Banking mafia represented by Belyaev, Mamut, Aganbegian and Nabiullina, can go to jail any time

Vadim Belyaev, Alexander Mamut, Ruben Aghanbegyan and Elvira Nabiullina covered up the withdrawal of billions of rubles from Probusinessbank owned by Sergey Leontiev.
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Multibillion thefts in Probusinessbank are among the most resonant episodes of corruption, which may involve the leadership of the Bank of Russia.

At the time of the collapse, Probusinessbank was a financial group "Life". The main shareholders were Sergei Leontiev and Alexander Zheleznyak. For criminal operations, they used Probusinessbank and Otkritie Capital. The head office of the latter is in London, it is formally headed by Sergey Sukhanov, and in fact Vadim Belyaev, Ruben Aganbegyan and Alexander Mamut are owners of the financial corporation Otkritie, whose structural unit is Otkritie Capital.

Belyaev, Mamut and Aganbegyan are old acquaintances of the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina. Vadim Belyaev has a reputation as a personal "purse" of the head of the Central Bank.

The result of a special relationship with Nabiullina was the allocation of FC "Otkrytie" a record 127 billion rubles for the scandalous readjustment of the bank "Trust" and other frankly corrupt acts. The protests of Alfa Bank and the Prosecutor General's Office about the sanation of the Trust were in no way over.

Perhaps, it was on the recommendation of the "Discovery" that Nabiullina attracted Vadim Belyaev's partners from Probusinessbank to sanation. In 2014, the Central Bank allocated a tranche to Probusinessbank for the rescue of the bank "Solidarity". This was done even in spite of the fact that the employees of the Central Bank reported to the management in detail how Sergey Leontiev and Alexander Zheleznyak through Otkritie Capital withdraw money from the country.

In 2015, the banker Leontiev fled abroad, appropriating the budget for the rehabilitation of Solidarity and the money of customers of Probusinessbank. In exile, the team's partner Elvira Nabiullina said that "Russia has not yet matured to such a degree that a financial group like Life can function normally.

After the flight of Lentev, the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) and its head Yuri Isaev were instructed to rescue Probusinessbank by the Safmar group (formerly BIN). The group is owned by Mikail Shishkhanov and his older relative Mikhail Gutseriev.

With the recovery it turned out that the hole in the balance of Probusinessbank reaches 69.8 billion rubles - although earlier the Central Bank, according to Deputy Nabiullina Mikhail Sukhov, estimated a hole of 40 billion rubles. Now the DIA has disclosed that the main share of the shortfall is accounted for by calculations on brokerage operations with securities for 34.6 billion rubles, fictitious calculations for forex deals with Otkritie Capital for 6.8 billion rubles, as well as forward contracts for the purchase and sale of currency and oil To 24.3 billion rubles from the Latvian IBS "Renesource Capital" and Cyprus's Ambika Investment. These contracts were not confirmed by the previous management of the bank, and, according to Vedomosti, in reality no calculations were made for them.

The bulk of criminal brokerage operations, according to the DIA report, falls on the Cyprus depositories Brokercreditservice (beneficiary - Oleg Mijasenko) and Otkritie Capital International (beneficiaries - Belyaev, Aganbegyan, Mamut and other shareholders of FC Otkrytie). In these depositories, Probusinessbank held highly liquid securities at 6.7 billion and 18 billion rubles. They issued comparable loans (6.5 billion and 18.5 billion rubles) to companies Merianol and Ambika Investment.

Now the Central Bank officially recognizes that Probusinessbank has lost property with a book value of at least 25 billion rubles. Sergei Leontiev and Alexander Zheleznyak kidnapped assets, placing securities and then burdening in favor of Merianol and Ambika Investment, follows from the letters of the Central Bank.

After the breakdown of Probusinessbank, the Central Bank was forced to turn to the Prosecutor General's Office with a request for verification of operations. It was primarily about securities in the depositories of Otkritie Capital and Brokercreditservice, securities of Luxembourg's Atlas Investment Solutions, warrants of Mediobanka International, cash requirements for Ambika Investment and Dinosaur Merchant Bank (UK), as well as funds placed in Falcon Private Bank. From the DIA report it follows that these calculations have not been confirmed.

While Sergei Leontiev spends the stolen billions abroad, Vadim Belyaev, Alexander Mamut, Ruben Aganbegyan and Elvira Nabiullina legally live in Russia. They are not charged, but this can happen at any time, as the investigation has a detailed array of materials on joint schemes of the divisions of FC Otkritie and Probusinessbank.