British investor visa failed the head of RAS

The head of the Russian Authors Society has been arrested for two months.
Yesterday Tagansky District Court of Moscow arrested for two months the general director of the Russian Authors' Society (RAO) Sergei Fedotov, a suspect in the theft of more than 500 million rubles. by illegal alienation to third parties of four buildings RAO. As an alternative measure of restraint of Mr. Fedotov protection offered to the court to restrict house arrest or pledge in the amount of 5 million rubles. CEO guilty of fraud does not recognize, and RAO is ready to provide any necessary assistance to the investigation.

The court hearing, which was considered the petition investigation on measures of restraint in the form of arrest the general director of the Russian Authors' Society Sergey Fedotov, was scheduled for 12 am, but the suspect was taken to the court only at seven o'clock in the evening. As soon as the hearing began, Mr. Fedotov Denis Baluev lawyer filed a motion to adjourn the meeting. His request for a lawyer explained the lack of time "to prepare and collect materials proving unreasonableness to enter into the head of RAO custody." "Fedotov was arrested at 2.30 am and in the court of dollarsene was delivered at 12.00 ", - he said the defender of the investigation and prosecution representatives did not support the petition, and the court found no reason to delay the process Then Baluev lawyer suggested the court to confine his client's house arrest or pledge of 5 million rubles as one of the... arguments he called his client diagnosed diabetes and severe hypertension.

It was then considered a request investigation of the arrest of Sergei Fedotov. From this it followed that the head of RAO, once free, can, according to the investigation, to exert pressure on witnesses, continue to engage in criminal activity or escape. In support of their arguments the investigator said that "the suspect has a UK investor visa, according to which he should at least once every 180 days to visit the United Kingdom."

"I do not agree with the petition of the investigator, the blame does not admit I'm much more comfortable to be at home I am ready to cooperate with the investigation to ascertain all the circumstances, to give evidence..", - He said, in turn, Sergey Fedotov.

Monday night, after searches in the main building of the Russian Authors' Society on Bolshaya Bronnaya Street, as well as in the country and in the apartment of the General Director of RAO Sergei Fedotov operatives of the FSB and the Interior Ministry GUEBiPK taken in for questioning in the last Investigation Department of Internal Affairs for the Central District of Moscow. The interrogation, according to his lawyer Denis Balueva lasted all night and very early in the morning on Tuesday, Mr. Fedotov was charged with ruling on his detention for two days as a suspect in the case of very large-scale fraud (Art. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code) with four non-residential waste facilities. The damage from the actions of the General Director Fedotov consequence is estimated at 500 million rubles.

According to the lawyer of Mr Fedotov Denis Balueva, the reason for initiating June 17 this year, a criminal case against the general director of RAO served as a "long-standing conflict with the former partners, who last year gave him the necessary corollary to the testimony." The audit by the statements of Mr. Fedotov operatives former partners found that waste four non-residential buildings were purchased in 2007-2011 that society does notIt could be used for commercial purposes, so some of the buildings were not maintained at all. Meanwhile, according to the lawyer Balueva RAO very needed money for the development of expensive electronic receipt of royalties system. Therefore, he said the defender, at the author's Board of RAO was decided to transfer the buildings to the subsidiary balance - JSC "Service-operating company" (SEC), established in 2012, RAO. In turn, the SEC has established several companies, in particular the "Media Management" and "Musical Olympus" in the charter capital of which is then transferred property. Later, according to investigators, the premises were sold to third parties - "ROSAVTOTRANS", "Siberia-lease" and to a certain individual. In this case the proceeds from the sale of buildings with a total area of ​​2 sq. M. m means, according to the investigation, and did not at the disposal of the copyright society.

"We will insist on confrontations with those persons who have given evidence in the Fedotov, although they should have themselves become involved in the case," - he said after the meeting, Mr. ball.