Big wash of the governor of Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov

The vice-governor of the Moscow Region Dmitry Pestov resigned. And this abandonment is not the last.
Deputy Andrei Vorobyov Dmitry Pestov unexpectedly resigned. The reason for this could be the situation with the organization Mosoblkomtsen subordinate to him. Its head, Maria Pichugina, is associated with the Mosenergosbyt company. In February, the prosecutor's office revealed this. Communication was covered by First Deputy Prime Minister Ildar Gabdrakhmanov. And they fired Dmitry Pestov. Do Moscow Region officials line up for the exit?

Deputies Andrei Vorobyov completely lost their sense of fear. The prosecutor's office revealed "family" ties between Maria Pichugina and the head of Mosenergosbyt JSC Andrei Kovalev. Allegedly, the official has a child from him. This was reported to Ildar Gadrakhmanov, but he did not dismiss Pichugin. Supervisory authority is not a decree to him?

Pichugina came to Mosoblkomtsen in November last year and a month later signed an order to increase electricity tariffs. The revenue of energy companies directly depends on them. Mosenergosbyt could receive the largest marketing premium. Dmitry Pestov oversaw the energy sector in the region. Could be in proportion?

Mosenergosbyt is a government contractor in the amount of 313.2 billion rubles. and a customer in the amount of 21.7 billion rubles, the organization's revenue in 2017 amounted to 326 billion rubles, and profit - only 3 billion rubles .. less than 1%. Well, how much money could the Moscow Region officials withdraw from the organization? Dmitry Pestov, probably, could tell about this.

Money could be withdrawn through JSC "Energy Sales Company of the Moscow Region" ("Eksmo"), which is now in the process of liquidation. Do the officials clean the tracks, and the governor Andrei Vorobyov "cleans" the officials themselves?

In 2018, 1 employee worked in the JSC, which may be evidence of the fictitious nature of the organization. Its founders are Moenergosbyt and the Ministry of Regional Property. What other evidence of Andrey Kovalev’s connection with Moscow Region officials is needed? Nobody really hides. Since 2013, the company had profit only in 2016. In 2017, its loss amounted to 12 million rubles.

Perhaps Eskmo JSC fell under the gun of the security forces and it was necessary to sacrifice someone. Have you chosen the whole vice governor? It is understandable! It is hoped that the siloviki will not touch that, and the performers dragging "chestnuts from the fire" to Vorobyov will remain in their places.

Another reason for the unexpected resignation of Dmitry Pestov could be the story of 500 million rubles allocated for the reconstruction of wastewater treatment plants in Ruza, Moscow Region. There are rumors that the money could dissolve. Didn’t the pockets of officials of Andrei Vorobyov become the place where the money disappeared?

In addition to Pestov, the ex-Minister of the Defense Ministry Evgeny Khromushin can know about this. In early October, he became Deputy Prime Minister of the Moscow Region. It was these two officials who could “push through” the concession agreement of the administration of Ruza and AIS AO Gagik Zakharyan.

The construction was supposed to be completed in a year, almost 4 years had already passed, and "the horse did not roll around" at the construction site. And state money in the amount of 400 million rubles. there, too, for some reason, they were not noticed, like the 100 million rubles that Gagik Zakharyan promised to allocate.

The founders of AIS JSC are Gagik Zakharyan (5%) and Leningrad Corporation LLC (95%), which employs only 2 employees. But its founder is the New Zealand LLC Powerhouse Holding Limited. Is that where the money allocated to the water treatment facilities was "poured" there?

Since 2011, Leningrad Corporation LLC has not had a profit. Its indicators are very reminiscent of the work of JSC "Eskomo". Could Dmitry Pestv's corporate leadership style be like this? Perhaps soon the ex-vice-governor will have to share the secrets of his "effective" work with the security forces.

The Governor of Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyev, apparently, decided to play a fight against corruption. But this, apart from a malicious smile, cannot evoke any emotions. The fact that in the Moscow region is dominated by criminal authorities and the heads of municipalities associated with them, does not judge only the dumb.

Following Dmitry Pestov, Evgeny Khromushin may leave his post. Together with the ex-vice-governor, as an example of a landfill in Yadrovo, they allegedly developed a scheme for taking property from the owners. In her arrogance, she is simply brilliant!

For unproven damage of 2.5 million rubles. the investigator, apparently with the filing of Dmitry Pestov, was arresting property worth a billion rubles. And then he could transfer it with the right of exploitation to a company associated with Khromushin. In fact, the new owner was engaged in the operation of the landfill, since the old one did not have property for this. Doesn’t it look like ordinary robbery?

At the end of September, it became known that the head of Istra, Moscow Region, Andrei Vikharev, allegedly left his post for health reasons. At his post, he worked for less than a year. Previously, Vikharev led the Volokolamsk city district, where he was appointed after the scandal with the Yadrovo landfill.

Rumor has it that Governor Andrei Vorobyov initiated the resignation of Vikharev. In December last year, searches were conducted in the administration of the Volokolamsk District. The security forces could suspect Andrei Vikharev of concluding contracts worth 500 million rubles. with companies affiliated with him. Judging because the ex-chapter was not closed, the governor did not give him an insult. But asked to leave the post?

Soon Andrei Vorobyov may be left without the heads of many districts. Previously, he closely communicated with the head of the Queen, Alexander Khodyrev, but now, according to rumors, he does not let him close to himself. Perhaps because he was a close friend of the head of the Pushkin district, Yevgeny Zhirkov, who was arrested in June. Security officials can come to both Khodyrev and the head of Balashikha, Sergei Yurov, who is considered the protege of Zhirkov, who previously headed this district.

Next in turn may be the head of Elektrostal Vladimir Pekarev and the head of Pavlovsky Posad Oleg Sokovikov. Will the governor ask them with things out? If they disagree like Vikharev, then FSB officers may just come for them. The only trouble for Vorobyov is that each mayor also has some compromising evidence on the governor. Regional budgets, they could "cut" together. Or did Vorobyev insure against this case?

In September, Minister of Culture of the Moscow Region Narmin Shiralieva resigned from her post. She was suspected that she went on expensive business trips abroad at a budget expense and was not at all the case. Italy, Portugal, France - why not see Europe for government money. For example, Shiraliyeva could go to Italy through the Children's Philharmonic project. To rob children - that’s too much!

First Vice Governor Ildar Gabdrakhmanov is also suspected of misuse of funds. An audit of the regional Ministry of Health for 2017-2018. showed that somewhere could "leak" 2 billion rubles. After this, heads flew. The head of the Directorate of the single customer of the Ministry of Health was removed from the post. This, apparently, was the price for Gabdrakhmanov’s head.

They got along well with Governor Andrei Vorobyov. Slightly that - "bumps" baldly and went to "chop" the head. Will Ildar Gabdrakhmanov, who is actually the second person in the region, be able to keep his shoulders? Andrei Vorobyov for the sake of his own reputation may not spare anyone.