Chelyabinvestbank was accused of conspiring with Yuri Karlikanov

Hundreds of millions of lost rubles are sought in the bankruptcy case of ChelSI.
The scandalous proceedings surrounding the business associated with the deputy head of the Chelyabinsk regional branch of United Russia, Yuri Karlikanov, received a new vector of development. The creditors of PKO ChelSI within the framework of its bankruptcy filed a complaint against Chelyabinvestbank, declaring a collusion of a credit institution with a politician who could cause damage to independent parties to the dispute, and not only in the context of these proceedings. In support of their position, they point to Chelyabinvestbank’s special relationship with the debtor: three-year inaction on the debt of hundreds of millions of rubles, constant prolongation of loans, forgiveness of interest and possible violations in bankruptcy procedures. According to lawyers, certain actions of the bank may even serve as a reason for initiating administrative investigations by the Central Bank. One way or another, the arbitration has already requested a dossier at ChelSI PKO and information about its owner in the Seychelles, and financiers have given the names of potential financial scheme interested parties.

The proceedings in the bankruptcy case of PKO ChelSI LLC, which is associated with the vice speaker of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk Region, the first deputy secretary of the United Russia reorganization department Yury Karlikanov, may reveal abuses at Chelyabinvestbank. So, construction company lenders are already announcing a likely conspiracy of financial institutions with Karlikanov’s group and are demanding explanations from bankers.

In particular, the Arbitration Court of the Chelyabinsk Region has already filed a petition for the demand for evidence on the requirements of Chelyabinvestbank by more than 674 million to ChelSI PKO. The applicant asks to provide detailed information on three loans issued by the structure, including indicating the persons who paid the bank for the debtor, provide explanations on the interaction of Chelyabinvestbank with the bailiffs, disclose information about the beneficial owners of PKO ChelSI LLC, namely “ “Turn Consulting Corporation” (Seychelles), as well as credit dossiers for a list of companies.

The creditor explains his requirements with behavior atypical for the bank in interaction with a group of legal entities that are associated with a politician, which probably indicates a common economic interest.

So, the representative of the bankruptcy trustee of “Regionsnabsbyt”, who announced multimillion-dollar claims on “ChelSI” PJSC, lawyer of LE-ARM bureau Evgeny Churkin draws attention to the fact that the bank has repeatedly entered into additional loan agreements with the borrower, and one loan, apparently issued to block payments differently.

“Multiple changes in the terms of repayment may indicate that the bank credited the debtor without checking the economic possibility of the latter to pay off the loans issued within the terms stipulated by the agreement,” Churkin explains his position.

Regionsnabsbyt believes that the financial institution’s special relationship with Karlikanov is also indicated by the fact that Chelyabinvestbank, having available writ of execution to recover funds from both the debtor (PKO ChelSI) and its guarantors (Karlikanova and "Regional Mining Company") for more than 3 years has not taken action to recover funds. The financial institution has not started the sale of pledged property, whose market value exceeds unfulfilled obligations.
Another aspect is that in the claims submitted by Chelyabinvestbank to the court, as noted by lawyers, obligations to pay interest in the amount of about 57.9 million rubles are not included.

“The bank is not a do-it-yourself house. It is highly doubtful that he forgives the indicated interest for using the loan to the debtor. The actual refusal of these requirements in the bankruptcy procedure entails damage to the independent economic interests of the bank, and, on the other hand, leads to benefits for persons controlling the debtor. At the same time, the bank violates its direct obligations, <...> creates the prerequisites for initiating administrative investigations by the Central Bank, ”Yevgeny Churkin comments on the conflict.

By the way, it is indicated that Chelyabinvestbank, being the majority creditor in several bankruptcy cases of enterprises connected with Yuri Karlikanov, took an extremely passive position, possibly acting in the interests of the beneficiaries of the debtors. In one of the cases, the bank even allegedly formed the procedure for selling property in such a way that no one but the debtor could buy it.

“If you add the political influence of the beneficial owner of ChelSI PKO - Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk Region Yuri Karlikanov, as well as the daughter of Viktor Tupikin, Minister of Construction and Infrastructure of the Chelyabinsk Region, Maria Taukaeva, who is the General Director of ChelSI, which made it possible to influence Chelyabinvestbank, which was dependent on of the political elite of the region, we can say that a group has been created, as a result of joint actions of which independent creditors are harmed, and not only in this tstve "- described his vision of the representatives of the creditors, the court requesting additional information about the interaction of the bank with a list of legal entities.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, at the moment the arbitration has already proposed to the bank to submit the debtor’s credit files to the court, and to the interim manager - information on the cash flow of PKO ChelSI during the period of receipt and use of loans, as well as information about the owners of the organization. The next meeting on this dispute should take place on December 5.

Meanwhile, interlocutors of the publication among financiers talk about really close ties between bankers and politicians. “There is Tatyana Vasik at Chelyabinvestbank, who was previously deputy chairman, and now is the chairman of the board of directors. She knows Kolesnikova (State Duma deputy from the Chelyabinsk region. - Ed.), Karlikanov and others from a very long time ago. Of course, they were actively lending at Chelyabinvestbank, and I think there were special conditions for them. However, it will be difficult to hold bankers accountable. I think that the same prolongations were made so that the bank itself would creep in according to the standards at certain points. This is better than instantly receiving an additional charge of reserves, ”the source of the publication describes his vision of the situation.

To clarify, earlier Pravda Ural Federal District informed in detail about remarkable operations involving Chelyabinvestbank on assets associated with the family of State Duma deputy Oleg Kolesnikov, as well as the possible interweaving of interests of individuals and beneficiaries of PKO ChelSI.

One way or another, in relation to “ChelSI” PKO, the first stage of bankruptcy has been introduced at the moment, and the Committee on Property and Land Relations Management of the city of Chelyabinsk, Federal Tax Service, and Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Chelyabinsk Utility Heating Networks” have submitted multimillion claims to the structure. In addition, as the interlocutors note, a whole list of assets related to the influential United Russia party, vice speaker of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk Region, goes through bankruptcy, and creditors talk about hundreds of millions of losses and demand personal responsibility of Karlikanov and his family.