Chechens started an assault in Moscow

Distric Department of Internal Affairs Bogorodskoe opened a criminal case on the fact of mass slaughter that occurred in the east part of the Russian capital. More than 30 natives of Chechnya with weapons tried to storm a building located there.
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During the shooting were wounded. Eleven detainees is attracted only to administrative responsibility.

Told "Rosbalt" one of the witnesses of events, around 9:00 on February 3 employees of one of the metropolitan law firms conducted the audit documentation of the company that owns the complex of buildings along the street Andreevo-Zabelinskaya, 35. They are located station maintenance vehicles and two-story office building. The complex is surrounded by a brick wall. Now around the premises, which are under the guarantee, there is litigation in the courts of arbitration. However, events took place on Tuesday, were far from the law.

"Suddenly, from all sides of the fence began to climb dozens of young people (minimum 30 people), with bits, valves and pistols, - told the agency -. Later it turned out that all of them are natives of Chechnya Once inside, thugs rushed to employees. CHOP. one of them laid a blow on the head with a baseball bat, others began to beat. at the same time the attackers tried to break into the building, but the doors were closed. Then,They opened fire on the windows and doors. It began a real assault. All event resembled a combat operation, the bullet just whistled everywhere, were wounded. "Massacre lasted as long as the place arrived the police. About 20 attackers managed to escape, delay could only 11 attackers, who prudently managed to throw the weapon. Was in place We found a large number of traumatic pistols and combat the PM with a silencer. All weapons are sent for examination.

During the fight he suffered about ten people, three of whom had to be hospitalized. In particular, one man received a serious gunshot wound in the back.

In ATS "Bogorodskoe" it turned out that all the arrested are natives of Chechnya and in Moscow are committed to providing support to the force "dispute between economic entities". Led this group of three brothers, one of whom, according to the source, mysteriously disappeared from the police department.

All the detainees were fingerprinted, but they spent in the chamber less than a day. Already on February 4 in the morning pierstomach people were released, making them acts for administrative violations. However, upon slaughter was initiated separate criminal case under article 222 of the Criminal Code (illegal possession of weapons) and 213 (huligantstvo). After the examination of "trunks" investigators plan to determine whether there are fingerprints on them natives of Chechnya, or the guards of the complex (fingerprint them too), and then later investigation may reach the charge.

Source "Rosbalt" said the law enforcement agencies, that in Moscow there are more than ten groups of natives of Chechnya, which provide support for a power dispute between economic entities or to repay debt.

"They do not run guys with bats.: Businessmen brought to the" "When it comes to large real estate and more than $ 2 million, then to the issues connected" serious President Hotel ", the hotel" Golden Ring "or" Korston "(formerly "Eaglet"), where they account for all popular. Some merchants directly at these hotels are rewriting their property in the presence of spetsialcaused no notaries. "

According to the source from the law enforcement agencies when it comes to disputes because not very large objects like building on the street Andreevo-Zabelinskaya, there are a group of less powerful than the inhabitants of the three hotels, the natives of Chechnya for the use of force. Most often, these groups have several leaders, and ordinary soldiers working in shifts: from the Caucasian republics come a few dozen people, about half are involved in the capture, and then go home, and the other young people they come on shift. Compete with the latter groups make up a football fans, who are also actively involved in a military solution to the controversy surrounding houses. What is remarkable, sometimes fans and people from the North Caucasus, even together can take part in the "storming" of buildings. For example, it was in 2013 with the capture of one of the restaurants near the metro station "Paveletskaya". "Usually," attack "leads to a fight between the" mercenaries "and chopovtsami guarding the premises. It happens that in the course are the bits of reinforcement. Where it used weaponsand even combat, long ago there was no "- said the source" Rosbalt ".