Budget millions buried in the sand

The contractor for the construction of the stadium for the World Cup disappeared abroad.
As it became known to Kommersant, in the framework of the investigation into the criminal case of embezzlement of more than 752 million rubles allocated for the preparation of the World Cup, the former General Director of OJSC GlobalElectroservice Eldar Nagaplov was put on the wanted list. The businessman is considered one of the organizers of fraud in the construction of the "Arena Baltica" in Kaliningrad.

According to "Kommersant", Eldar Nagaplov was put on the wanted list by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs after an absentee arrest, which was authorized by the Tverskoi District Court. The businessman is also charged in absentia with particularly large fraud (Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code) as part of an organized group. According to the investigation, the fraud was committed at the first stage of the construction of the "Arena Baltic" in Kaliningrad, where in the summer of this year matches of the World Cup will be held. According to the investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, under the contract between the state treasury institution of the Kaliningrad region, the Regional Directorate for the Capital Construction Customer and OJSC Globalelectroservice, purchased cheap sand that did not meet the project requirements to strengthen the soil. It was purchased, he supposedly, at the prices of the project material, which allowed the participants in the scam to save more than 750 million rubles, which, according to investigators, were abducted.

Last year, Khachim Eristov, the director of the Eastern Construction Department of OJSC GlobalElectroservice, Amir Kushkhov, the Minister of Construction of the Kaliningrad Region, and Sergey Tribunsky, the deputy head of the regional capital construction department, were arrested and later arrested by the Tversky District Court. Investigators were charged with embezzlement. None of the investigators pleaded not guilty, but attempts to protect their release in the Moscow City Court were unsuccessful. Yesterday the Moscow City Court rejected the complaint of the defense of Eldar Nagaplov, who had gone abroad. In the near future he will be put on the international wanted list.

In "GlobalElectroservice", refusing to comment on the progress of the investigation, noted that, despite all the difficulties with the project documentation, which was performed with very low quality and with a lot of mistakes and shortcomings, the company managed to complete the works related to Arena Baltika, in August 2014. The company drew attention to the fact that the absence of violations during the construction was confirmed by its decisions by the Arbitration Court of the Kaliningrad Region and the 13th Court of Appeal of St. Petersburg, which was contacted by the customer at the stadium, and the judicial construction and technical expertise concluded that the used JSC " Globaltelektroservis »sand meets the technical specification.