Budget acrobatics for Putin's daughter

The cost of building the Center for Acrobatic Rock and Roll jumped by half a billion.
The fact that on the basis of the Moscow sports school No. 29 Khamovniki it was decided to build the Center for Acrobatic Rock and Roll, which Vladimir Putin’s youngest daughter Katerina Tikhonova is fond of, became known three years ago. And ... finally waited.

Savings are inappropriate here

At the entrances to the new rock and roll center "Zhavoronki" on the 39th kilometer of the Minsk highway, metal detectors have already been installed. True, it is too early to take the turn for Katerina Tikhonova’s speech. Landscaping continues, finishing work is still ongoing.

It’s just that they’re somehow not going very well. Workers either go back and forth or smoke. If every second is busy, it’s already good.

Even security at the entrance seems to be there, but only for the sake of view. In any case, every curious person can not only pass the barrier, but also wander along the corridors of the center building itself, which the Interlocutor did.

At our disposal was the pre-project documentation of the object of the architect Lilia Pchelina - 159 pages with pictures and description, not only what and how, but why. There, for example, it is said that the main idea of ​​facade and design solutions in modern eco-style "is to preserve the general feeling of the unity of buildings with the nature of the site: saturation with greenery, pine forest, sun spots and shade." Hence the single color scheme with the use of three main visual effects in the decoration - “vertical wooden lamellas, dark gray stone and glass” with “dark profiles of racks and silhouettes of trees”.

It was found in the project justification for the rock and roll destination of the object: “In the daytime, there is a feeling of peace in the forest recreation center. Nevertheless, to emphasize the spirit of rock and roll, with its fiery rhythms and colorful costumes, architectural lighting of buildings and structures in bright colors for the duration of competitions and concerts is provided. Such a technique will help attract viewers and new participants, popularize rock and roll among the masses. ”

As for the night illumination, it is too early to speak, but in the afternoon the building is really impressive. Judging by the scale and finish, they didn’t save on acrobatic rock and roll (not pensioners and children with cancer are involved in it). Judging by the documents, they didn’t save either: if initially the state contract dealt with 1,995 million rubles, then according to an additional agreement concluded this summer, the cost of contract work increased by another half a billion. More than a quarter! Even inflation is resting.


According to the supplementary agreement to the contract, the state budget spent 2 515 152 003 rubles 46 kopecks on contracting for the construction of the Zhavoronki Center.

The promised three years are waiting
Accordingly, the deadlines have also moved. And for some reason, not for the better. After all, they were planning to wait for the promised center for two years, but by September last year the general contractor (Magnum LLC) had not kept pace. By September of this, as indicated in the new document, too. Well, if the acrobatic rock and roll in the Larks will dance around the Christmas tree.

It is possible that the second bidder - Stroy-Sistema LLC - could manage not only for less money (the company promised to meet 1,696 million), but also in less time. However, the customer of the construction site, BSA Luzhniki, preferred Magnum. Well, before that, Magnum equipped the gymnasium of the Arsenal zone of the Kremlin and created the design project of the Center for Rhythmic Gymnastics Irina Viner-Usmanova.

For the failure of the agreements on Larks, another office would be blacklisted by unscrupulous suppliers, but ... Magnum breaks not only the deadlines, but also the applause of the customers. Contracts are poured into the company one after another. After working on the Zhavoronki center, which is linked to Putin’s daughter, it was Magnum who was entrusted with 3.5 billion to build a sports complex in Magadan with the so-called presidential name.

Conspiracy, however: in the latest documentation it is said that “Larks” are not just the “Center for Acrobatic Rock and Roll”, as it was written in the start contract, but “a multifunctional sports complex for gymnastics, acrobatics, sports dancing, swimming and general physical fitness. ”

“Everything is as always,” complained to the “Interlocutor” one of the parents of the athletes, for whom the center was originally supposed to be built. - I have a daughter and a son-in-law - in the Russian national team for acrobatic rock and roll (APP). Therefore, as a mother of athletes, I perfectly understand the problems and needs of this sport. Initially, this center was built as a base for APP, but then, for some reason, it was expanded. Unfortunately, it didn’t help even that Putin’s daughter was involved in this sport and represents our country on his highest podium. And such an APP base is still very necessary, just necessary. The guys from acrobatic rock'n'roll, after all, perfectly represent our country at international competitions. And this high level is built on the money of parents. I would like the state to invest not only in Olympic sports. Then pride would be for the country, and not just for its club, coaches, its family and its success.

by the way

Flames from Istra

The Acrobatic Rock and Roll Center is being built on the site of the former Istra camp for children from socially vulnerable families - the Investigation Management Center told about this in November 2016. A club with a disco room, paintball, laser tag, ATVs, rope town - this is what parents usually pay a round sum in the summer, children from low-income families received free of charge in Istra. And after that they got a kick in the ass.

Here is what the former director of Istra, Galina Potapchik, wrote to me in the fall of 2016, whose husband, who founded this children's center, was shot dead right at the workplace:

“Dear Oleg! No need to call and meet. At one time, we wrote to Putin through the Democrat website and personally to Putin, to the Prosecutor General's Office. I was told: "You are a letter, we are 500 thousand in cash. We are tired of your camp, and we will plant you!" I won and defended my employees in court ... Then I was fired with a three-month salary. I knew their true purpose and my helplessness in front of a corrupt system ... "

A few months after that correspondence, Khamovniki Sports School No. 29 wanted to give up the building in the center of Moscow, where three music schools are located, but parents and children managed to defend the building then. The victory was facilitated by the announcement of the previous scandal surrounding the Istra development.

Magnum fired on contractors

Construction subcontractors, unlike Magnum and athletes, were also not very lucky. Someone was paid for work on Larks only through a court. Someone was not paid at all.

- The center turned out cool, - the representative of one of them told the Interlocutor. - With a swimming pool, with a hostel for athletes, an exercise machine, conference rooms, a dining room ... He fit in well on the spot. We went there many times to meetings, but Magnum made an impression of a weak office, there were no competent engineers there. It’s as if it’s just someone’s payment organization that stupidly wrote comments and changed the equipment and design decisions as it wanted.

As a result, “Design Institute No. 1” even filed a lawsuit banning the use of the project documentation prepared by him in “Larks”. The settlement agreement (with the proviso that Magnum promises to pay the contractor all the required 43-odd million rubles) was signed only in February.

But “Integrated Engineering Design”, which prepared documents on the engineering networks of the center, has not yet received its millions. And it is not known when it will receive. So acrobatic rock and roll danced not only on the state budget.

At the same time, in Magnum itself, they did not answer the request of the Interlocutor about all the difficulties in building the center. Perhaps the general director of the company was embarrassed by the last question: “Is Katerina Tikhonova really in charge of the construction work, or did we just meet someone very similar to her there?”

Secret Sponsors of Acrobatic Rock and Roll

The head of the sports school №29, for which the Larks are being built, is the Honored Trainer of Russia Tatyana Bystrova. It was she who at one time taught Katerina Tikhonova dizzying rhythmic acrobatics and led to the champion. After which she received thanks from the Minister of Sports and the position of head coach of the Russian national acrobatic rock and roll team.

At the same time, several years ago, the name of Bystrovoy appeared in the materials of criminal case No. 165004, instituted in connection with the murder of a certain Yuri Repin. The phone number of the trainer marked “Tanya Bystrova” was found in the notebook of the suspect in the crime of Omsk native Yuri Kozubenko. That’s the name of the younger brother Sergei Kozubenko, whom some people habitually call Seryozha Omsky.

However, Sergey Kozubenko has long been an authoritative businessman (co-owner of the Rublevsky Trading House) and a philanthropist. True, it was still known that in sports he sponsors mainly boxing and Greco-Roman wrestling. So the acrobatic rock and roll in these circles is some completely new trend.

To collect money from sponsors such as the Kozubenko brothers, on the eve of the start of the Zhavoronkov construction, Tatyana Bystrova created the Victoria Acrobatic Rock and Roll Development Fund. But over the entire period of its existence, the fund has not submitted a single report to the Ministry of Justice about the sources and volume of received financial resources (in any case, there are no such data on the agency’s website). Here is such a rock and roll.