Business rules of Ukrainian deputies

To get into the Verkhovna Rada, the "average" candidate spends a lot of money.
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Half of the Ukrainian parliament consists of mazhoritarschikov half entered it on the party lists. And in both cases, to become a deputy, you need to "invest" in the office.

For example, politicians who want to be elected to the parliament by majority districts, before the election ennoble yards locals repair elevators in the hallways, spend a lot of money on propaganda billboards. As for the "spisochnikov", in autumn 2012 the head of the party headquarters Klitschko said in an interview portal that MPs passed in the current convocation of Parliament from the "hit" to pay for the privilege of $ 5 to $ 15 million. And it's all for, then to receive official salary Ukrainian People's Deputy of $ 2000!

Of course, immediately after taking office, the deputies are trying in every way to "discourage" the attachment. On the sidelines of Parliament say that if, immediately after the revolution, the deputies take up more issues of redistribution of spheres of influence, but now they began to prosper again "traditional business" - the collection of taxes for the submission of relevant parliamentary inquiries. In Ukraine, the state authorities are obliged to proveryat each deputy's request and provide a comprehensive report on each of them. For this, as they say people in the know, pay for $ 10-20 thousand. So much is right letter to the executive authorities, signed by the member of parliament.

Business to promote toll parliamentary inquiries have become the norm in Ukraine. MP from the party "IMPACT" Sergei Kaplin told reporters that with the help of parliamentarians requests often "or kryshujut your business or someone else's share." Kaplin Rates calls are the same, and journalists - $ 10-20 thousand And if MP also act on a specific question from the parliamentary rostrum, then for this it may require another $ 5-10 thousand..

But sometimes businessmen need "comprehensive solutions" problems. Entrepreneur can even "order" of its competitor. If you come to his office DAEC dress in masks together with a deputy himself, then this service will cost already $ 100-150 thousand. These figures are called the Kiev newspaper "Vesti" the same Sergey Kaplin.

You can not just "destroy" the enemy, but also their people sit in chairs CEOs of state enterprises and departments to then no proLemma "win" tenders and enter into "win-win" contracts. In this case, the individual prices, but, of course, are not small.

No statistics on registered raids, of course, no one is, but the Ukrainian steel business shares these stories more and more. Security forces wearing masks, storming offices and to initiate criminal proceedings, are now working even more actively than at the time Yanukovych: before they were "hired" only the people close to the president, and now their "services" were claimed huge number of politicians.

Recently, law enforcers did not disdained to "run over" on the taxi drivers working illegally at the Kiev railway station. Victims collision complained about being "booked" taxi companies whose drivers are also trying to cash in on visitors to the capital. However, there may have been without the deputy assistance.

In the near future in Ukraine predict the beginning of a new redistribution of property - and then the deputies will be able to earn a huge amount. Observers are waiting for "spin" of business representatives from the Party of Regions andleaders "favorable" ministries. "And all will check the tax and the police, and various sansluzhby are thousands of criminal cases and financial investigations..", - Predicts the deputy of one of the assistants, who asked not to be named.

"The whole system works because the Parliament and the government system is not changed, so a similar business will flourish just officials have become more cautious, but it's time." - Confirmed to reporters Kaplin.

Excellent MPs earn money on lobbying. Since Ukraine's kind of like finally embarked on the path of reforms, to be held in Parliament the "right" of bills offers a large "window of opportunity".

"Small" bill on a small number of market participants, is typically on the order of $ 100 thousand., Told on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada. In lobbying for the interests of large owners can earn tens of millions of dollars. Last year, for example, a lot of noise was raised around the idea of ​​beer equate to alcohol. But the discussion of the bill suddenly ended,Document withdrawn - it is clear that the rejection of the idea was well paid. And the issues of regulation of mobile communication tariffs, excise taxes on alcohol and tobacco can and does call the "eternal": they are lifted every time the deputies once again want to earn.

"Fee" for the review of bills can even reach $ 40-50 million (!), Sources told "Rosbalt" in the Verkhovna Rada. Demand great: in the parliament of the previous convocation, for example, on its own initiative MPs withdrew five years 634 document. Most of them were openly blackmailing character: MPs filed a bill for consideration, scare producers, and then withdraw it after getting their market participants. It turns out the "two in one": the money you can earn, and show voters that tried to achieve greater equity.

In the time of popularity of Yanukovich was another great business - go to another party. In OL sometimes paid up to $ 10 million for the transition to opposition deputy faction of their own, recently told reporters MP from the party "Fatherland" GennadyMoskal. In the appendage to this amount often promised to support his business, grants for the district, which is MP, the decision of any questions for the people's choice of friends.

Another way to earn good money - government tenders. If the tender announced head of the agency, government agency or state enterprise, got to his post under the patronage of a particular MP, he can count on the amount of up to 40% of the value of public procurement, told "Focus" magazine in March 2014. The amount of "rollback" between the official People's Deputy is usually divided equally.

At present convocation deputies left very little time. New parliamentary elections will take place, obviously, at the beginning of autumn. And it is unlikely MPs from the Regions and the Communist Party in general fall into the new parliament: it is necessary to overcome the 5-percent threshold, and the level of public support as polls show, is much lower. Of course, the coming months, members of these parties, and, indeed, on the other, too - will be spent on something to earn maximum.