Central Bank considered the business reputation of Oleg Boyko tarnished

The Central Bank issued to Oleg Boyko, one of the richest businessmen in Russia, two prescriptions about unsatisfactory business reputation.
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The fact that Oleg Boyko was given two instructions on identifying the facts of unsatisfactory business reputation was reported by the Central Bank on his website (Interfax was the first to notice). The reports indicate that Boyko has the right to indirectly control more than 10% of the shares in two microfinance organizations - LLC MFC 4 Finance and LLC MFC SMS Finance. According to SPARK, both companies are included in the state register of microfinance organizations and both belong to the Cyprus Piressa Holdings Limited. The site “SMS Finance” states that Boyko is the sole owner of Piressa Holdings.

According to reports from the Central Bank, Boiko’s prescriptions were issued in accordance with the law “On microfinance activity and microfinance organizations” (No. 151-ФЗ). Under this law, a person who is blacklisted by the Central Bank cannot directly or indirectly manage more than 10% of the shares (shares) of a microfinance company. According to the same law, a person whose reputation of the Central Bank has declared unsatisfactory can protest this decision within 30 days by sending a complaint to the regulator.

A representative of Boyko on the phone said she did not have the information yet. Forbes sent a request to the press service of the Central Bank.

How billionaire Oleg Boyko builds a microfinance business

Forbes estimates Oleg Boyko’s fortune at $ 1.2 billion. Boyko ranks 82nd in the 200 richest businessmen of Russia rankings. Through the family trust, Boyko owns the Finstar holding. Initially, the main asset of Finstar was Evrazholding, then the gambling company Ritzio International. Over time, Finstar became a diversified investment holding company that includes assets in the field of financial technologies (shares in DFI, Spotcap, Rocket10 and other companies, as well as 49% of microfinance company 4finance through a family trust), retail and office real estate (Finstroy), retail sales (after the sale of the controlling stake in the Riv Gosh network, Finstar still has 24% of its shares).