Boris Nemtsov left his children one billion dollars

The lawyers petition the court to conduct an examination to determine the number of heirs more accurately.
Billion US dollars. This is a preliminary amount of the inheritance of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov claimed by his mother and numerous children from different marriages. On this "Komsomolskaya Pravda" said the lawyer Alexander Karabanov that represents the interests of the court ex-lover Boris Nemtsov Catherine Iftodi.

- A billion dollars Boris Nemtsov is not a suitcase of money - said "KP" Alexander Karabanov. - That's assets: deposits in foreign banks, shares in companies that are engaged in the development of deposits in South America.

- Who claims on these assets today?

- Yes mom, officially recognized five children and the son of the former common-law wife Catherine Iftodi.

- The son of Catherine Iftodi have a chance to receive part of the inheritance?

- Of course there is, we intercede before the court for examination, which confirmed the right to her child's inheritance.

Recall at this point in the trial because of the legacy of Boris Nemtsov, who was shot by unknown on the Big Bridge Moskva 27 February 2015, faced the interests of its 87-year-old mother Dina Yakovlevna, his first wife Rais and her daughter Jeanne, Catherine Odintsov civilian husband with her daughter and son, the civil wife - Irina Queen, with whom he fathered a girl lovers Anna and Catherine Lesnikova Iftodi that can raise children of the famous oppositionist.

The decision on the appointment of the examination, the court may accept the end of March. In court, "KP" explained that exhumation billionaire company is not necessary, since the blood can take in children whose paternity has already been established by a court. Of course, if it will give consent to their parents.


Former lover Ekaterina Iftodi Nemtsov: "I beg your son Boris to give at least one hair for genetic test!"

On the eve of the court on the suit on the recognition of paternity of the child the mother of the late politician turned to his family through the "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

February 4 Zamoskvoretsky court held another court at the suit of an illegitimate child policy Catherine Iftodi paternity. She argues that her son Boris, who is two years old, born on the policy in April, who was killed last year

In the past, Catherine Iftodi storyala "Komsomolskaya Pravda" the story of his love with a known oppositionist, and that raises him a son. Catherine hoped to find understanding of the clan Nemtsov. But the family did not want the policy to voluntarily adopt her son in his family. Then Catherine decided to seek justice through the courts.


Nemtsov accused of killing calculated on phone call

In the case of the murder of policy, new details

On Thursday, 17 March, appeared on the Internet information that the accused in the murder of Russian politician Boris Nemtsov calculated on a phone call.

- After the investigation of crime has received a list of all mobile phones and SIM cards that have worked in the Greater Moscow River bridge. Attention and attracted several suspicious phone - writes "Kommersant" newspaper, citing sources in law enforcement.