Battle in Absheron: Caucasian gangsters fighting in Moscow

The correspondent of Rosbalt learned the details of the massacre at Absheron in Moscow, which claimed the lives of two people.
Origin source
Shootout was a continuation of lasting for several months, "war" between the clan of "kingpin" Nadir Salif (Lot Guli) and several groups of immigrants from Azerbaijan and Ingushetia.

Told "Rosbalt" a source in law enforcement, criminal war began in the fall of 2014 and served as a pretext for her next story. Several natives of Azerbaijan decided to buy four cars in one of the dealers. Having paid the amount specified in the price list, they have to wait for the issuance of the vehicles. Surprisingly, however, the cabin staff announced that they need to pay another 30% of the cost of each car as commission. The scandal broke, but buyers are not receiving any cars or previously transferred money ultimately left with nothing.

But car owners failed, as it turned out, kept in touch with the relatives of one of the most influential Azerbaijani "mafia bosses" Nadir Salifov (Lot Guli). He is serving a long prison sentence at home, but directly from the colonies headed by a major group, Justifyvsheysya in Moscow.

Representatives Lot Guli quickly found out that the criminal "roof" of the showroom is the "authority" Ruslan Gardabani, which soon come for the visitors. They parrot the mafia and asked immediately to give customers the machine. He agreed to the species, but he turned for help to his sister Ingush criminal group led by Ahmed.

And more than 30 person (Ruslan and Ahmed) in November 2014 and broke into one of the restaurants in Moscow, where at this time there were three attackers from the Lot Clan Guli. They began to insult, then they got a phone call and handed the phone Salifov Ruslan. "Thief in law" uttered many unpleasant words "authority", he tried somehow to "snap". And then I grabbed the phone and began to insult Ahmed Lot Guli. After that, the fate of Ruslan and Ahmed was solved: Salif handed them a death sentence.

Soon attempted Gardabani was committed in Moscow. The killers fired four bullets into him, but the "authority" to survive. At the hospital, however, he did not stay. The men finished off like Lot Gulidirectly in the House, but Ruslan had the foresight to escape. Like Ahmed, he moved to an underground existence for fear of reprisals. Gangsters began to seek allies among other representatives of the criminal world. Those found to significantly thinned recently Brigade "lawyer" Rovshan Dzhanieva (Lyankoransky Rovshan), the main and long-term enemy Salifov.

After many skirmishes, the conflicting parties have agreed to discuss the situation on the night of February 10 at "Absheron" on the 15th Park Street. At a table places settled natives of Azerbaijan, close to Ruslan and Rovshan. And soon arrived at the scene clansmen Lot Guli. Further events in the western style.

In the course of a long conversation opponents so nothing agreed. And to do this it was difficult: in fact, it already was not about four cars, but the personal ambitions of the leaders of several groups. The conversation turned to the rising tone. Representatives Lot Guli promised opponents in serious trouble. In response, one of them took out a gun battle, showing that they are ready for trouble. Clan members Salifov retired, but just for a few minutes - to get out of their cars weapons. It is understood and their opponents. One of them took up a position at the front door with a gun at the ready.

"Gangster resembled the cowboy, who is preparing for a duel" - later told one of the witnesses. However, the militants Lot Guli inside did not go. Fire "cowboy" was opened from the machine right through the glass door. He managed to grab his "trunk" and started firing back. Both gunmen were seriously injured, by whom died. During the battle, a bullet hit in several other representatives of the criminal world, one of them died. The hospital did not give the victims.

Source "Rosbalt" said that Lot Guli and his men set up very strongly, so do not wait for the end of this criminal war.