Bogdanchikov in vain swung at the Rothschilds

The ex-president of Rosneft was denied a claim against the investment company of the descendants of the Rothschilds for damages of $ 100 million. The court found that the case was inappropriate to consider in the United States.
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The New York State Supreme Court has denied the former head of Rosneft Sergei Bogdanchikov's Fortinvest Investments Holding in a lawsuit against the Edmond de Rothschild (EDR) management company, founded by the Rothschild descendants, the court said.

The plaintiff accused the defendants of causing damage of more than $ 100 million, and also asked to reimburse the legal costs incurred and lost profits, its amount was not specified.

However, Judge Joel Cohen concluded that this case is inappropriate to consider in the United States, since most of the case materials and defendants are located abroad.

Fortinvest Investments Holding filed a lawsuit on October 14. He was sent to a New York court on the grounds that EDR has business in that state and the other defendants are New Yorkers.

Since 2001, Bogdanchikov transferred over $ 150 million to the EDR investment company (he headed Rosneft from 1998 to 2010). However, later it turned out that the Rothschild company was withdrawing these funds through kickbacks and other fraudulent schemes in favor of the New York-based firm Fontanelle Capital Inc. Vladimir and Olga Oblonskikh, the lawsuit says. The latter, in turn, transferred them to the investment company from Manhattan OIM Capital and its CFO Mikhail Filimonov. All of them were also defendants in the Fortinvest lawsuit.

The plaintiff suspects that the defendants acted with malicious intent from the outset. First, they convinced him to create a special corporate structure in Luxembourg, in which they received the right to make decisions. Then, contrary to the agreement with Bogdanchikov, they delegated the management of his money to "unscrupulous" brokers and investment firms in the United States, such as the Oblonskys, the lawsuit says.

In addition, Bogdanchikov accused EDR of falsifying accounts. He believes that the company allegedly conducted double-entry bookkeeping in order to show good results and hide the real losses and theft.