Bankruptcy of the bank was reinforced by a verdict

Vitaly Miroshnichenko, former director of Novation, was convicted.
Vitaly Miroshnichenko, ex-chairman of the board of the Novation Bank, was found guilty of abuse of authority and deliberate bankruptcy. The Maykop Town Court appointed him a seven-year sentence of a general-regime penal colony, a civil suit of the DIA and victims for 1.5 billion rubles. redirected to a civil court. In January 2017, the Central Bank of Russia withdrew a license from the Novation Bank, as it follows from the verdict, bankruptcy of the bank was caused by illegal actions of the top manager for issuing unsecured loans. Defense Vitali Miroshnichenko intends to appeal the verdict.

Vitaly Miroshnichenko, the former chairman of the board of the Novation Bank, was found guilty under part 2 of Art. 201 of the Criminal Code (abuse of authority in a commercial organization) and under Art. 196 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (deliberate bankruptcy), said Defendant Alexey Avanesyan. The Maykop Town Court ordered the defendant to be sentenced to seven years in a general-regime colony, from which the banker had already spent two years and two months in custody. During the debate, the prosecution requested that Mr. Miroshnichenko be sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison, the defense insisted on his innocence. The verdict will be appealed in the Supreme Court of Adygea, said the lawyer Avanesyan. The suit against the defendant from the Deposit Insurance Agency for 1.5 billion rubles. The court rejected the application, referring it to civil litigation.

As Kommersant wrote earlier, the prosecution insisted that Mr. Miroshnichenko alone, without taking into account the opinion of the credit committee of JSCB "Novation" and without taking into account the limits, decided to grant loans to Kirill Saltykov and Alexander Blinov, as well as several front companies. According to the prosecution, it was because of these actions of Vitaly Miroshnichenko that the Novation license was revoked on January 23, 2017, and then the credit organization was declared bankrupt.

Defender Alexey Avanesyan explained to "Kommersant" that Vitaly Miroshnichenko did not plead guilty, arguing that the issuance of loans was legal. The court found that in 2016 the structures affiliated with the co-owner of Dil Bank Kirill Saltykov were included in the shareholders of Novation. According to Vitaly Miroshnichenko, the new management team opened an office in Moscow and attracted large commercial structures as customers to increase the bank's assets. "We tried to prove to the court that the companies that received loans in Novation are not one-day ones, but the court rejected all of our petitions, including inquiries to the Federal Tax Service," Avanesyan's lawyer explained. "In addition, Vitaly Miroshnichenko was not obliged to issue loans in accordance with the limits, there is no such norm in the bank's charter ".

In November 2016, a criminal case was opened against Kirill Saltykov, for this reason, according to the defense, Panic began to panic among investors and customers of Novatia Bank, and after several warnings the Central Bank of the Russian Federation revoked the license from the bank. According to Aleksei Avanesyan, the criminal case against Miroshnichenko, the ex-chairman of the board of the Novation Bank, is being built largely on the examination of the financial condition of the credit institution, but the expert's opinion seems questionable: "The examination examined the situation in the bank in just a year, not two year, as required by law. In addition, the examination for more than eight months was conducted by a non-state institution, whose representative explained to the court that the work was done for free, this situation looks at least strange, "explained the defender.