Banker Mikhail Tabunov was taken without cash

After 15 searches, the Investigative Committee of Russia goes to the arrest of the banker Mikhail Tabunov.
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After revoking the license, he accused colleagues of the disappearance of 268 million in cash. In the criminal case, the opposite plot appeared.

According to Fontanka, on the night of September 19, the second department of the Investigative Committee of Russia with its deployment in St. Petersburg detained the 55-year-old president of Prime Finance Bank Mikhail Tabunov. On the morning of September 18, operatives of the "banking" departments of the economic police and the FSB conducted 15 searches in the apartments of employees of Prime Finance JSC. Including they came to Tabunov’s apartment in Povarsky Lane.

According to our publication, a criminal case was instituted under two articles - 160 and 172.1 of the Criminal Code: falsification of financial documents and misappropriation. As far as Fontanka knows, the case file is based on the results of the Central Bank audit and the conclusion of Rosfinmonitoring in the NWFD.

As Fontanka reported in early June, the Central Bank revoked the license of Prime Finance and shared with law enforcement officials thoughts about the loss of 268 million in cash from its cash desk. According to our publication, it all started a little earlier.

On May 29, 2019, as a result of a sudden cash check in the safe room of the Prime Finance office on 15 Lebedeva Street, the Central Bank auditors revealed a shortage in dollars and euros in equivalent of the same 268 million. In addition, the Central Bank presented businessmen with the inclusion of deliberately false information on the financial situation and the provision of distorted data to the Central Bank.

As Fontanka learned, already after these events Mikhail Tabunov formally contacted the St. Petersburg Economic Police with a statement in which he pointed out the perpetrators of the embezzlement. According to him, these are bank employees, starting almost as a cashier.

Judging by the text of the decision of the criminal case, the investigation is not jointly with him. Note that the document states: "... committed the theft of 268 million, which he ordered at his discretion ...". Fontanka also knows that accounting officers are witnesses and testified that Mikhail Tabunov himself repeatedly took cash from the cash register, leaving them only receipts that did not have any legal basis.

According to our publication, on September 20, the investigation goes to the arrest of Mikhail Tabunov.
Prime Finance was registered back in 1994 under the name of Marine Commercial and Industrial Bank CJSC. The bank received its current name in 2009. Judging by the latest data from the SPARK system, its main shareholders now are Mikhail Tabunov (95.05%) and Leonid Varshavsky (4.41%). It is reported that last year the Central Bank of the Russian Federation deprived Mikhail Tabunov of the right to vote. In a June 6 announcement by the CBR on persons under whose control the bank is located, it already states that 99.8% of its shares are equally divided between 10 individuals, including Tabunov and Varshavsky.