Bankrupt from Versailles

How the owner of Doninvest Mikhail Paramonov borrowed billions of rubles from the Russian banks and went to France.
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Businessman Mikhail Paramonov recently was considered one of the successful Russian entrepreneurs. Now he is among the three largest bankruptcies. Prosperity Paramonov were in the 1990s. To adapt to the realities of it and could not today.

Poverty came

Name and surname of Mikhail Paramonov hardly ordinary reader about something tells. But the structure, which he directed - financial-industrial group "Doninvest", should be at the hearing due to the wide advertising, which sounded loud enough in the second half of 1990 and the beginning of the two thousandth. And now - "Doninvest" bankrupt. And with it the citizen Mikhail Paramonov. Lenders, according to "Forbes", require him to 18.2 billion rubles.

Here the most interesting - a list of those who owed Mikhail Paramonov:

VTB - 7.3 billion rubles,
Savings Bank - 4.4 billion,
Gazprombank - 3 billion,
MDM-Bank - 1.8 billion,
Rosbank - 1.6 billion,
UniCredit Bank - 139 million.

That is, in fact, almost all the major banks in Russia. It is clear that these solid financial institutions and anyone anyhow justloans do not offer. And it is this fact causes a hard look at the story of a businessman from the banks of the Don.

Under the two roofs

Early career Mikhail Paramonov can be regarded as a textbook for millions of Russian businessmen. In the early 1980s of the last century he graduated from Rostov Institute of National Economy, and even defended his thesis. Then perestroika began, and a young PhD went into private business. "Novaya Gazeta" wrote that in the latter-day business entrepreneurs were so-so. I engaged in trade seeds and plastic bags.

And suddenly, in 1991, Mikhail Paramonov opens its own bank under the name "Doninvest". And then another 14 firms. Such a miraculous transformation in merchant banker seeds did not happen without the participation of well-known in Rostov-on-Don Sagomonovyh brothers. This is a "very serious people, and whose name should be pronounced, rising from the bed or from a chair - in a word, where you sit." Well, "Fedor Zarubovich Sagamonov is considered the leader of organized crime groups" Sagamonovyh ", which has existed since 1990 and is included in" armyanscue "clan."

But the most wonderful transformation, after which Mikhail Paramonov became almost a second person in the Rostov region, happened later. History is silent on who is advised Mikhail Paramonov among the most complementary to "Doninvest" 14 companies to create a Fund for the Support of law enforcement. But, according to "Novaya Gazeta", that this step was decisive in his career. According to the publication, it is thanks to this fund Mikhail Paramonov received access to the Rostov governor
Vladimir Chub. And what I was so pleased Mikhail Paramonov, that since all the long years of his stay at the head of the governor of the area protected interests "Doninvest", as if their own.

Team machine

First of all, to the amazement of the Rostov business elite, "Doninvest" was entrusted with the service of all budgetary organizations of area. But that was only the beginning. "Doninvest" soon gave all the pension money. Although the Pension Fund was in a working trusted bank. And then the leadership of the region and the City of RostovDon released on the "gas loan" bonds. Money from it, as announced, should be directed to the gasification of the village. Interestingly, the owner of the basic package of bonds was Sberbank. In fact, most of them went to finance, perhaps the most ambitious "Doninvest" project - car factory in Taganrog.

slogan was thrown - collect Russian car. To come up with the names of the cars of the future - "gonna", "Condor," "Orion". In 1995, the plant "TagAz" started production of the product, and the first car Mikhail Paramonov presented personally to the then Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin. In fact, it was the usual assembly line. From Korean components, in fact, collected the old model cars. Soon enough, it became clear that the products are not competitive. For example, the cost of "Assol" came out 12 thousand dollars. It turned out that the same model, assembled in Uzbekistan or Poland, are cheaper. "Condor" was worth 23 thousand dollars, and its Korean "twin" - 18. But the solution to the problem implementation of these amazingthe different vehicle was found. By order of the Governor Vladimir Chub, the products Automobile Mikhail Paramonov transplanted local police. Something gave the taxi station in Rostov. Machines tried to pay for the bills. This Rostov Sberbank Sberbank became unprofitable system.

Curious coincidence

Mikhail Paramonov flourished. In 1998 he created a financial-industrial group "Doninvest", which came in and the same car factory "TagAz". Since 2002 he became chairman of the FPG "Doninvest". Who knows how high could still rise Mikhail Paramonov? But in 2010, Vladimir Chub, governor changed his seat on the senatorial. And by a strange, perhaps coincidentally streak ended for Paramonov.

Began problems with creditors. By the time the debt to Sberbank, Gazprombank and VTB reached 20 billion rubles. They tried to negotiate a restructuring - did not work.
However, personally, Mikhail Paramonov these troubles are not very worried. For at that time, as they wrote "Vedomosti", he was already firmly established in France and dropped in home edto. But - always on the birthday of Vladimir Chub.

However, the car has been started, the courts began. Final known. A year ago, the Supreme Court of Versailles (because it is in France now lives Paramonov) Gazprombank granted the petition for the recovery of its assets. Lenders will get to Versailles villa businessman, antique furniture, art objects and cars.