Bosov's partner will be checked for loyalty

What role could Alexander Isaev play in the mysterious death of coal oligarch Dmitry Bosov.
Law enforcement agencies can conduct a check on the attitude of Aleksndr Isaev to the tragic death of Dmitry Bosov. The verification may be conducted within the framework of Article 110 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “bringing a person to suicide”. Recall that a month before the lifeless body of Bosov was found in his suburban residence, a loud scandal struck. Bosov removed Isaev from all posts in the coal companies Sibantratsit and Vostokugol, suspecting them of embezzlement. And here is what is curious, according to rumors, now Isaev is preparing a major information attack against the wife of his former partner - Ekaterina Bosova. Allegedly, she knew about the true reasons for Isaev’s dismissal. And without the doubtful "schematosis" of the latter could not do?

Catherine was responsible for the extensive commercial block of all companies, that is, everyone knew about financial flows. Or almost everything. What if Isaev walks along the already beaten track, gradually "squeezing out" all the witnesses of possible thefts?

It is not surprising that in history, they say, Bosov passed away of his own free will, few believe. So Evgeny Chernousov, a member of the Moscow Bar, casts doubt on the version. "A man with a large income, a large amount of real estate, and suddenly committed suicide," Sib.FM quotes. The lawyer did not forget to mention the conflict with Isaev. Really strange, on April 6, a scandalous dismissal thundered, and exactly a month later - the mysterious death of Bosov. Just a coincidence?

And here is another weird detail. Recall that Isaev was a member of the board of directors of Sibanthracite. In addition, he controlled 50% of the VostokUgol management company. The second part of the package was with Bosov. In early April, the latter suddenly discovered large "holes", removed the former partner, but did not go to the police. That is, there were thefts, but the criminal prosecution was "lost"? Is it even easier for one businessman to forgive the alleged "robbery" so easily? Hardly. Probably, Isaev’s sleeve was a powerful trump card. So that after four weeks, Bosov and completely retired?

Unprofitable "dance" of Bugaev

By the way, following Isaev with exactly the same "diagnoses", two more executives were fired: Maxim Podmiglazov, who oversees the Ogodzhinsky coal company, and Vostokugol CEO, Vadim Bugaev. The latter is a real "guru" of unprofitable assets! He sits as the general director in all the companies that Isaev controlled, and they all work in the red.

For example, AGRK LLC ended 2018 with zero revenue and profit - minus 615 thousand rubles, UGRK LLC - minus 668 thousand rubles, BGK LLC - minus 712 thousand rubles, Transservice LLC - minus 722 thousand rubles, LLC Sibugol - minus 598 thousand rubles, LLC PGK - minus 605 thousand rubles, LLC Pyasgk - minus 622 thousand rubles, LLC PEK - minus 586 thousand rubles, LLC OEC - minus 679 thousand rubles, KEC LLC - minus 604 thousand rubles ... and further on the list. The desks are like one another, like twins! And the authorized capital and staff from one employee, and the address and even losses. Isaev worked on a debugged scheme for a couple with Bugaev?

And the “laundered” probably flowed offshore. Recall that Sibanthracite is controlled by overseas companies: Amalur Trading Limited and Altavero Trading Limited. So LLC AGK, which according to Rusprofile is still controlled by Isaev, is half owned by ISOVA INVESTMENTS LIMITED.

Who knows, maybe Dmitry Bosov’s general debt load and the debts accumulated due to environmental fines, which The Moscow Post wrote about in detail, are the result of the active work of the former companion? As the oligarch fit into billions of dollars in new projects, did money from his coal empire slowly "flow out" through the "Isaev" gap?

Naturally, a loud dismissal hit Isaev hard and he immediately filed a lawsuit against the Alltek group of companies in order to protect his business reputation, Forbes wrote in detail about this. Between friendship and hostility - one lawsuit?

It was rumored that the true reason for Isaev’s dismissal could be a wave of incriminating evidence against Bosov, which started pouring right after the arrest of ex-minister Mikhail Abyzov. The latter was considered a longtime friend of the coal oligarch. But the exclusive "plums", allegedly issued by Alexander Isaev. Verified buddy and partner ?!

Not surprisingly, Bosov’s spouse could now be in circulation. Isaev trying to get out of the water dry? And at the same time to save the savings acquired by overwork? If even a small fraction of such rumors - the truth - it becomes clear why Dmitry Bosov doubted his companion.

It is noteworthy that less than a week after the death of Dmitry Bosov, VostokUgol suddenly recalled its suspicions against Bugaev. A statement has been published on the company's official website stating that Bugaev was fired ... by mistake and without due diligence.

That is, as? First removed from office, and then run checks? Moreover, the companies controlled by Mr. Bugaev worked hard with minus indicators, and anyone can check these facts! Is this not enough for suspicion? Or did Bugaev pay his staff a salary from his pocket? Fortunately, in the "one-day" only one employee worked! Who knows, maybe Mr. Isaev, after a month or two, will “knock out” his official apology from VostokUgol?

Did Dmitry Bosov trust Isaev too much?

Who knows, maybe Isaev "sang" with Bosov's longtime rivals. It was rumored that the coal oligarch had once “clashed” with Eduard Khudainatov for the Kolyvan deposit. The opponent of the owner of Sibanthracite could have been the all-powerful head of Rosneft Igor Sechin.

Maybe the scandalous owners of the UMMC Andrei Bokarev and Iskander Makhmudov began to "stir up the water" against the businessman? Recall that in 2019 the share of Sibanthracite passed to their partner, Sergei Glinka. Bokarev and Makhmudov are known not only for their harsh working methods, but also for the persistent rumors that wind around them. Allegedly, Makhmudov at one time could be connected with immigrants from the Izmaylovskaya organized crime group! Who knows, maybe one "piece" of the rich "Sibanthracite" was not enough? And then Isaev "drawn" from all sides caressed by trust?

In any case, the story of the mysterious death of Dmitry Bosov is increasingly surrounded by strange coincidences. It is still unknown what Alexander Isaev is ready to do so that his alleged financial secrets will never become apparent. The fact that Isaev is not particularly grieving over a departed friend is evidenced by the fact that the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region, according to a businessman, arrested 50% of the Vostokugol management company, which belonged to him, Izvestia wrote about this.

The court ruling said that Isaev asked to invalidate the agreement on the sale of shares in the authorized capital of UK VostokUgol, concluded between him and Alltek co-owner Oleg Shemshuk in early April. Will the businessman not leave without his "piece"?

As you know, happiness cannot be built on someone else’s misfortune. But apparently. Alexander Isaev doesn’t care much.