Bosov's mother and sons are suing his widow over inheritance

Dmitry Bosov's mother and children from the first two marriages filed a lawsuit against his widow Katerina Bosov. They dispute the transfer to her of half of the businessman's share in the Alltek group (controlled by Sibanthracite), created before his third marriage.
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The mother of businessman Dmitry Bosov Lyudmila Bosova and his four sons from the first two marriages Artem, Anton (both from the first wife of Eleanor Bosov), Kirill and Ivan (from the second marriage with Anastasia Starovoitova) on Monday, October 5, filed a lawsuit with the Odintsovo City Court of Moscow areas against his third wife Katerina Bossov. This follows from the materials of the court. In addition to Katerina, their minor daughter Bella Aleksa and notary Ekaterina Panova are listed as third parties in the suit.

Comments regarding the claims of other heirs will be given after receiving and familiarization with the claim, said a spokesman for Katerina Bosov. RBC sent a request to the eldest son of Bosov Artem.

Dmitry Bosov committed suicide on May 6, and three months later, on August 19, it became known that his widow Katerina took over half of the businessman's share in the Alltek group (43.285 out of 86.57%), which controls Sibanthracite, the world leader for the extraction and export of anthracite and the largest producer of metallurgical coal in Russia. It is this deal that the heirs of the businessman are challenging, two sources close to Alltek and Sibanthracite told RBC. Alltek is registered in Odintsovo.

"The heirs contested the allocation of Katerina's share (transferring to her half of Bosov's share. - RBC), since Bosov began creating a business before their marriage," says one of RBC's interlocutors. According to him, when deciding to register 43.285% of Alltek on the widow of a businessman, the notary (Ekaterina Panova) relied on the formal date of the company's creation or the date of any changes.

The Alltek group's website says that it was founded in 1993 by graduates of the Moscow State Technical University. Bauman (by Bosov and his partners Dmitry Agoy, Oleg Shemshuk, Dmitry Shatokhin and Vladimir Mikulik). According to SPARK, Alltek was registered in March 2002. Bosov married Katerina only in 2016, before that they met by chance while visiting mutual friends, Forbes reported.

In turn, Katerina Bosov intends to increase her stake in Alltek to a controlling one. "Katerina Bosov filed a lawsuit in court, the essence of which is that her share is not 43, but 77% of Alltek LLC," her representative told RBC without specifying details. In the Odintsovo City Court and the Arbitration Courts of Moscow and the region, Katerina's claim has not yet been registered. Now, in addition to her, the group's shareholders are Dmitry Bosov (the remaining 43.285%, which should be distributed among all the heirs at least six months after the businessman's death, that is, starting in November), the general director of Alltek Dmitry Aga (7.9%) and two member of the company's board of directors Igor Makarov (3.16%) and Oleg Shemshuk (2.37%).

According to the law, inheritance rights are formalized after six months from the date of death, says lawyer Alexei Melnikov. The spouse, according to him, has the right to claim 50% of the jointly acquired property and the remaining half of the property - on an equal basis with the heirs. If the property was acquired before marriage, the spouse has equal rights with respect to such assets on an equal basis with other heirs, but there is a rule of law according to which if significant investments were made in the property acquired before marriage during marriage, then it is still jointly acquired ... “It is highly probable that we are dealing with just such a case, since we know from open sources that Bosov’s business has been expanding and growing in recent years,” Melnikov said.

On what grounds Katerina Bosov received almost half of the group before the expiration of the six-month period after the death of the businessman, her representative does not comment. Melnikov notes that in case of inheritance both by law and by will, a certificate of the right to inheritance can be issued before the expiration of six months from the date of the opening of the inheritance case, if there is reliable evidence that there are no other heirs who have the right to claim it , except for persons who applied for the issuance of such a certificate. In the case of inheritance of complex property and business assets, many heirs, such an accelerated procedure is almost never applied, the lawyer says.

Katerina Bosov joined the Sibanthracite team in 2017 as the general director of its subsidiary, SA Logistic, and then became the commercial director at Sibanthracite itself and was responsible for the group's sales and logistics. A little less than a month after the death of Bosov, on May 28, she headed the board of directors of Sibanthracite.

“I am grateful to the team for their trust. It is a great honor for me to continue Dima's work in unity with my family, ”she told RBC then. In addition to half of the businessman's share in Alltek, she also became the trustee of 50% of another asset of the group - Vostokugol Management Company, which Bosov owned on a parity basis with Alexander Isaev, but in April 2020 they had a conflict and Isaev's share went Vostokuglya itself (Isaev disputes this in court).

In early August, Boss's widow announced a raider attack on the company's assets. The initiator, according to her version, is Isaev and a group of investors. The businessman called such accusations "brazen slander."

Shortly before his death, in the spring of 2020, Dmitry Bosov entered the Forbes ranking of the richest Russian businessmen for the first time. The magazine estimated his fortune at $ 1.1 billion (86th line in the rating), and indicated Sibanthracite as the main asset.