Chemezov's children fell for Rostec contracts

How Chemezov's sons make billions from a state corporation.
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Recently, thanks to the Pandora Archive, it became clear that the offshore companies associated with the family of the head of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, own property worth 22 billion rubles. The origin of such funds in the accounts of relatives remained unclear. However, at least with respect to Chemezov's children, something was established: as The Insider found out, the sons of the head of the state corporation turned out to be connected with a private company that is mastering large Rostec contracts. One of the brothers was employed by a contractor, and the other uses an expensive car registered with her. Children of Chemezov, the head of a state corporation, lead a luxurious lifestyle, buying up luxury real estate.

“The level of performance is the interior, the technical stuffing, and the design - very high. The motor is powerful, the car is going very well. Not at all worse than imported cars of this class, "- Sergey Chemezov praised the Russian Aurus Senat. The head of Rostec reported that he had moved to a car, in the creation of which the enterprises of the state corporation participated. “I don’t plan to change this car for Mercedes,” Chemezov summed up.

However, the eldest son of a top manager did not take over his father's hobby for domestic production. According to The Insider, Stanislav Chemezov drives a Mercedes-AMG G 63. In particular, he indicated the car of this brand with the license plate B777AX199 when issuing a digital pass during last year's quarantine.

Only this "Gelik" does not belong to Chemezov Jr. According to the traffic police, the car was registered at IC Independent Insurance Group LLC. The youngest son of the head of Rostec is also associated with this company: according to the leaked tax base for 2018, Alexander Chemezov receives a salary there, and in parallel with the biological faculty of Moscow State University.

Independent Insurance Group is a large state contractor for Rostec. For example, the company received contracts for the provision of VHI services to a subsidiary of RT-Techservice corporation, for cargo insurance of the Ekran Research Institute, for air transport of Russian Helicopters JSC.

The total amount of funds disbursed by NSG for public procurement is more than a billion rubles. And this is only according to open data, and after all, many contracts of defense enterprises are classified. The company is one of the leading insurers for enterprises in the domestic defense industry. According to SPARK, last year the volume of receipts to the company amounted to 4.5 billion rubles, and insurance payments - 1.7 billion rubles.

The official owners of the "Independent Insurance Group" are businessmen Vitaly Gerasimov, Vyacheslav Mazurenko and Vladimir Maishev. The eldest son of Chemezov should have known the latter for a long time: they are partners in OOO Gelendzhik Resort Complex Meridian, to which the property in the Krasnodar Territory was registered.

The Chemezov family is known as the owner of many expensive real estate objects: on Rublevka they own several cottages and land plots worth 4 billion rubles, and Alexei Navalny talked about the apartment of the head of Rostec for 5 billion. The Insider found new elite apartments that were purchased by Chemezov's son recently.

According to the extracts from Rosreestr at the disposal of the editors, in April 2021 Stanislav Chemezov became the owner of three apartments with a total area of ​​261 sq. m. in the house number 117 on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway. This is the Club Level Barvikha Residence, located in a prestigious area surrounded by a coniferous forest, just 7 km from the Moscow Ring Road.

Ilya Shumanov, General Director of Transparency International - Russia, draws attention to the fact that the Independent Insurance Group is poorly represented in the insurance market, its top managers are not public, and the company is mainly engaged in servicing the structures of Rostec. In fact, this is a creative structure serving the interests of one holding. “In a situation where the owner of the state contractor of the state corporation is a business partner of the son of the head of the state corporation, albeit in a different business, one can speak of personal interest in concluding transactions. The facts of obtaining property benefits in the form of a car for one son and financial benefits in the form of a salary from another son, Chemezov, additionally indicate signs of an unresolved conflict of interests with the general director of Rostec, ”Shumanov said.

Making decisions in the interests of relatives and business partners is a corrupt business card of Russia. According to Shumanov, such corrupt practices cause much more damage to the Russian economy and national security of the country than direct embezzlement of budget funds or bribes.

The Independent Insurance Group and the press service of Rostec did not respond to The Insider's inquiries. The Chemezov brothers also did not respond to the questions sent to them.