Central Stadium has become a daunting challenge

14 billion rubles are at stake. The situation is transformed into a competition between Medinsky and Mutko. 
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A few months Ural public reassured and convinced that prepared the project of reconstruction of the Central Stadium for 14 billion rubles (or slightly smaller) stores it as an object of cultural heritage. And yesterday suddenly became clear that to save the monument is virtually impossible. This again happened behind closed doors. Again, no comment, and official pronouncements. It looks like the game around the stadium has become so risky that the regional authorities decided to postpone the decision-making center in Moscow.

Gone already day "silence" of Sverdlovsk authorities after a sensational meetings in preparation for holding in Yekaterinburg in 2018 with the participation of representatives of the FIFA World Cup games, in which it was stated that in the current situation, the status of the Central Stadium as an object of cultural heritage makes it impossible to reconstruct. Post FSUE "Sports Engineering" was the only one from which we can draw at least some official information on how events unfolded. "The problems associated with the design of the stadium, announced Chief Engineer AboutAbout "StroyImpuls" Savely Lentyukov. Our colleague has expressed well-founded concerns about the success of the current project ... For them (work - ed.) The successful continuation of the state the customer must solve the problem associated with the status of the object "Central stadium" as a monument of cultural heritage. This issue is a cornerstone in the implementation of the project ", - the report says.

In fact, the situation with the reconstruction of the Central stadium fell back to April of this year, when the project was discussed at a meeting Gradsoveta and caused fierce debate - first of its participants, and then the public. As follows from the transcript of the April meeting Gradsoveta reconstruction meant the actual demolition of the stadium "from the Central Stadium in its current form, at best, will in fact only two" historic "facade.

Then the number of council members openly proposed to deprive the Central Cultural Heritage status Stadium, because the obligation imposed by this status interfere with the work, ThuIt has caused indignation of the public. Negative intensified after the announcement of the likely cost of reconstruction - more than 11 billion rubles (at the time) - and this after recently reconstructed Stadium of 2.5 billion rubles.

Reduce passions succeeded only after numerous allegations of architects who actively tried to convince the public that the demolition of the Central Stadium will not be that all the historical elements in the style of Sots Art will be saved. With this in mind, the project was approved at a meeting of the Town Planning Board in Yekaterinburg, and then the Governor Eugene Kuyvasheva. So what's so wrong for this time, that the reconstruction has become impossible?

The Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Sports Engineering" was told that the problem is solved by a non-public way, because it is connected with the previous reconstruction. A company representative said that a month ago to the Office of Capital Construction in Sverdlovsk region were sent a letter, which listed all the problems manifested themselves (that is, in theory, yesterday's speech architects should not have been shocked Governor Yevgeny KuyvashevIslands). To clarify the situation in the SMS, we could not today.

Noteworthy is the fact that the return of spring to the agenda was altered in some way. According to unofficial data, subcontractors "Sports Engineering" stated that the preservation of the central stadium "historic" status can not be for the reason that since the last reconstruction of the "save" simply nothing - all of the elements were destroyed. Public Relations Center of the "Sinara" (the reconstruction was carried out by this investor) it denies.

"Work on the adaptation for modern use of the object" Central Stadium of cultural heritage. Complex "were made on the basis of all necessary permits, including a positive conclusion of the state expertise of design documentation. After the reconstruction of the stadium were prepared according to the conclusion of an object of capital construction requirements of technical regulations and project documentation, which allowed the city administration to give permission to enterfacility. At the same time in all phases of the reconstruction of the sports complex of Sverdlovsk Region Ministry of Culture directly involved in the restoration work and monitor all processes related to the conservation of the Central Stadium as a monument of cultural heritage ", - said in response to a request Znak.com. Deputy Minister for State Property Management of the Sverdlovsk region Artem Bogachev confirmed that the central stadium is still "not removed from the State Guard."

Earlier MUGISO us commented that before the stadium was reconstructed under the supervision of "Sinara", to "objects of cultural heritage" refers, in particular, the wall with columns, entrance with sculptures. Visual inspection of the Central Stadium suggests that all that is left intact.

A source at one of the regional offices, which is directly related to the works on the reconstruction of the stadium, said that architects simply have not calculated with the complexity of the object, so the difficulties recognized only now. Articlesthe stadium has caused a change of plans for the reconstruction of even the last time, he recalls. This can be read in the corresponding article in "Wikipedia". Back in early 2006, it was held a tender for the reconstruction of the Central Stadium, which was won by the French architectural firm «Valode et Pistre». In their project plans to build on the site of the "Central" is completely new stadium with a transparent roof covering 80% of the seats. However, these plans has prevented architectural monument status assigned to the "central" in the year 2001. The project had to be revised to fit new grandstand in the old stadium circuit. The new project, which has already been the preservation of the historic walls is provided, the Finnish company has developed "Hansastroi", he was introduced in October 2006. The project involves the capacity of the stadium to 27 thousand. Spectators. That is, in fact, even the previous reconstruction had to do from the Central stadium facility that satisfies the requirements for world-class competition. But this could not be done, because it does not happen "FSnew bleachers sat in the old circuit of the stadium. "

Another source in the government believes that the problem is only now recognized as coming state expertise, and its design can not pass. "I have to get acquainted with the present reconstruction project. If you remember, the historic "hidden" behind the glass facade of the building frame, allowing architects to talk about the safety of heritage. But in fact, the project provides for the transfer of these walls on how meters, they need to push, to accommodate the necessary infrastructure. It turns out that some of the elements necessary to disassemble and rebuild again elsewhere. But it will be a remake, "- says the source. According to him, the prosecution of previous restorers - this is just an excuse to be able to circumvent the problems associated with the object status.

In the "Sport-engineering" was told that now the Sverdlovsk authorities must determine further action in respect of the Central Stadium. Earlier regional MUGISO stated that it will not pass "any new project of reconstruction of the stadium, etc.edpolagayuschy demolition objects of protection. " But now this question farmed out to the Ministry of Culture responsible for the content of sites at the federal level. Yesterday MUGISO sent to the Ministry of Culture of the stadium renovation project for review and further action.

"Apparently, the Sverdlovsk department did not take responsibility, too high price issue - 14 billion rubles. Yes, and in a situation when problems funnel tightened more and more participants, with such famous like Dmitry Pumpyanskiy. No one in the region wants to be extreme. Therefore, to be a competition lobbying opportunities Vladimir Medina and Vitaly Mutko, "- said the agency.

Ministry of Culture could not accept the option granted to the reconstruction and to give architects the task to develop a new project. It is possible that still decide to build a new stadium in Yekaterinburg on another site in the Upper Iset district. Options for maneuver is, although the development of the first project has already allocated 900 million. However, the "Sports Engineering" assuresThat within the framework of the project on reconstruction of the Central Stadium, the company received only an advance in the amount of 269.4 million rubles, which is 30% of the contract value of the state, as well as 44.27 million rubles for the execution of works. "Thus, the amount of funds transferred by the State customer totaled 313.675 million rubles. FSUE "Sports Engineering" will be paid the whole amount of money for the fulfillment of its obligations under the government contract only after receiving a positive conclusion of the state expertise of the project ", - the company said.