Bruno Charles de Cooman could fall victim to the "metallurgical" mafia on NLMK

The vice-president of the company Vladimir Lisin could find out details of the cutting of funds for the modernization of the blast furnace "Rossiyanka" Novolipetsk Steel.
In Moscow, one of the vice-presidents of NLMK was killed. From materials it is known that he "fell out" from the window. A week after they announced the court's decision on a resonant case involving NLLC.

It looks like a new "victim" appeared on the waterfront on the embankment. Previously, the history of the residents of the house broke off after the "funnels" at the entrance. In the new history after a short flight. From the window of the house fell and broke the vice-president of NLMK. The fact of the death of an employee of Bruno Charles De Kuman confirmed in the company.

Judging by the materials of the investigation, he fell out of the window of the apartment, which he rented and lived. At the present moment, it is not known whether this event was preceded by a struggle or other facts indicative of violent death.

This event stirred up a new wave of discussions of history related to embezzlement during the construction of a unique for our country blast furnace No. 7 Rossiyanka.

And some in the field "warrior"?

On the eve of this incident, a verdict was announced to the main and only accused on this high-profile case - the president of the concern "Stalkonstruktsiya" Vladimir Biryukov. Not only that all the other figurants from the case have disappeared somewhere, and the accusation and sentence itself sounded "weak", experts say.

The whole point is that initially it was said that as a result of fraud in the construction of a blast furnace, Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine (NLMK) could have stolen from 1.9 to 3.1 billion rubles. And so, as a result, the court of the Left Bank district of the city of Lipetsk found Birukov guilty of embezzling 1.6 billion rubles. As punishment, he chose a measure in the form of 4 years of imprisonment conditionally. At the same time, some of the charges against Biryukov were lifted after the expiry of the statute of limitations.

The court of the left-bank district of Lipetsk gave the only defendant in the NLMK case a suspended sentence.

It seems strange that the lawyer representing the interests of NLMK was completely satisfied with this decision of the court. According to him, now the company focus on getting back the damages. She only tries to recover losses from Biryukov, not from Biryukov, but from a company that does not even have a direct relationship to the case.

NLMK is trying to get the office back (complex of premises) in Moscow with an area of ​​about 960 square meters. m., which belongs to Eurostroi. And then there are just a few questions: why the company does not want to throw all the forces in search of other persons involved in the case, why did not it pursue a more tough decision?

In fact, Biryukov stepped down from responsibility, and the judge's decision only plays into the company's hand in the struggle for the disputed property.

How it was?

The way things were done listlessly, and the strange things that happened to him, suggest that there was no interest in finding the true perpetrators of the theft of funds. And the "affected" NLMK, it seemed, do not want to get to the bottom of the truth. The first "scapegoat" was the head of the subcontract organization ZAO "Trest Yuzhstalkonstruktsiya" Omarov Ruslan Yusupovich. He proved to be a very convenient defendant. The investigation hastened to hang all the "dogs" on him. The accusations were based on the testimony of Vladimir Biryukov.

That's only Ruslan Omarov died in January 2016, when the investigation was in full swing. Relatives were against ending the case against him on non-rehabilitating grounds. There are rumors that they were sure of Birukov's false testimony and wanted a full investigation for the rehabilitation of Omarov. Is it possible to believe the testimony of a person who himself was caught up in the machinations?

It's strange that NLMK employees who supervised the project completely disappeared from the case. So during the investigation, the investigation was looking at the director for capital construction Vladimir Sizov. After all, we are talking about construction, and this should just be under his control.

Even Igor Nikolayevich Anisimov - the first vice-president and general director of PJSC "NLMK" was not even brought to responsibility. According to some reports, allegedly his signatures were on the documents for the project and accepted the work. In theory, including those that were not met, and due to which funds were withdrawn! Maybe he could tell me where the money was withdrawn.

About money, perhaps, could know and the director of LLC "TPS" Vladimir Nefedov. He could play the role of a man through whom Biryukov cashed in cash. And some sources report that during the investigation Biryukov himself allegedly confirmed this fact and described the entire chain and the participation in it of Nefedov. Nefedov was removed from the case, re-qualifying the charge of "illegal banking activities," and then closed after the expiration of the statute of limitations.

Surprisingly, the impression is that it all happened with the tacit consent of the lawyers and NLMK management. It is hard to imagine that such a large and influential company could not ensure that all the above-named persons were brought to justice. One might think that people were ranked higher in the embezzlement. They could guarantee Biryukov minimal punishment, and the rest of them to withdraw, so as not to say anything superfluous? Especially "piquantly" looks the death of Ruslan Omarov, a man who, perhaps, could shed light on the circumstances.

Was there a "boy"?

The attentive reader has for sure noticed that in the entire case of theft of funds in NLMK there is nothing about Eurostroy LLC or office buildings. If you are careful and strong in geography, then you will be surprised that the case of theft in the construction of a blast furnace was considered by the court of the Left Bank district of Lipetsk, the building is located in Moscow, and the question of its alienation is considered in the Leninsky Court of Krasnodar.

How could this happen. And the whole point is that Vladimir Biryukov sold Ruslan Omarov, his former Eurostroy company, which he once owned. Since then, the company has changed its owners. How strange it is to guess, the current owners of the company and the buildings are not connected with Biryukov and nothing should NLMK.

The owners of the company consider NLMK's claims to be nothing more than an attempt to seize. They wrote about this directly in an open letter addressed to President Vladimir Putin. In their letter, businessmen write that "... Moscow lawyers representing the interests of NLMK in the criminal case ... refused a civil suit, that is, from compensation for damage." It was in the court of the city of Lipetsk.

There was this, perhaps deliberately, to open a case about a claim in another region. Is it not more convenient to conduct proceedings in one court? Apparently the lawyers representing NLMK interests have a special attitude to this city. And maybe it is to this court?

By coincidence, the Reznik, Gagarin and Partners law firm, which represents the interests of NLMK, has its representative office in Krasnodar. Local residents say that the office manages to win the most complex and controversial cases. Is this possible due to the fact that the judge is more supportive of lawyers?

If the "overshadowing" takes place, is it any wonder that the wedding of the daughter of the judge of the Krasnodar Regional Court (and a member of his presidium) Helena Khakhaleva became the loudest and scandalous? The thing is that under the declaration for 2016 the judge earned about 2.6 million rubles. While the wedding of his daughter - Sophia played for all 2 million ... and dollars!

This could be attributed to the imagination of local journalists, but as eyewitnesses say, the wedding was really rich. Young received congratulations from such artists as Nikolai Baskov, Valery Meladze, Vera Brezhneva and other pop stars. By the way, according to local experts, the disputed property issues are one of the most often encountered in the practice of Judge Khakhaleva. Could the judge cross with the lawyers "Reznik, Gagarin and Partners?"

It is worth noting that not only Judge Khakhalev demonstrates a suspicious wealth. For example, Biryukov unexpectedly turned out to be the owner of several apartments and a plot with a cottage. Lawyers do not want to receive them, no matter how Biryukov is recognized by the court as guilty of embezzlement. Meanwhile, one of the apartments is in the center on the 3rd Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, an area of ​​more than 90 square meters. m. The second apartment with a location is simpler, but 150 sq. m. m.

Anisimov, who seems to have signed the papers on which the work was accepted, bought three flats in Miami, USA. At the same time, they became their owner about the same time, which was the theft. According to some estimates, the aggregate of this property can exceed $ 7.5 million!

Did the "poet's soul" fail?

It would seem, what's the point of the distant 2012 and the current incident with Bruno Charles De Kuman, who came to NLMK only in 2017? Recall, he was appointed vice president of research and development. On the official website of the company it is written that "in its sphere of responsibility will be the coordination of the activities of the research centers, the production sites of the Group ... the improvement of processes ..." It should be noted that Blast Furnace No. 7 "Rossiyanka", not only for its time, but now - to itself is unique, and certainly, can enter into "industrial platform". Obviously the employee, when he takes up such a high position, before doing something new, conducts an audit of the old one.

It turns out Bruno Charles De Kuman could not pass by the documentation about the blast furnace. Obviously, such a discovery could shock a foreign citizen. How can even the unprepared man see that the case is "not clean." Especially if the initial damage of 3 billion rubles., Fell to 1.6 billion rubles. And how many could "take away" from the project in fact? Total investment in the construction of a furnace, a recycling power plant and their infrastructure amounted to 43 billion rubles!

Given that most of the defendants were not in the dock, can we assume that they managed to agree? And with an alien, how can you arrange? His mentality is completely different. For him to report embezzlement is a duty and a duty that he implements without thinking. Could he go with this information to the company's management and, was not this a mistake?

After all, the death of at least one figurant, who could shed light on the events of 2012 - Ruslan Omarov, already appears in the case. Apparently, the story went very far, so it's hard to believe that the damage could amount to only 1.6 billion rubles, which the court recognized.

With the size of the damage, everything is also not so simple. The expert, who was engaged in assessing the damage caused by NLMK, was detained. Olga Gritskevich, head of the Center for Independent Expertise and Appraisal (Center for Independent Expert Evaluation and Evaluation), was detained on suspicion of a particularly large fraud. It was just about the contract for damage assessment. According to the version in the investigation, having received a contract from the investigators of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Lipetsk region to conduct an examination, she committed the theft allocated for this purpose almost 9 million rubles.

And then many experts and froze in bewilderment. First, how can an expert at her own place commit embezzlement if the money was originally allocated to her (her company)? Secondly, some people were confused by the amount of the contract. Could the persons representing NLMK interests "throw out" to get the desired result? In this case, it could not be an increase, but, on the contrary, a decrease in the price.

It is also strange that the case was not initiated by the court or investigators of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but employees of the law office "Reznik, Gagarin and Partners." We can assume that they were the initiators of the "understatement" of damage, but at some point the expert could "kick"? For example, she asked for a large sum or simply tortured her conscience. Attraction of power structures as a means of pressure is a common practice.

So it turns out that there are too many coincidences and oddities around this blast furnace business. It would seem that the company and its lawyers have every chance to return their. But instead, they are trying to take the building away from the owners, who have nothing to do with the case of embezzlement from NLMK! Important cases of the case disappear from the case. Those who could shed light on events suddenly die. The experts who appear in the case are allegedly unclean. And the only figurant gets off on probation! Is this a reason to send the case for further investigation?