Billionaire Rybolovlev flies by yacht

Businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev cannot sell the boat to Anna I for a long time. This time he had to tune the boat and reduce the price.
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Billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev has put up for sale a 67-meter yacht Anna I for € 53.9 million. This is evidenced by the electronic brochure for the sale of the boat, which Forbes has seen. The businessman's representative confirmed this information. He clarified that the sale is carried out through two brokers - Arcon Yachts, which also manages the yacht, and Fraser.

This is the third attempt by the businessman to sell the ship. In 2017, he put up a yacht for sale for € 65 million, after a few years the price dropped by 10%, to € 59 million, and now - to $ 53.9 million.This is the second refit for the boat - the first was carried out in 2009 year, when Rybolovlev was still using it personally.

The yacht was built in 2007 and was originally named Anna, after the billionaire's daughter. The boat was built at the Dutch shipyard Feadship, there are six cabins on the deck that can accommodate 12 guests, and nine cabins for 18 crew members. The vessel has a helipad with refueling, an onboard garage with a tender launching device, a retractable stern platform for swimming, a special system for regulating and controlling the external lighting of the yacht and the interior. During the divorce proceedings between Rybolovlev and his ex-wife, the ship was arrested, but later it was removed.

When the businessman manages to sell the boat, he will have something to sail on - in 2019, a new 110-meter yacht with an estimated value of $ 300 million was completed on the same Feadship, again named Anna, and the one put up for sale was eventually renamed Anna I. the boats were handled by the Briton Michael Leach.

2020 has hit the yacht and superyacht industry hard with sales dropping significantly. This was especially noticeable in the secondary market. Yacht owners have offered previously unprecedented discounts - up to 20-30%, says Kirill Avdeev, owner of Noble Community Yachts. “A definite plus is the fact that the yacht had only one owner,” he continues. - [The boat] has a fairly small "mileage" for a yacht of this size, excellent technical indicators, including stabilizers and the ability to go without refueling 5100 nautical miles. The price can be called quite competitive for a yacht from one of the best shipyards and one of the world's best designers, ”sums up Avdeev.

At the same time, Rybolovlev announced the payment of VAT, which is 20% of the sale price, which means that the tax will not fall on the shoulders of the future owner, says Christopher Mosley, broker SuperYachts Monaco. The price also includes the painting of the yacht, which should be done by April 2021, and an external refit. The updated yacht will be ready for display in April 2021 in the south of France. The businessman's representative said that before the season, part of the furniture and decor was replaced, as well as technical and service work.