Businessmen who left Russia

Kompania remembered the most famous businessmen who have gone abroad over the last five years.
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The number of emigrants from Russia is growing. Left the country, many successful businessmen who owned the best or among the best companies in the industry. In addition to business emigrated Rector "Higher School of Economics" (the HSE) Sergei Guriev, Konstantin Sonin, Professor of HSE, popular bloggers - Oleg Kashin, Rustem Agadamov (Other), gallery owner Marat Gelman, a former deputy prime Alfred Koch. And many of our businesses, do not have a conflict with the law, just love to live abroad. Among the most famous - Roman Abramovich and Alisher Usmanov, Viktor Vekselberg, Vasily Anisimov.

Telman Ismailov, 58 years old,
former owner of the Cherkizovsky market

Achievements: Cherkizovsky market was the largest wholesale clothing market in Russia. Most of it is owned by Ismailov.

Reason out: in 2008, the police found at the Cherkizovsky market contraband products on the $ 2 billion in May 2009 in Antalya, Turkey Ismailov opened a luxury hotel Mardan Palace, named after his father, a $ 1.4 billion Mardan Palace - one of the most.. expensive hotels in the world, decorated with gold leaf and decorated with chandeliers made of rock crystal. ThisIt was calling the Kremlin's extreme irritation, and served as the trigger for the destruction of the Cherkizovsky market, and then the resignation of Yuri Luzhkov, was friends with Ismailov.

Ismailov went to live in Turkey, but has not been brought to justice. Currently Ismailov repelled another attack creditors seeking the sale of the hotel, and extended the payment of its debt to $ 100 million for four years. In Moscow, he was famous restaurant "Prague" on the Arbat, the rent of land for which the Municipality owed Ismailov 13.4 million rubles. All their assets Ismailov in 2007 is estimated at $ 3 billion.

Evgeny Chichvarkin, 40 years old,
Founder of "Euroset"

Achievements: In 1997, together with Timur Artemyev created "Euroset", the largest network of interiors of cellular communication.

Reasons for leaving: at the end of 2008, moved to the UK after a search of his company in connection with the case of the abduction in 2003 of the former freight forwarder "Euroset" Andrew Vlaskina. Soon, he was charged with kidnapping and extortion, and the Russian government began to seek extradition of Chichvarkin. In 2008, he and Timur Artemyevsold "Euroset" company ANN Alexander Mamut. In London, he opened a wine shop Artemyev Hedonism Wines. In 2011, a criminal case against Chichvarkin was closed. But to return home entrepreneur in no hurry, but wants it and sees itself "somewhere close" to the opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

Chichvarkin says that he discovered the best wine shop in the world. And it's probably not an exaggeration. He is taken to deliver the wine, when the whole of England is not working, racing, first in one airport, then another at the whim of the customer receives cash, which are not traded in the country. As a result, he has served "four dictator" (one of them - the former president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych) and three royal families.

Dmitry Zimin, 82 years old,
founder of the company "VimpelCom"

Achievements: In 1996 he founded the "VimpelCom" ( "Beeline" cellular network, the third largest Russian mobile operator).

The reason for departure: the status of a foreign agent, assigned to the fund "Dynasty", obliges regularly disclose all financial transactions. Zimin onI read it demeaning for himself and made a statement that he does not want to report on how to spend own money. After the decision of the Justice Ministry decided to stop funding Zimin Foundation "Dynasty", however, the decision is still pending. This means that young scientists, mostly physicists and mathematicians, do not get about half of the budget of 435 million rubles., Scheduled for this year. The fund has existed for 13 years and has allocated about 2 billion rubles. grants to scientists. As noted by the HSE Professor Konstantin Sonin, no participant list, Forbes did not spend so much money on science. Living in London, a member of the central council of the Progress Party, Vladimir Ashurkov the question "To", not for funding if the Fund's fight against corruption has suffered "Dynasty", answered in the negative: "Transfers made Boris Zimin, as an individual, so that the aid could not be the basis NGO "Dynasty" recognition of a foreign agent. "

Yelena Baturina, 52,
ex-owner of the company "Inteko"

Achievements: created construction and development company "Inteko." In 2009, a year before resigning as mayor Mosyou are her wife of Yuri Luzhkov, he became Russia's richest woman with a fortune of $ 2.9 billion. In 2014, Baturin "cost" a billion dollars. Thus, the administrative resource Mayor Luzhkov is estimated at $ 1.9 billion.

Reason of departure: emigrated from Russia in 2010, fearing to become a supernumerary criminal case of theft of funds from the Bank of Moscow, where the main defendant was the ex-president Andrei Borodin BM. Her company "TD" Ramenskaya "was purchased by ZAO" Premier Estate "in the budget money for the overpriced, investigators claimed. But Baturin has retained the status of a witness in the case, but not in a hurry to return to Russia. Baturin sold "Inteko" Mikail Shishkhanov, but continues to invest in real estate. It has hotels in Russia, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Austria, Ireland and the project in Morocco. Currently, she is trying to win back 33.6 billion rubles. at the Ministry of Finance for the withdrawn her 24.2 hectares in the west of Moscow.

Andrei Borodin, 48 years old,
former president of the Bank of Moscow

Achievements: In 1995 he founded the Bank of Moscow (BM). As of 1 January 2010, 13 months before the sale of VTB owned by the Moscow government, 46.48%ktsy value of BM's net assets amounted to 810 billion rubles. This is the fifth place in the ranking of banks in 2010, compiled by RBC.

Reason of departure: emigrated from Russia in 2011 after raids in connection with the criminal case of theft of funds from the capital budget. He lives in Oxfordshire (Great Britain) in his own house (price - 140 million pounds). In 2013 he received the status of political refugee. He was charged in the output of the BM 12.76 billion rubles, and after his departure -. 62 billion rubles. Borodin does not plead guilty. About 13 billion rubles. It was issued ZAO "Premier Estate" in the form of credit for the purchase of Elena Baturina "TD" Ramenskaya ", who had 58 hectares of land and real estate project on 724 thousand square meters. m. These Baturina money during the crisis of 2008-2009. I want to extinguish debt. On the eve of the Bank of Moscow has received money from the capital budget. Borodin's lawyers from the law firm "Gridnev and partners" was offered to repay the loan at 13 billion rubles., Giving the mortgaged land, but the Bank of Moscow has refused.

Pavel Durov, 30 years old,
founder of "Vkontakte" social network

Achievements: in 2006 launched a social network "VKontaktee ', the second most popular site in Russia.

The reason for the departure in December 2013 by the Federal Security Service demanded from a businessman personal data about the organizers euromaidan in Kiev. Durov refused. January 24, 2014, he sold his 12% "Vkontakte" Ivan Tavrin for $ 400 million. April 17 Durov said on Twitter, that has lost its share. April 22, 2014 it became known that the businessman had left Russia. In recent years he lived in San Francisco (USA). Abroad Durov with a team of programmers engaged in the development messenger Telegram. At the moment it 62 million users.

Sergei Pugachev, 52 years old,
former president of Industrial Bank

Achievements: in 1996 created Mejprombank (BCH). In 1998, its capital amounted to 10 billion rubles. (The second largest after Sberbank). But it was money Pugacheva companies have taken a loan in the BCH.

The only businessman in the Russian Federation, which is trying to build on the Red Square (a UNESCO World Heritage site), the new building - a luxury hotel in the courtyard of the Middle Trading Rows. To do this, Manager of the Russian president's domestic construction demolished and relocated the Ministry of Defenses building on Red Square, 5. But did not work, and Pugachev long time trying to recover from the Ministry of Finance costs in the amount of 3.4 billion rubles., but also failed.

Pugachev area under the hotel was due to his friendship with the former manager of the then Pavel Borodin. UDP held accounts in the BCH in the same bank account and kept members of the family of Boris Yeltsin.

Reason of departure: a criminal case on the fact of premeditated bankruptcy BCH. In April 2015 the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) has filed his claim for 75 billion rubles. Currently, Pugachev is in the UK, the court forbade him to leave the England and Wales.