Banker Roman Avdeev begins in Moscow, the first development project

His Ingrad enters the fee-development market.
Development company Ingrad begins the first project as a fee-developer: it will manage for a fee for the construction of a residential complex of 130,000 sq. M. m in Electrolyte travel, one of her partners said. Representative Ingrad told Vedomosti: the company signed an agreement with Strategies and Business LLC and will develop the site next to the Nagornaya metro station. Employee of "Strategies and Business" confirmed the partnership.

OOO Strategy and Business interviewed by Vedomosti market participants as a developer is not known. According to the USRLE, its owner is the Cyprus Talitus Limited, the beneficiaries are not disclosed. The company's website says that of 131,600 sq. M. m total area of ​​the project is about 110,000 sq. m. m will occupy housing, the rest - infrastructure.

Managing Partner of the "Metrium Group" Maria Litinetskaya estimates the investment in the construction of the complex at 8.5 billion rubles. Ingrad is affiliated with the Moscow Credit Bank, it is he who can finance the construction, suggests Irina Dobrokhotova, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Best New Construction.

"In conditions of an unstable economic situation and a drop in purchasing activity fee-development can be particularly in demand," argues Litinetskaya. According to her, such a scheme helps owners of land areas avoid mistakes typical for non-core players, and for Ingrad it is first and foremost an excellent opportunity for the commercialization of experience. According to the representative of Ingrad, such experience allows the developer to diversify risks.
Other large companies have long been working with third-party projects.

MR Group in 2015 agreed with Coalco Vasily Anisimov that it will develop its projects in Moscow and the Moscow region, among them - residential complexes "Tsarskaya Ploshchad" on Leningradsky Prospekt, "Presnya City" on Khodynka Street, etc. Another developer , the company Inteko, which was then part of the group "Safmar", and now transferred to the Central Bank, agreed last year with "Growth of the Bank" on the implementation of two residential projects of 130,000 square meters. The head of another large construction company, Barkley, Leonid Kazinets said several years ago: a land bank in the Moscow region is overvalued, there is no point in buying plots for the offered prices - that's why Barkly changed its strategy in favor of fee-development.

Ingrad is one of the most active investors in the residential real estate market. For several years, the company has collected a portfolio of projects for more than 2.5 million square meters. Among them are New Medvedkovo and Novoye Pushkino in the Moscow region, Petra Alekseeva, 12A, Vavilova, 69 in Moscow, etc. The largest shareholders of the company are the Rossium concern Avdeeva (63.5% ) and the structure of the Pension Fund "Rosneft" GC "Region" (more than 18%).

Interviewed "Vedomosti" realtors do not exclude that Ingrad can eventually get a project in Electrolyte travel. The representative of Ingrad said that if the owner of the site offers it, the company is ready to consider it.