Barkley cannot start its largest project

For two years, the developer has not redeemed the right to land from Ferein by Vladimir Bryntsalov.
Barkley Corporation may refuse to build a residential quarter on the territory of the Ferein pharmaceutical plant on Nagatinskaya Street, a familiar source from a company’s top managers, and a mayor’s office official, told the owner’s developer Leonid Kazints. The complex in Nagatin-Sadovniki was to become the largest in the company's portfolio, known as the developer of the “golden mile” on Ostozhenka and building mostly small elite projects. Several years ago, Barkley changed its strategy and began to launch large, but not as high-status projects, such as Barkley Honey Valley (150,000 sq. M) in new Moscow. The company also planned to build a transport interchange hub (TPU) of 300,000 square meters. m in Khimki and, as told Kazinets, looking for partners.

She bought the right to lease 14 hectares at Ferein for this project to Barkly in the fall of 2017. She planned to build a 450,000 sq. M. m, including housing, commercial real estate and social infrastructure. But the deal has not yet been closed: the developer has not agreed on a price with the structure of the owner of Ferein, Vladimir Bryntsalov, the Vedomosti interlocutors explain. His company "Hunt-Holding" rented this site from Moscow in 2004 for 49 years.

A Barkley spokesman declined to comment. Requests to Hunt-Holding and owning the Bryntsalov-A plant remained unanswered. Contact with Bryntsalov failed.

The complex on Nagatinskaya Street was to become the largest in the Barkley portfolio. She, together with Hunt-Holding, developed the project for planning the territory adjacent to the plant. On the 58 hectares between the Warsaw highway, the production area number 2 and the Moscow River can be built 650 918 square meters. m, including 408,054 square meters. meters of housing, it follows from the protocol of the town-planning and land commission (SLC). In the presentation of the project layout, developed by Master’s Plan for the order of “Hunt-Holding” and “Barkley”, even a larger area is indicated - 886,058 square meters. m

“Hunt-holding”, as follows from the decision of the SLC, must transfer to the city 1.25 hectares in the territory of the former plant for the construction of a launch house under the renovation program.

The draft plan has passed public hearings, according to the results of which corrections are made to it, a representative of Moskomstroyinvest told Vedomosti.

The Mosinzhbeton combine spoke out against the development of the territory, follows from the minutes of public hearings. He and the Plant of Building Paints and Mastics (SKIM) are the largest holders of these 58 hectares along with Hunt-Holding. According to the project, the road must pass through the territory of the plant, and since it is in bankruptcy, any changes in the functional purpose of the plots should be coordinated with the largest creditor, Trust Bank. His representative declined to comment. Request in SKIM remained unanswered.

If Barkli does not agree with the Bryntsalov structures, then there will be a serious loss for the company, Colliers International partner Vladimir Sergunin believes: it has already spent a lot of manpower and funds for the project, and there are not so many well-developed sites in Moscow and 8–4 10 developers. The chairman of the board of directors of Best Novostroi Irina Dobrokhotova agrees with him, who reminds that the district is now actively developing - there are LSR (Zilart), Etalon (ZIL-Yug), the Regions GC (TPU Technopark ").

Sergunin estimates investment in the construction of a new neighborhood in the 35-40 billion rubles Due to the high competition and large construction area, apartments in the project can be sold at a very attractive price, he argues. The main advantage of the quarter is access to the river: such projects are in great demand, concludes Dobrokhotova.