BIN Group owned by the Gutseriev-Shishkhanov family decided to buy MDM Bank

According to RBC, BIN Group owned by the Gutseriev-Shishkhanov family is buying MDM Bank. The amount of the transaction is unknown. Officially, the parties did not comment on it.
Origin source
About the upcoming transaction, RBC said a source familiar with the negotiations conditions, and confirmed the person close to the bank's management, and the familiar one of the parties to the transaction. Press-service of MDM Bank did not confirm or deny the information, predpravleniya MDM Bank Timur Avdeenko declined to comment, just received the press service of BIN.

According to RBC a source familiar with the negotiations conditions after buying group BIN combine MDM with Binbank. The transaction amount is unknown, but it could be money, given that MDM Bank has recently been additionally capitalized at 3 billion rubles., Says a source close to the bank's management. "Some members of the board have not been paid, the shareholders of the funds they were promised that they would receive after the sale of the bank", - said a source close to the bank's management.

According to RBC's source at MDM Bank, formerly Management offered to buy the bank for a capital, but a year later. This information was confirmed by the source, who spoke with the managers, who wanted to buy the bank.

According to one of the interlocutors RBC, the bank's capital increase by 3 billion rubles. wouldla condition of the deal. According to CEO Paul RAEX Samieva, MDM Bank could be assessed with a multiplier of 0.8 to the capital. "MDM Bank is close to Binbank business, client base are unlikely to intersect, but the business profile, risk models are similar, so the effect of synergy should be", - said Samiev.

According to Interfax-CEA, Binbank occupies 18th place among Russian banks in terms of assets, MDM Bank - 26 th. Assets Binbanka make 482.8 billion rubles, MDM Bank -. 339 billion rubles. Total assets of the two banks is 822 billion rubles., As much as the assets of Raiffeisenbank. Now MDM Bank placed 161.3 billion rubles. deposits in Binbank - 183.5 billion rubles. Thus, the volume of deposits in the combined bank could reach 345 billion rubles., Which is more than the Bank of Moscow (308 billion rubles.), And a little less than Rosselkhozbank (352.5 billion rubles.). Agricultural Bank is the fifth largest in terms of deposits (by version).

BIN may become even more if the banks will attach them to the rehabilitated group "Growth". RBC Source close to the BIN Group, explains the logic of the shareholders desire to build a business in crisis. & LAQuo; The crisis is more profitable to take the complete asset portfolios, which established reserves, than to create new "- he said, adding that the BIN shareholders look to other banks, with some of their owners, they are negotiating. Another source of RBC, close to the group BIN, says that the shareholders opted for the owners of the corporation "Opening", which is by buying and subsequent merger of banks increased its business seriously.

However, the quality of MDM Bank's portfolio may disappoint the buyer. "MDM Bank since the crisis of 2008, has accumulated a large number of distressed assets and is still trying to restore their quality," - says analyst rating agency S & P Anastasia Turdyeva. According to her, about 10-15% of the loan portfolio has been restructured or impairment. "Problem loans are fully booked, but the question is to see if there any problems and whether there is a potential", - she said.

The fact that the owners of MDM Bank (control Sergei Popov, its share is 58.3%) are trying to sell the bank since last summer, RBC said earlier sources,familiar with the shareholders of MDM.

Kings palaces and wells

The basis of the well-being of the family Gutseriev is oil and real estate.

oil Collector

"I'm not afraid of anything. I lost all three times and started again. We now begin the fourth "- as Mikhail Gutseriev described his oil business, in an interview with" Vedomosti "in 2010.

In 2002, with financial support from the Swiss trader Glencore Gutseriev began collecting oil assets for the company "RussNeft". Now the trader has between 40 to 49% of the shares of its subsidiaries. Starting with "Varieganneft" partners bought the field, and in 2004 "RussNeft" entered the Quartet Russia's largest oil company, producing 10 million tons of oil per year. At the same time the extraction Gutseriev added processing - two refineries: "Krasnodarekoneft" and "Orsk".

At the end of 2005 "RussNeft" faced with a serious problem: the criminal case was initiated on the Company "Nafta-Ulyanovsk", OAO "Ulyanovskneft" and JSC "Aganneftegasgeologia". Companies suspected of miningefti over the limit and, accordingly, to obtain excess income. As a result, "Russneft" was charged with tax evasion in especially large sizes, Gutseriev himself also became involved in the case and had to eventually leave the country. In 2007, Gutseriev announced the sale of "Russneft" Oleg Deripaska's structures (to process the deal and failed because of opposition from the FAS Deripaska). Gutseriev problems in the media connected with the fact that "RussNeft" claimed to be part of the assets of Yukos.

Two years later the charges were dropped from the Gutseriev, he returned to the country and regained the oil company. For assistance Gutseriev publicly thanked the co-owner of AFK "Sistema" Vladimir Yevtushenko and the head of Sberbank German Gref. "Given that the Savings Bank is the main creditor of" RussNeft ", Gref's opinion was the key. I am grateful to him for his support of this project, "- said Gutseriev in an interview with" Vedomosti "in 2010. That year Gutseriev bought 49% of "RussNeft" AFK "System" (another 2% were at the Savings Bank, but the bank gave them to the company) in 2013. CONSOLidiroval company.

Unable to Russia, Gutseriev established oil company "Nephthys", which includes assets in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Russia, for their purchase businessman spent $ 1.5 billion. The plans to merge Gutseriev "Nephthys" and "RussNeft" became known in early 2014 of the year. The cost of the combined company Gutseriev assessed at about $ 18 billion. In March 2015, he announced that Glencore will receive 49% of the combined company. Shares of subsidiaries will be converted into securities of the parent company, and Glencore will become a shareholder. In June, the FAS decided that Glencore is allowed to buy only 46% of the company.

collector estate

"All my brother Sait-Salam [Gutseriev] and nephew Mikail Shishkhanov earned, we have invested in real estate", - told to "Vedomosti" Gutseriev. According to the calculations of "Vedomosti", in late 2012 Gutseriev family only on Tverskaya Street in Moscow owned by hotels, offices and commercial premises with a total area of ​​about 178 sq. M. . M Gutseriev bought up almost all the luxury hotels on Tverskaya "National», «Marriott grand-Tel »,« Marriott Tverskaya », InterContinental Moscow (the former site of" Minsk ") and" Luxury Hotel "(formerly" Central ").

Collecting Gutseriev Moscow real estate began in 2002, and acquired the Petrovsky Smolensky Passage. In 2006, Gutseriev bought a controlling stake "Mospromstroy". It was not only one of the largest at the time developers (it includes 45 general contractors and specialized companies), but also one of the largest owners of the Moscow real estate: Gutseriev went straight reteyl on Tverskaya, three hotels managed by Marriott and two Holiday Inn, on the Forest street and Suschevsky Val, plus two hotels - in Sokolniki and "Leningrad".

Since the late 2000s, it issued a rare year to Gutseriev something that is not bought. 2009 - half of Horus group assets at the master Sergey Gordeev acquisitions (four business center and two construction sites). 2011 - share in the hotel "Moscow" in the city and the developer "Inteko" Elena Baturina. 2012 - neighborhood "Garden Quarters" in Khamovniki, Tverskaya Hotel from Bidzina Ivanishvili. 2013 - "Betweenthe International Logistics Partnership "(Moscow Region warehouse at 730 thousand sq. m.), Viktor Vekselberg.

In March this year, Mikhail Gutseriev announced plans to "Inteko" to build a building in the center of the Joint Parliamentary Mnevniki (345 thousand sq. M -. Center itself plus about 1 million square meters of housing in the neighborhood.). In exchange for the draft Gutseriev will receive the building of the State Duma and the Federation Council. The buildings will be demolished and in their place will be built a hotel, a shopping center or housing, promised Gutseriev.

Finally, a few days ago it became known that the Gutseriev family will become the largest landowner in New Moscow, Vadim Moshkovich bought 2.4 thousand. Hectares of land in the Kaluga area. There Moszkowicz was going to build 20 million square meters. m of housing - now, obviously, this construction is deployed Gutseriev.