Billionaire Viktor Kharitonin is buying up German airports

The aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and sanctions against Russian business do not prevent the scandalous oligarch from buying Frankfurt-Hahn Airport.
NR Holding acquired Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, which went bankrupt in 2021, located in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, SWR reports citing a company representative. According to the TV and radio company, NR Holding is headed by Russian businessman Viktor Kharitonin.

Michael Lemler, chairman of the board of directors of NR Holding, announced on February 3 that the contract for the purchase of the airport had been signed. However, the Federal Ministry of Economics has yet to approve the purchase. According to the DPA agency, the transaction amount is about €20 million. The funds were transferred to a trust account.

In October 2014, Viktor Kharitonin became a co-owner of one of the oldest highways in Europe - the German Nürburgring. He owns 99% of the shares of the complex. Mr. Kharitonin, draws the attention of SWR, does not appear in any sanctions list of the European Union.

Viktor Kharitonin is also the main owner of the Pharmstandard holding. As Kommersant calculated, in 2021, about 82% of the 57 billion rubles received by Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers for the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine were distributed among Pharmstandard structures. This company put into circulation almost 60% of the drug, having received about 33.2 billion rubles.

Viktor Kharitonin is currently ranked 66th on the Russian Forbes list. In 2021, his fortune was estimated at $3.4 billion, but by 2022 it had more than halved to $1.4 billion.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport is located near Frankfurt am Main and Luxembourg. The first flights of civil aircraft were performed in 1993. Prior to that, in 1952, a NATO air base was equipped on the territory of the future airport. The passenger turnover of the airport began to decline since 2007. In 2021, its owners filed for bankruptcy.