CEO of STS Media Yuliana Slascheva to leave the company

CEO of STS Media Yuliana Slascheva is leaving the company, as Vedomosti found out. The appointment of the new head of the holding company may be declared on May 27.
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The fact that Julian Slaschova, General Director of "CTC Media" (STS, "Home", "Pepper"), will leave the company, told "Vedomosti" newspaper, citing sources close to the company owners. This joint solution Slaschova and shareholders, explain the interlocutors "Vedomosti". About care Slaschova and appointment of a new manager could be announced as early as May 27, RBC said a source close to the company's shareholders. Slaschova refused to answer RBC issues related to its possible withdrawal. A spokesman for "CTC Media" Igor Ivanov did not answer the call and RBC posts.

Who will take over as Slaschova, the interlocutors "Vedomosti" do not know. Sources close to the National Media Group Yuri Kovalchuk and partners (Kovalchuk - co-owner of "CTC Media"), earlier said that the post of general director of the holding Vyacheslav claims Murugov former genprodyuser "a CTC Media" and the head of the CTC. Murugov not answered the call RBC. RBC source familiar with the producer, said it "is unlikely to be interesting." In February, the source told RBC on the possible resignation of Slaschova & laquo; CTC Media "and as one of the candidates for this post called Mary Komarov, former general director of the publishing house" Kommersant ". Komarov did not respond to a request to RBC. A source familiar with it, and the source close to the shareholders of "Kommersant" reported that Komarov is not considered today to head the "CTC Media".

Total remuneration Slaschova for 2013-2015 years in the holding amounted to approximately $ 4.6 million (including options), it follows from the "CTC Media" report. The company she came in August 2013, succeeding General Director Boris Podolsky. Before that Slaschova led communications agency "Mikhailov & Partners", founded by Sergey Mikhailov (now - the general director of the agency Tass and her husband), she worked as a specialist in PR with large Russian business and advised the billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov in 2012 presidential campaign. Appointment Slaschova in the "CTC Media" has surprised media company executives, wrote "Vedomosti": some of them suggested that it is associated with the arrival of good relations with Kovalchuk.

At the time of arrival in Slaschova "STOn the Media "TV channels share classroom holding fell for the second year in a row, and revenue from television advertising ceased to grow ahead of the market rate, it follows from TNS data and the company reports. Before Slaschova task was to diversify the company's business and reduce dependence on revenues from television advertising, wrote "Vedomosti".

When Slaschova "CTC Media" launched the channel "CTC Love" and held a rebranding channel "Pepper" ( "Che"), has acquired video Caramba TV producer (150 million rubles, "Kommersant" wrote.), Has launched a series of serial projects - in particular , "youth", "The Last of the Magikyan", "Londongrad". However, to stop the fall of the audience - especially the flagship channel CTC - new CEO failed: its share fell by 2% in 2015, to 8.2%, and it was the strongest fall among the major TV channels. Revenues from television advertising in the total revenue also remained high - at 96% to the company's reports.

Revenue "CTC Media" for 2015 in dollar terms fell twice - from $ 710.4 million to $ 350.56million rubles The company's revenue decreased by 24%, while the revenues of all the TV advertising market -. 14%, wrote RBC. Net loss for the holding company was $ 487 million versus a profit of $ 109 million for 2014. The loss reflects the company's losses from the sale of 75% of the operating business holding YUTV, indicated in the statements.

Change of Shareholders "CTC Media" has been forced - to meet the new requirements of the law "On mass media", which since 2016 prohibits foreigners from owning more than 20% of all the founder of the Russian media. Prior to that, the largest stake in the company owned by the Swedish Modern Times Group (38,6%). In 2015, 75% of "CTC Media" has acquired for $ 200 million holding company YUTV Alisher Usmanov and Ivan Tavrina. The deal was finally closed in May 2016.

May 19, "CTC Media" held delisting. On the New York Stock Exchange NASDAQ company came in 2006, when investors valued the company at $ 2.1 billion. The peak of the capitalization of the holding reached in late 2007, when the market value of the company exceeded $ 4.5 billion. At the end of April 2016 the capitalization of "STS Media "does not exceed $ 300 million.