Chemezov's "daughters" moved to Maybach

Rostec's subsidiary bought the previous Maybach three years ago.
Origin source
The foreign economic association Soyuzkhimexport, a subsidiary of the state corporation Rostec, decided to buy a Mercedes Maybach S450. Information about the relevant Open Media auction was found on the official website of public procurement. The company is ready to pay 10 million rubles for this car.

Employees of the state company needed a car with "multicontour rear seats with massage function and electrically adjustable", a panoramic sliding roof with an electric drive, a backlit seat belt feeder, an integration system with Apple smartphones. The 367-horsepower premium sedan should be black with nappa leather trim.

The procurement documentation says that the car is being bought for "corporate needs" of the company. According to the data base of legal entities "Kontur.Fokus", the previous Maybach was leased by the company in October 2017 and bought out in April 2019.

JSC Soyuzkhimexport Foreign Trade Association was established in 2012 on the basis of the FSUE with the same name, which, in turn, was transformed from an enterprise created in Soviet times. Soviet "Soyuzkhimexport" was the only supplier abroad of perfumes and colognes produced in the Soviet Union. It offered (.pdf, 962 Kb) to foreigners, for example, the perfumes "Krasnaya Moskva", "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish", "Aeroflot" and "Fragrant Tobacco", as well as colognes "Kremlin" and "Chypre".

It is not known exactly what the current JSC Soyuzkhimexport Foreign Trade Association is doing. Its charter only says that the main task of the enterprise is the export and import of chemical products, technologies and plant equipment. According to the Kontur.Fokus database, 100% of Soyuzkhimexport shares belong to Rostec, and a certain Aleksey Mikhailovich Stankin has been its general director for several years. It was not possible to find information about him in the open sources of OM. According to RBC, the company has only 12 employees.

Soyuzkhimexport itself was unable to promptly answer the questions of Open Media. OM also requested a comment from Rostec.