Chekist Ninja

How the criminal cases with the defendants from the all-powerful FSB "K" Department are closed. 
The editorial board of the "New" asked a Muscovite Sergei J. and reported that in 2007, the FSB took away his business. And one of the Raiders in uniform was allegedly Control Officer "K" SEB FSB, nicknamed "Ninja." In the process of investigative journalism found out that the Ninja is constantly carried with him a Makarov pistol with the cut number, a set of throwing knives and had to be lighted in several criminal history. For example, in 2012, the Ninja was nearly shot the guard in the sauna and now hiding from the investigation.

Sergey set up a meeting in a cafe. He came with his wife Alena:

- As I pressed the firm - has a long history. Can briefly: gatherings at the restaurant at my expense, baths, girls, money for the roof, hitting businesses and weaning.

- You tell me how you were taken to the forest, - sobbed Alain. - And they threatened to abduct children.

- And what to tell: they brought in Shchelkovo, tied to a tree, scare, bury it, and one of them began to throw me over the knives. Twenty minutes later, I agreed to unsubscribe business frontman.

- And why did not immediately obratiliss statement to the FSB or the prosecutor's office? - I'm interested.

- In this country complain about the FSB - it is useless. Thank God that remained alive ...

Alain and Sergey for a long time told how they had to quickly sell an apartment and a car. As children hid with relatives and listened at night to the steps outside the door. In parting, the head of the family handed the photo:

- In this photo "Mercedes" of the very knife thrower. Feesbeshniki and gangsters call it Ninja. I heard that Ninja nakosyachil to some sauna. It seems that he was declared wanted, but for some reason he quietly travels to Moscow.

State of emergency in the sauna

Unfortunately, Sergei no longer know anything about the Ninja. We found out that on January 4, 2012 at the sauna Taganka really happened noisy incident involving the FSB. It was like this: in the sauna, located on the territory of Moscow Watch Factory "Flight" to "Mercedes" came two customers - Igor and Roman. However, customers interested in a little steam room, and after a toast "for the motherland and the FSB!" They demanded girls. Moreover, andgor and Roman began to stick to the cleaner and her daughter (both native of Uzbekistan).

On the women rushed to the rescue guard sauna Dzhamaldinov Shuvaev: he was able to show the door both to the street. Then Igor from the trunk of "Mercedes" took out a gun and tried to shoot the guard. But Dzhamaldinov knocked the weapon out of the hands of the attacker and called the police. Throwing the car, drunk customers withdrew.

Arriving operatives have begun to search for the fugitives, but those vanished. But in the car it was found: a Makarov pistol with the cut number and the clip of 8 cartridges labeled "539 92"; 4 throwing knife, used by special services (two - star-shaped); 4 cell phone; driver's license; military ID; employment history; pension certificate of the FSB; Diploma of Higher Education; Certificate to medals FSB 3rd degree "For Distinction in Military Service" in the name of Igor V. Lazarev.

Developments in the sauna took personal control of the then head of the metropolitan police, Vladimir Kolokoltsev. Soon, from the FSB came the answer: "In 2010, a senior security officerManagement "K" SEB FSB Igor Lazarev was dismissed from service. "

However, details of the dismissal are not reported.


In fact the "trunk" of detection with the cut in the number of abandoned "Mercedes" of the investigator OMVD on Tagansky district Vasily Losev opened a criminal case № 169707. Documents and mobile phones Lazarev enter into the material evidence, and the car was sealed and put on spetsstoyanku near the police department.

He supervised the capture of fugitive ex-security officer acting Chief of Staff of the Department of Internal Affairs for the Central Administrative District of Moscow Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Milovanov. For his signature Kolokoltsov General sent a report on the work done. According to the document, Lazarev went on handwritten powers of attorney, and the car belonged to the Muscovite Catherine M. The apartment security officer was not there, and neighbors said they had not seen the owner several years, although the apartment is often visited by some young lady and hosts. Police officers were not able to establish the identity of the Novel, which, together with Lazarev walked in the sauna. According to preliminary data, it is acting FSB officer. In concludeof Colonel Milovanov Kolokoltseva General assured that the Ministry of Internal Affairs officers CAO makes every effort to fugitives investigation (the full report is available in version).

Six months after the events in the sauna, the Moscow police was headed by General Anatoly Yakunin and, obviously, on the general's scrutiny, forgotten.

Meanwhile, another emergency happened: 10.11.2012, three unidentified men attacked the investigator Losev, who started the criminal case, broke his nose and stole the business card (crime is not disclosed). On social networks, we contacted the victim by the inquirer, but he refused to talk.

On the trail of the Ninja

About Mr. Lazarev managed to find out the following: was born in Moscow, he passed military service in some special unit and then graduated. In 2001, he was discovered in the state management of the "K" Department of Economic Security FSB (now - SEB FSB). According to a special person from the CSS of the FSB, "Lazarev especially valued for their ability to guide nicely throw knives, and he was given the nickname" ninja. "

According to some reports, LazarusNinja-in, first served in the 4th department of management "H", and following the reorganization of its central apparatus was transferred to the 9 th "anti-drug" Management Department "K". Other references about Lazarev Ninja we could not find. Aside from the fact that he often visited Rostov-on-Don and Moscow caught him twice for driving under the influence. But with regard to the authorities no orgvyvodov pet was not followed (in the version available copies of the traffic protocols).

The first step of the "New" reporters tracked down the guard sauna Dzhamaldinov Shuvaeva, and he described how "bespredelnichat Igor and Roman." Then we went to the place of residence in the Lazarev Staroslobodskaya street. no one was home, but one of the surveyed residents said that "Igor V. no one is hiding in May chic celebrated its fiftieth anniversary."

Meanwhile, a source in the Ministry of Internal Affairs informed the CAO that Lazarev supposedly "long-poreshat all questions and he returned the documents and the car."

The "new" sent official requests to the Research Affairs in Moscow and the capital's prosecutor's office. Office Mr.enerala Yakunin our inquiry is left unanswered, and the prosecutor's office came the answer with a "surprise": it turns out, Lazarev and Roman wanted no one announced and a criminal case on the detection of the PM with the cut "suspended number, as the person to be the culprits, not installed". In addition, it was found out that the criminal case is assigned a different number (number 169726) and it worked quite another investigator. As the investigator Losev, who broke his nose and stole identity, he only went to the sauna and was inspection protocol.

By the way, we discovered another interesting point Lazarev biography: April 15, 2003 in Moscow on the street. Shumkina Lazarev, who at that time was acting FSB officer was attacked. Unknown offenders inflicted minor injuries, was kidnapped service pistol Makarov (IE number 3922 K), the clip of 8 cartridges, purse and cell phone. The crime remains unsolved, and is now walking weapon is unknown.

It seems to us, would do well to conduct a thorough examination of the stemsaunas, because all staff trunks "fire back" and their data is entered into the database. What if after the "shooting" have found a Makarov sauna his stolen data coincide with the PM?

There remains a lot of other issues. For example, a knife thrower, Export Sergei Shchelkovsky in the forest, and a former FSB officer Igor Lazarev, known as "Ninja" - one and the same person or not? Why closed a criminal case, no one is looking, and not declare the wanted list? Who attacked the investigator? And who, in fact, still moves on material evidence - "sealed" "Mercedes"?


"K" Management SEB FSB ( "Kashnikov") is engaged in counter-intelligence in the credit and financial sphere, the fight against counterfeiters, drug trafficking, illegal sale of explosives and poisonous substances. Management staff have a very large agents among bankers, crooks and drug addicts. In addition to the service of the FSB identity they use the police "crust" and a cover of the passport in the name of others.

"K" Department conducted operational support angletion case against Sergei Magnitsky. After the death of a lawyer in jail Head of General Viktor Voronin made the sanctions "Magnitsky list". In addition, in Italy, in the resort town of Stresa, "New" found expensive real estate, registered in the husband and father of the deputy head of the "K" Colonel Dmitry Frolov (fired), which was in charge of the banking sector.