Chernomyrdin's son begs 10 thousand rubles for food

Bankrupt Vitaly Chernomyrdin, having lost access to assets and Bentley, filed a petition for the allocation of money for food and clothing.
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The son of the former Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Viktor Chernomyrdin, Vitaliy, who was declared bankrupt, filed a petition for the allocation of monthly money from the bankruptcy estate for current living expenses and maintenance of an underage child in the amount of 20.1 thousand rubles, the ruling of the Moscow arbitration court says.

The application contains a requirement to allocate 10.2 thousand rubles per month for current living expenses (clothing, food, etc., i.e. for a minimum living wage), as well as 9.9 thousand rubles for the maintenance of a minor child (2003 year of birth), dependent on Chernomyrdin.

The court will consider the petition of the debtor on December 17.

The September arbitration extended the term for the sale of Vitaly Chernomyrdin’s property by six months. A request for an extension of the sale of property was filed in court by the financial manager of the property of Chernomyrdin, Ruslan Gubaidulin.

According to the manager, at the time of the hearing, not all of the responsibilities assigned to him were fulfilled, measures for the sale of the property of the debtor continue. Persons involved in the case, regarding the satisfaction of the request of the manager of the objection did not submit objections.

In September 2018, the Moscow Arbitration Court granted the request for the establishment of a temporary restriction on the right to leave Russia for Chernomyrdin. Such a restriction will remain in force until the completion or termination of bankruptcy proceedings.

Earlier, the court refused a statement banning Vitaly Chernomyrdin and other third parties from making transactions with the Bentley Continental Flying Spur. On January 30, 2018, the financial manager filed an application for invalidating the transaction between the debtor and Viktor Yarovenko under the contract of sale of this car. He also asked the court to return the vehicle to the bankruptcy estate.

In the framework of this dispute, on May 24, 2018, the manager filed an application for interim measures in the form of a ban on transactions with this car, as well as other actions for registering (re-registering) rights to it with the traffic police.

However, the arbitration rejected the request of the administrator.

The court did not examine the circumstances and conditions of the conclusion of the transaction contested by the financial manager, the court ruling said. In this regard, according to the arbitration, the adoption of interim measures in the form in which the applicant requires it is not reasonable and justified, since it will affect the interests of third parties and Yarovenko.

Attempts to seize Chernomyrdin’s property

A court in July 2017 refused VTB Bank to seize a 1937 Cadillac vehicle and other property of Vitaly Chernomyrdin.

Thus, the court rejected the application for interim measures in the form of seizure of Chernomyrdin's property with a total value of 305 million rubles in the framework of the bankruptcy case. Among the assets to which VTB requested extending interim measures was Cadillac of 1937, as well as a 50% stake in the authorized capital of Kolosok LLC and Fayda LLC. In addition, the bank asked to arrest a share in the authorized capital of LLC Gamayun in the amount of 14.29%, a share in the authorized capital of LLC Holding Company Energo in the amount of 22.5% and a garage box with an area of ​​18.2 square meters.

“In the court’s opinion, in the present case the applicant has not proved the totality of circumstances that allow us to conclude that failure to take the measures indicated in the application will cause significant harm to the interests of VTB Bank,” the decision of the first instance notes, in particular.

On September 14, 2017, the Arbitration Court introduced a debt restructuring procedure in respect of Vitaliy Chernomyrdin. Then the claims of VTB Bank against the debtor in the amount of 304.4 million rubles were recognized justified.