Center Khrunichev fell into the financial hole

The creator of the "Protons" recognized the catastrophic situation and demanded 30 billion rubles from the state for help.
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The Khrunichev Center, Russia's only producer of Proton and Angara heavy missiles, due to reduced orders and carrier accidents, as well as a large credit and social burden, requires financial support from the government of 30 billion rubles. This was reported to Izvestia by the company's general director Alexei Varochko.

"With a view to paying off debts we turned to the government. With incomplete loading of production capacities and with those loans that were recruited in previous years, we will not be able to rise independently, "said the head.

Annually, the maintenance of the loan takes 4.5 billion rubles. These obligations arose because of the need to maintain the company Proton-PM, which produces engines for the first stage of the Proton-M rocket. The production capacities assumed the production of aggregates for five or six carriers per year, however, due to a reduction in orders, Proton-PM worked idly.

"The current economic situation of the enterprise was aggravated by a series of accidents. From the second half of 2016 to the first half of 2017, we did not produce any new missiles, "said the company's CEO. - For the maintenance of staff during the downtime took 30 billion rubles. "

The head of the company noted the social obligations of the "Khrunichev Center", in particular, the costs of maintaining "kindergartens, houses of culture, heating systems," and "increased production costs" (rising prices for rocket fuel at a fixed cost of carriers for the Ministry of Defense and Roskosmos) .

Varochko also spoke about the future of the company. In Moscow, the production of the "Protons" will continue, and six heavy Angara missiles will be launched. The light Angara missile will be launched by Flight, Omsk branch of the Khrunichev Center, in 2020, the heavy one in 2022.

In the structure of the Khrunichev Center there remain the plant for the production of the Protons and the Salyut KB (both in Moscow), as well as the regional sites: the Kovrov Mechanical Plant (engaged in the production of armatures for the rocket and space industry), the Ust-Katavsky Carriages ( produces aggregates for the acquisition of Soyuz, Protons and Angara) and Polet.

Currently, there is a process of reducing the production facilities located in Moscow and selling the liberated land in the Filevskaya floodplain. "Now we are assessing the value of the land. Released areas are divided into plots, some of them have not been used for a long time, some will cease to be used since 2018. The sale will be held at stages in stages - the plot behind the plot, "Varochko explained.

In 2018 the enterprise planned to conduct four or five launches of the "Protons", up to four launches of the light rocket "Rokot" and one launch of the heavy "Angara".