Capital Group intercepted the projects of the PIK Group in Moscow "for renovation"

After a departure from the Russian affairs of Vladislav Doronin from his scandalous partner Paul Teo, business in Moscow went uphill. Capital Group squeezes into a cuttingaway-otkatnuyu epic called "renovation of the housing stock of Moscow" and is ready to profitably exchange projects for themselves.
Capital Group Pavla Te continues to increase its participation in the program of renovation of the Moscow housing stock. The developer is ready to transfer to the city for the resettlement of the Khrushchev residents in the southeast of the city 105 thousand square meters. m of housing in exchange for permission to build a quarter of 1.51 million square meters. The businessman is also ready to hand over to the authorities 0.36 hectares near the Mikhalkovo estate as a launching pad for renovation.

In the south-east of Moscow will be implemented a large-scale residential project with a total area of ​​1.51 million square meters. This follows from the May 1998 report of the protocol headed by the mayor Sergei Sobyanin of the town planning and land commission (GZK). It indicates that the draft layout of 312.93 hectares between the streets of Lublin, Pererva and Nizhny Polyami will develop at his own expense OOO MFS-PIK. According to the decision of the State Housing Complex, the total area of ​​housing in the structure of the planned building will be 804 thousand square meters. m, of which 105 thousand square meters. m - this is an apartment for immigrants from Khrushchev. The rest of the real estate will have infrastructure and social facilities.

According to, MFS-PIK was originally controlled by the PIK group Sergei Gordeev, but in December last year, its founder was the Cyprus Esazione Capital Ltd. As previously reported by RBC, 50% of this structure through Evalaro Trading & Investments Ltd is controlled by the co-owner of the Capital Group Pavel Te. The change in the ownership of the MFS-PIK coincided with the beginning of the review of the GZK project for the construction of the site on Lublin Street, follows from the protocol of the commission: the first decision in this regard was made on December 28, 2017. Earlier, MFS-PIK also actively participated in competitions for the design of residential houses within the framework of renovation. Capital Group did not respond to a request from Kommersant.

In December 2017, Pavel Te announced that he was ready to transfer the mayor's office within the framework of the renovation program to 100 thousand square meters. m in other projects of Capital Group. So, he expected to allocate 15-20 thousand square meters. m in a newly built residential complex on Bochkova Street in the north of the capital (Capital completes this facility for the failed crash of Mikhail Balakin's SU-155). Another 80 thousand square meters. Mr. Te promised to provide in the future a complex on the 2nd Institutskaya street in the southeast of Moscow. This site Capital intends to develop from the PIC, which also has plans to participate in the renovation (the company wants to build 820,000 square meters of housing in Kuzminki, and to transfer out of 426,000 square meters for the needs of the settlers).

Metinium managing partner Maria Litinetskaya compares the development project of 313 hectares on Lublinskaya Street with such large-scale projects as "City on the Tushino-2018 River" (the main investor is Leonid Fedun) or "Zilart" (on the site of the former ZIL, the developer is LSR Group ). The implementation of such projects will take up to ten years, she argues. According to the expert's calculations, investments only in the residential part of the project can amount to 48-51 billion rubles., Sell apartments here can be an average of 120 thousand rubles. for 1 square. m.

In addition, in May the GLC commissioned to work on the issue of a conclusion with Constant Company LLC (99% of this legal entity through the Pantheon Group is controlled by Pavel Te) agreements on transferring to the city 0.36 hectares of 0.72 hectares on Mikhalkovskaya Street as the launch pad for the renovation program. This company will also prepare at its own expense a draft of land use regimes and requirements for town planning regulations within the security zone of the Mikhalkovo estate in the north of Moscow.

Residential complex on Mikhalkovskaya street will be a point development, states Maria Litinetskaya. The volume of investment, according to her estimates, will be about 1.5 billion rubles., Housing here can be sold on average 170-180 thousand per 1 sq. Km. The partner of Colliers International Vladimir Sergunin believes that the cost of the site transferred to the city on Mikhalkovskaya Street is 350-400 million rubles. But the deal with the authorities will not necessarily be monetary. "The company can agree on installments, on payment of future areas, on participation in the implementation of other infrastructure projects of the mayor's office," concludes Mr. Sergunin.