Bloomberg found a billionaire in the alcohol trade in Russia

The founder of the Red & White alcohol network, Sergey Studennikov, was the first to enter the Bloomberg Billionaires Index list of dollar billionaires. According to Forbes, his fortune is 950 million dollars.
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Chelyabinsk businessman Sergey Studennikov, founder of the Krasnoye Beloe chain of alcoholic beverages stores, for the first time entered the rating of dollar billionaires of Bloomberg.

In the Bloomberg Billionaire Index project, there is no questionnaire for Studennikov yet, an exact assessment of his condition is currently not disclosed. The agency indicates that last year in the company Studennikov there was a jump in sales by 50%, to 215 billion rubles. or $ 3.3 billion, this year - another 40%.

According to Bloomberg, Red & White is the fastest growing retailer in Russia. “Every day we open on average six new stores,” the agency quotes the words of the Russian billionaire.

In last year’s RBC 500 SPS-Holding (“Red & White”) ranking, Studennikov was ranked 20th in the ranking of the fastest growing companies in the country. The business of the Chelyabinsk entrepreneur has been at the top of this rating over the past four years. If in 2013 the company's revenue amounted to 29 billion rubles, in 2016 it amounted to 138 billion rubles.

The first store "Red & White" was opened in 2006 in the city of Kopeysk, Chelyabinsk region. Currently, the Studennikov chain of stores has about 6.7 thousand outlets across the country. The range of the chain includes not only alcohol: in addition to almost a thousand kinds of various alcoholic beverages, Krasnoe & White shops sell various food products, such as coffee, milk and sausages.

Ivan Fedyakov, general director of Infoline, a St. Petersburg research group, believes that alcohol was the most profitable product category for the largest food retailers, but Red & White is destroying the market, he stressed. According to him, Studennikov offers prices for alcohol, which are below average in the market. So “Red & White” manages to entice buyers of traditional retailers, such as “Auchan” and “Magnit”.

The Russian version of Forbes magazine included Sergey Studennikov in the rating of 200 richest businessmen in the country. The compilers of the list put the entrepreneur in 115th place with a fortune of $ 950 million.