Central Bank revoked the license of the bank that provided services to the Russian Orthodox Church

Ergobank, which provided services to 61 organizations of the Russian Orthodox Church, lost its license.
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RBC sources of the credit institution and the Russian Orthodox Church said that the church was in talks to buy a controlling stake in the bank.

The Bank of Russia revoked the license Ergobanka, said in a statement on the Central Bank website. The reason for withdrawal of the license was the failure of federal laws and regulations of the Central Bank. At the same time standards of capital adequacy (capital) were below the 2% and the amount of equity below the minimum authorized capital established at the date of state registration. Also, the bank is unable to meet claims of creditors on monetary obligations, the report said.

"When a poor quality of assets of" CB "Ergobank" inadequate measures taken by the credit risks ", - the central bank, noting that the bank fails to timely fulfill their obligations to creditors and depositors. It was appointed interim administration.

Ergobank - participant of the deposit insurance system. As of December 1, 2015, he was 321-th place in the Russian banking system.

According to RBC, in Ergobanke obsluzhivalass 61 organizations of the Russian Orthodox Church. A source close to the bank told RBC that the ROC was in talks to buy a controlling stake of its shares. According to the interlocutor of RBC, the church agreed to open accounts in Ergobanke due to one of its shareholders - Valery Meshalkina, which owns 19.87%.

"The church people, an Orthodox businessman who helped many temples. It was believed that this is the guarantee that the bank did not happen "- said the source RBK.