Carbon dream: how to make money on composite materials in Russia

Dream to build is own yacht led businessman Andrey Boytsov to the creation of a design center for composite materials, which revenue in 2015 amounted to about 12 million rubles.
Origin source
A mathematician from Samara Andrei fighters engaged in business life. In the 1990s he worked as a financial director in several companies, and in the 2000s established his firm, offering legal and accounting services. Fighters interested in sailing - five years ago, he and his friend Michael Khorobrikh fired up to build a boat and drew attention to the carbon. Yacht Partners has not yet been built, but were able to create a company that offers a carbon fiber components to large Russian companies.

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In the first experiments with carbon and Khorobrikh Boytsov helped alma mater: Samara Aerospace State University them. SP The Queen gave the lab and sent to the practice of students. Thanks to the cooperation with the university initial investment in the project amounted to only 2 million rubles. Boytsova of personal savings. In the laboratory already had a vacuum unit for forming a matrix of carbon fiber products, tells men: "Some of the equipment we manufactured equipment themselves, some bought in addition." Full range of laboratory equipment would cost € 100-200 thousand. And industrialRetained installation - to € 1 million, says the entrepreneur.

The first successful experimenters became the second place in the competition "Ideas in the composite," which in 2013 conducted "Winery" with the support of HC "Composite" (the structure of State Corporation "Rosatom", dedicated to the production of carbon fiber reinforced plastics and products from them). Fighters and Khorobrikh first presented the project, and then produced thereon office desk of carbon, which is "Composite" for 2.5 million rubles. I bought in its own museum. "Participation in the contest allowed us to return to the starting investments", - says the fighter.

What is a carbon matrix and why he

Carbon or carbon fiber - is a polymer composite material of interwoven strands of carbon fibers held together with resins. It is lightweight and high strength due to the fact that carbon fibers stacked in layers in different directions. Carbon steel is easier to more than five times, and of light alloy - duralumin - almost doubled. According to Lux Research estimates research firm, the global market of composite materials has made about $ 25 billion in 2014.

thosenology the manufacture of carbon fiber requires the creation of a matrix - actually molds, which are then laid carbon fiber and resin. Formulation "baked" in a special oven, so that the product has acquired the necessary strength.

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Participation in the contest led to Boytsov and Khorobrikh first customers. The company "Rent" from Usinsk (Komi Republic) has ordered the manufacture of carbon fiber fuel tanks for the "KAMAZ", by which the fuel delivery to "Rosneft" field in the region. "In the conditions of the Far North (extreme temperatures and low fuel quality) ordinary tanks burst, and composite materials have stood," - says the fighters. Later the company "Bathyscaphe" ordered a light and strong fins for spearfishing from carbon. orders growth has allowed entrepreneurs to enter the current return on investment, so in February 2015, they are on an equal footing registered the company "Royal Carbon". Now they make each month about 30 pairs of fins and 30 fuel tanks.

In 2014, the plant "Motor" from Moscow Krasnogrska commissioned carbon impeller (blades for blowing) for its motors. "The client had plastic impeller, but they could not withstand the loads and destroyed," - explains the fighters.

carbon numbers

$ 25 billion - the world market of composite materials

12% of the aircraft units "Sukhoi Superjet 100" are made of composite materials

At 5.2 times the product, made of carbon fiber, lighter than comparable steel

2 million rubles. - Initial investment in the "Royal-Carbon"

12 million rubles. - The company's revenue in 2015

Source: Lux Research, «Royal-Carbon"

Goods for the client

In the Russian market are many companies that work with carbon, but the "Royal Carbon" stands out against the background rate of creation of product model and its own production, allowing you to control the quality. "Design centers such class with the ability to put the production process in the fastest possible time and at high quality in Russia is very rare," - said Alexander Baur, head of on interaction with innovationnnym structure of the United Rocket and Space Corporation.

Finding clients founders of "Royal Carbon" are engaged in various exhibitions, competitions and conferences, so 10% of the budget - entertainment expenses. "We try to participate in all exhibitions that are associated with composites and mechanical engineering - there is a direct and effective communication with the general designer, the heads of departments: we know their problems and offer solutions to them - the soldiers said. - We are developing a product for a specific customer. "

"Royal Carbon" becomes the co-author of the product and the intellectual property is issued to the customer. "Our intellectual property - our technology, - says fighters. - General principles for the use and processing of carbon fiber is widely known, our contribution - is the speed of the matrix product development and low resource intensity of this process. " According to the businessman, a significant part of the cost (up to 50%) it is the preparation and testing of the matrix. "We managed to reduce this figure by half," - Utwerzhdaet Fighters. Because of this "Royal Carbon" works with an average of 50 per cent margin. "The cost price of a pair of fins - 3.2 thousand rubles.. (2.5 thousand rubles -.. Feedstock 700 rubles -. Work), and the wholesale selling price - 6,5 thousand rubles, retail -.. 12 thousand rubles ", -.. Tells Fighters. According to him, a similar situation turns and other products. In 2015, revenues "Royal Carbo" should amount to 12 million rubles.

Carbon fiber and resin are purchased in Russia or Europe. "If the customer has to do with the Ministry of Defence, that is, the requirement to produce from Russian raw materials - says the fighter. - When it comes to design things, such as furniture, wall coverings, then buy German raw materials, which the quality is superior to domestic. "

While "Royal Carbon" mostly working on the end-user market: the piece takes private orders or small batches of some components. The plans Boytsova - to begin cooperation with the state, which actively advocates the introduction of composite materials in the defense and nuclear industries. The adopted in 2013 "dorozhnoy map "for the development of the industry of composite materials production in Russia their use in 2020 is expected to increase to 120 billion rubles. (From 16.6 bn. In 2012). The main demand is placing in the manufacture of aircraft, automotive and nuclear industries.

To state corporations "Royal Carbon" is willing to work as an engineering center. According Boytsova, cooperation with the company confirmed the concern "Almaz-Antey" and "Saturn", and HA "Roskosmos" company. The company has attracted a grant Bortnik Fund of 2 million rubles. for the organization of an experienced small-scale production of parts for aircraft engines. "Portfolio activities" Royal Karbon "was aimed at businesses outside the United Rocket and Space Corporation for the study of" - confirmed the head of the corporation on cooperation with innovative structures Alexander Baurov. Dmitry Ivanov, the innovative development director of NPO "Saturn", RBC said that on the full cooperation will be only after the implementation of the pilot project.

View from the outside


"The company can not compete"

Oleg Malsagov, Development Advisor to the Rector of the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

The "Royal Carbon" already have revenue, the company is self-financing, which means that demand for their products is. Now they are engaged in engineering, highly specialized small-scale production, and take that makes customization. While a small market, they exist in your niche. This is both a plus and a minus, as soon as the market will drop in the company of other volumes and competencies, the "Royal Carbon" simply can not withstand the competition. Given the fact that the market is developing, and the team knows how to make money, investment attraction may be the right solution. For example, to update the equipment or park yourself pull large long-term project. Speaking about the prospects of a whole, the market is growing, niche not filled composites, and eventually it will all depend on what strategy will select the company.

& LAQuo; they may threaten to complex problems "

Arkady Seleznev, Head of Aerospace accelerator GenerationS track Russian Venture Company

"Royal Carbon" - the classic engineering company. They take well-studied materials, use them in new areas and get good results. But the market in which they operate, is growing before our eyes. And we do not know where is the line, which turns into an engineering startup innovation. At startup good competence, close-knit team, so they can threaten to complex problems.


"I think with the" Royal Carbon "we will be able to work together"

Baurov Alexander, head of the interaction with the innovative structure of the United Rocket and Space Corporation

Aerospace industry needs in composite materials. But we must take into account the conservatism of our technologies and high level of product liability. Nevertheless, I believe, with the "Royal Carbon" we will be able to work together because it is well-organized team with a great stepping stone, not only in the field of carbon, but also a variety of solutions based composite materials. As long as they act as a design center for composites adopting Western technology and bringing the specific devices involved in the cycle of the creation of the material to the needs of the customer.

"Their technology is not unique"

Dmitry Ivanov, the innovative development director of NPO "Saturn" (part of "Russian Technologies" of the Civil Code)

Until the "Royal Carbon" will not make the first experimental part, as long as we do not carry out its testing and as long as they do not form an offer at a price to say the interest in this company is premature. Their technology is not unique in the market, but small and medium-sized enterprises that operate in the market of high-tech services, very little. The team is different in that people want to work and are ready for the sake of something to do. Is it really so, take a look at the results of the negotiations and testing the first prototype parts.


"Demand is shifting from individual decisions on the serial"

Catherine Kamarenko, commercial director of the company "CB & r 1901aquo; (Specializing in the production of automotive components and parts)

Market composite materials is growing in Russia the past eight years, so we are seeing and increase revenue. But the market is divided into two segments. The first - a commercial, to which we refer you. It works with orders from the market. The second segment - the production, rooted in the Soviet era, which almost did not interfere with us. We can make industrial products, to solve the challenges, for example, to the aviation industry, but they do not come to us. It is worth noting that now the demand is clearly shifting from individual solutions and technological serial products.