FSIN on Monday confirmed the information about the death of a businessman. According to the representative of the department, on June 13, Malchevsky went to the hospital with a colony with complaints of poor health, on the same day he was hospitalized in the Ryazan Regional Clinical Hospital, where he died on the 16th. The service stressed that no traces of violence or poisoning were found.

A close relative of the businessman told The Bell that in the colony where the businessman was held, a reorganization took place earlier, after which 350 people lived in a barracks designed for 200 people. According to him, there were more prisoners than beds, so they slept in shifts. Against this background, according to a relative, Malchevsky began an infectious meningitis, on Friday, June 15, he fell into a coma, and died on June 16. "He had completely established health. They did not give three times, and, apparently, everything in the complex led to such a result, "- suggested the source of The Bell.

At the same time, in an interview with The Bell, Solzhenny's lawyer Malchevsky said that the banker had not complained about overpopulation of the barrack, but he had been denied twice in the UDO. On Wednesday, June 13, the banker planned to again apply for the UDO, but on Tuesday after lunch he fell into a coma. A preliminary diagnosis - infectious meningitis - was given to Malchevsky by one of the hospital doctors at the time when he was in a coma. However, the exact cause of Andrzej Malcevsky's death will be found in a month, when the results of the histological study will be ready, the lawyer told The Bell. At the time of writing, the representative of the FSIN did not answer the questions of The Bell. At the time of death, the entrepreneur was 56 years old.

In 2016, Malchevsky was sentenced to four years in a general-regime colony. The court found him guilty of embezzling 68 billion rubles in Mosoblbank. According to the investigation, the withdrawal of money from the financial institution was carried out by a special department, which performed operations on deposits, withdrawing funds for its balance and hiding them from official reporting.

The indictment indicated that the owner of Mosoblbank in 2010 "created an organized criminal group of his trusted persons" (only five people). After the arrest, Malchevsky pleaded guilty and agreed to reimburse the damage with Mosoblbank. However, later in conversation with the investigators and during the trial, he insisted that nothing bad for the bank did and did not know about the double-entry bookkeeping.

The sanation of Mosoblbank since 2014 is controlled by the brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg SMP Bank. During the sanitation, Andrzej Malcevsky and his son Alexander gave Rotenberg almost all their assets. It is about the Republican financial corporation (consists of more than 30 companies) and the bank holding "Finkhonkom-groups" (includes the National Horse Park "Rus", the oil refinery named after Borisov, the publishing house "STS-Media" and the Investment Development Agency).