CEO of Development Corporation of the Middle Urals resigned

The entrance to the corporation is guarded. The guards watch lest somebody takes away the documents. Everyone is waiting for the beginning of the investigation.
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The CEO resigned "Development Corporation of the Middle Urals" (KRSU) Sergei Filippov. According to the Prime Minister of the Sverdlovsk Denis Paslera, KRSU report in 2013 caused a lot of questions. Employees of corporations say that now the entrance to the sitting KRSU protection and checks, so no one was able to bring any documents. It is possible that the last straw was the problem in the field of low-rise construction.

The fact that Sergey Filippov, resigned from the post of General Director of "Development Corporation of the Middle Urals," confirmed the chairman of the region Denis Pasler government. "There are internal reasons for the decision. There are annual results of the corporation, and they do not suit us, they have a lot of questions ", - told the online newspaper of our Sverdlovsk prime.

According to, yesterday Pasler contacted the Director General of the "Ural Exhibition Centre" ( "daughter" KRSU) Vitali Shumskikh and told him that the charge of the preparations for the planned July "INNOPROM" he will personally. "If some organizationstional questions went through KRSU, now Pasler closed all over. This is necessary, have not yet determined who will lead KRSU ", - said a source, close to the prime minister.

Filippov tube itself does not take. According to, he went to the hospital. "Said a staff member KRSU he had heart problems. I think it's time to pull the special "- says a source in KRSU. Acting Director appointed Igor Vizgin, who worked in one of the departments of the Ministry of Economy of the region. He will lead the KRSU until such time as the Board of Directors decides on the appointment of a new director. Within a month, according to, Filippov must pass all the cases.

"Who sits in security KRSU office. Check that no documents could not bear any of the buildings. It is unclear on what basis it is done. It is rumored that the investigations "could begin in the near future - said the source of our online newspaper.

It is possible that the final straw that led to the resignation, was the situation with a littleplatemaking construction. As already I wrote, Seventeenth Arbitration Court of Appeal decided to recover 239 million rubles from the "Center for low-rise construction" ( "daughter" of "Development Corporation of the Middle Urals" KRSU) in favor of "Glavsreduralstroy-Development" under the lease of land the size of 62 hectares. As stated in the materials of the case, the requirements were initially more - 400 million rubles, but the court granted them in part. On the ground, resulting in rent, "Center for low-rise construction" began the construction of the village "South". Originally it stated that from oblbyudzheta will be allocated 256 million rubles for the construction of utility infrastructure, but in April last year, Prime Minister Denis Sverdlov Pasler refused to support the project. "Southern" was conceived as an image project Misharin, but Pasler apparently decided to get rid of this inheritance. It was assumed that would be built about 120 homes with the cost of about 38 thousand. Rubles per square meter. meter, but in the absence of government support price it planned to raise 10 thousand. rubles minimum.

In "Glavsreduralstroe & raquo; They argue that the authorities in the region "deceived the builder." "A few years ago," Glavsreduralstroy "in negotiations with Alexander Misharin (then was governor of the Sverdlovsk region) has agreed to transfer the region the right to lease 62 hectares of land. In return, the government promised us that there will be an agreement on public-private partnership ", - says CEO Oleg Molotilov company. According to him, it meant that the authorities in the region to help in the construction of social facilities such as kindergartens and schools in the district "Istoksky" ( "Glavsreduralstroy" project has been since 2007). "We have fulfilled its terms, the land transferred, but instead got nothing. On this issue, we wrote more than six months Pasleru, but no reply was, "- says Molotilov. Now, he said, the government of the company need one - assistance in obtaining permits.