Between Andrei Rogachev and Mikhail Goryainov ran "Breeze"

As two business partners did not share the counter.
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The founder of Pyaterochka, Andrei Rogachev, filed a lawsuit in the High Court of London with his former business partner, Mikhail Goryainov, owner of the Gremm Group, the manager of the Central and Usachevsky markets. The lawsuit was filed in connection with the failure by Goryainov of a certain shareholder agreement. In connection with the claims, the London court issued a resolution banning Goryainov from making transactions with property worth up to £ 9 million.

Andrei Rogachev and Mikhail Goryainov planned to open low-cost markets in Moscow under the Veterok brand, and markets in a higher price segment under the Tsarev Garden brand. For this, the partners decided to build nothing new, but to use old buildings. Businessmen looked after five objects for investment: Usachevsky market in Khamovniki, a former auto center on Volgogradsky Avenue, and Kashirsky, North and Koptevsky markets. All objects were to be bought on a parity basis, but Mikhail Goryainov allegedly did not pay for his share in the North and Koptevsky markets. As a result, they were issued in the property of the company Andrei Rogachev "M1", and now work under the brand "Veterok".

In 2015, it became known that Rogachev and Goryainov decided to divide the business. But the first one asserts that there was no agreement on the division, and Goryainov brought out the assets - Usachevsky market and the building on Volgogradsky - without agreement with him.

50% of the facility in Volgogradka at the time of purchase cost $ 11 million. Half of the Usachevsky market in 2015 was $ 4 million. “I paid half of the Usachevsky market and Volgogradsky, but Goryainov declined to give me these half,” his business partner said.

According to the Rosreestr and SPARK, the building on Volgogradka is fully owned by Pygmalion LLC by Lyudmila Goryainova, and Usachevsky Market LLC by Alexander Martyanov. These are relatives of Mikhail Goryainov.

Founder of Pyaterochka

Andrei Rogachev occupied the 131st place in the Forbes version of the Russian billionaires in 2018 with a fortune of $ 800 million. In the late 1980s, Rogachev created the company LEK, which first produced environmental appliances, and in 1998 began building housing. For development projects, he attracted a partner of Pavel Andreev. In 2001, Rogachev and Andreev created the company Makromir, which was engaged in the construction of shopping and entertainment complexes. During the crisis of 2008, there was a corporate conflict between the partners, and they divided the business.

Andrei Rogachev’s most famous business is the Pyaterochka grocery chain. He opened the first store with partners in 1998, by 2005 the network’s turnover had grown to $ 2 billion. In 2008, Rogachev sold his stake to X5 Retail Group for $ 1.38 billion. He lived for a while in the USA and, returning to Russia, in 2012 opened the network "Verny", now there are about 500 stores. Experts believe that this network of Rogachev over time can be sold X5.

What decided in London

Rogachev filed a lawsuit against Goryainov in London last fall, since a shareholder agreement between the partners provided for the settlement of disputes in this jurisdiction.

And the other day, the High Court in the dispute over Moscow markets actually sided with Rogachev, and issued a resolution banning Mikhail Goryainov from making transactions with property worth up to £ 9 million (almost 800 million rubles).

The court order stated that Mikhail Goryainov should not make transactions and reduce the value of his assets below £ 9 million: “The ban includes, in particular, the following asset: money received from the sale of real estate on Volgogradsky Avenue, 177, in Moscow, in part or in full. "

Thus, if the object is already sold, the court froze these funds as part of interim measures for the process.

A court ban is now needed, Rogachev said, since the building on Volgogradsky Avenue is planned for sale. A contender for the purchase is called the Lenta hypermarket chain.

So eat

Food markets in the capital are actively redeveloped, restaurants and bars are connected to the sale of products. Among the first such food-markets you can recall the Danilovsky market, which in 2014 bought the restaurant holding Ginza Project.

In addition to Usachevsky’s Gremm Group portfolio, Mikhail Goriainov also has a Central Market on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, which opened in 2017, launched in 2018 at Maroseyka and Moskvoretsky Market at Simferopol Boulevard.

The investment attractiveness of the facilities after reconstruction may increase significantly. For example, in Usachevsky market, the usable area has increased, and in its current form it can cost already 4 billion rubles.

“Unfortunately, Andrei Rogachev evades the fulfillment of his obligations. His appeal to the courts of foreign jurisdictions is another attempt not to fulfill the agreements reached, ”said Mikhail Goryainov, in turn. He did not answer clarifying questions about any violations on the part of Rogachev, noting that it is now premature to comment on this.