Baring Vostok grabbed the bank "Vostochny"

Investment fund candidates were included on the board of directors of the bank against their will.
The annual general meeting of Vostochny Bank shareholders held on June 28 was a continuation of the conflict between its owners. A new board of directors of the bank was elected at the meeting, but the Baring Vostok investment fund considers this decision to be illegitimate.

Until June 19, Baring Vostok through Evison owned 51.6% of Vostochny, and Finvizhn of Artyom Avetisyan and his partners Sherzod Yusupov and Yuri Danilov - 40%. But according to the court decision, Evison had written off 9.99% of “Vostochny” - an option was exercised in favor of “Finvizhn”. Now Avetisyan and his two partners have control in the bank.

Nine people were elected to the Vostochny Board of Directors: four representatives of Baring Vostok (Dmitry Baburin, Grigory Zhdanov, Yana Arutyunova and Maria Ushakova), Avetisyan and his partners Yusupov and Danilov, as well as two independent directors - Svetlana Trukhanovich and Alexander Kalinin, told representative of "Finkvizh."

Baring Vostok does not recognize the decision to elect the board of directors and intends to challenge it in court. The fact is that before the meeting of shareholders four of the six candidates from Baring Vostok (Ivan Zyuzin, Ushakova, Baburin and Arutyunova) withdrew their consent to the election, said the representative of the fund, and without their consent, the candidates cannot be elected to the council: “Despite This is the “Finvizhn” with its friendly shareholders elected to the board of directors of representatives of Baring Vostok against their will. “Finvizhn” turned the shareholders meeting into a farce, as a result of which an illegitimate governing body of the bank was formed. ”

The representative of Finvizhn, in turn, believes that the managers of Baring Vostok made an unsuccessful attempt to thwart the election of a new board of directors of Vostochny. In his opinion, Baring Vostok and his candidates acted in bad faith: they gave their consent to be elected to the council in February 2019 and confirmed their candidates in May 2019, moreover, three days before the AGSM, they voted for their candidates on the ballots . And on the day of the meeting of shareholders, 15 minutes before it began, they unmotivatedly withdrew their consents to disrupt the formation of the board of directors: it was an attempt to artificially create conditions for further challenging the decision of the general meeting of shareholders in court. “We are confident of the futility of such actions, as there is a classic example of abuse of the right,” said a spokesman for Finvizhn.

“Today there were their representatives with the right to vote, and they did not change their vote,” the spokesperson said. Evison voted in advance, before the withdrawal of members of the board of directors, said the representative of the fund: the votes were cast for five people (Zhdanov, Ushakova, Arutyunova, Baburin, Zyuzin), but today we would not have time to vote (the AGM was in Blagoveshchensk).

The decision not to be elected in the first place was due to solidarity with their colleagues, current members of the board of directors, arrested without reason during the seizure of the bank Avetisyan and Yusupov, said a spokesman for Baring Vostok. In addition, candidates from the fund do not want to take the risk of criminal and administrative prosecution in connection with the actions of the new majority shareholder of the bank, which have already led to the creation of reserves of almost 20 billion rubles. and the ongoing “drawing balance” activity, he sums up.

The founder of Baring Vostok, Michael Calvi, three employees of this fund, former CEO of Vostochny Bank Alexei Kordichev and CEO of the First Credit Bureau Maxim Vladimirov were arrested in mid-February on fraud charges. They are accused of embezzling 2.5 billion rubles. from the "East". The case was initiated after the minority shareholder of Vostochny, Sherzod Yusupov, was brought to the FSB. In April, Calvi and Kordicheva changed the preventive measure to house arrest. Other persons involved in the case are still contained in the SIZO. All persons involved, except Kordichev, plead not guilty. Kordichev not only pleaded guilty, but also testified to other defendants.