Chigirinsky brothers have nothing to lose but their debt

The crisis in the construction industry in Russia is far from being over; virtually all companies experience serious problems today, not excluding even the big players.
Every sixth construction company in Russia is threatened with bankruptcy, according to a recent study of the University Higher School of Economics. Another confirmation of this trend was the escalating conflict around one of the leading Russian developers - the company "Snegiri", belonging to Alexander Chigirinsky. In mid-September of this year, Alexander Chigirinsky and his brother Shalva Chigirinsky filed two lawsuits in Cyprus court against billionaire Victor Rashnikova, a few years is a partner and the leading investor in their construction projects: the construction of the tower "Evolution" and the tower "Russia" in Moscow City . Now, developers are brothers accused of one of the richest men in Russia and the main shareholder of the international metallurgical holding, no more nor less, in "fraudulent activities".

"All these disputes in Cyprus, are intended to illegally take possession of the funds, which rely Victor Rashnikovu for its investments in" Evolution "project of the tower, - said Alexander Sutyagin Sheets, a spokesman Victor Rashnikova. There is no doubt that ethe scandal was the result of the largest Sledkov in 2016 in the Russian real estate market - the sale of a skyscraper "Evolution" for $ 1 billion in state company "Transneft".. In 2010 OOO «City Palace" Alexander Chigirinsky and Victor Rashnikov entered into a shareholder agreement on the construction of the tower "Evolution» (Evolution Tower) in Moscow City, the developer which was a company. Half of this project was originally from Chigirinsky, Jr., and the remaining 50% purchased from Yelena Baturina, the hostess "Inteko" Victor Rashnikov.

Moscow mayor's wife confirmed that "the statement of representatives of Chigirinsky that Rashnikov bought a 50 percent stake in" Snegirev "is a lie, is not true and the documents - said Elena Baturina. The project is owned in equal parts by "Inteko" and "Bullfinch". After the crisis of 2008, the project was almost shelved because the shareholders are not able to provide funding and bank loans were not available at the time ", - said Baturina.

Banks are reluctant to lend to such ambitious projects in the Kyrgyz Republicsis, the more the size of an existing receivable "Snegirev" Chigirin and business reputation of the family called their legitimate concerns. In this situation, the billionaire gave a guarantee to attract investments in construction.

"Everyone knows that in 2015 the tower was built at all, it is a merit Rashnikova" - expressed his opinion one of the top managers of major Russian construction company on condition of anonymity. Also, doubts are raised allegations of Alexander Chigirinsky lawyers that their client was misled Rashnikovym, this supposedly explains such a low price deal.

"I have a surprising amount of the purchase of $ 52 million., Voiced by representatives of Chigirinsky, and their estimate of the percentage resulting" Inteko "price for a 50% interest was $ 37 million to $ 180 million.. This is the market price, which is fully suited" Inteko " . I have considerable experience in real estate and in 2010 sold its share of the market price on the open market ", - he told reporters Elena Baturina.

It is worth noting that after Alexander Chigirinsky in condemningl its leading investor in "fraud" in the city of Limassol Court (Cyprus) and has launched a campaign to discredit him in the Russian press, the future of the company "Snegiri" raises legitimate doubts. The construction of the main project of Alexander Chigirinsky - the elite residential complex "ECO Snegiri" on Minsk street frozen in Moscow. Investors and shareholders every day more and more worried about blackened skeletons of abandoned unfinished builders, which invested hundreds of millions of dollars.

According to real estate rights Unified Register of land is pledged to the Russian bank of TOP-20. Also according to our sources, major credit obligations the company "Snegiri" is also in front of several Russian banks.

"I do not think that banks are happy with what is now going on with this project. They understand that the debtor is extremely unreliable, and even gets involved in such stories, such illegal actions that it is not clear what will end for him in terms of the ability to perform its obligations, "- said a source on the marketdevelopment.
The situation with the claim of Hazlewood Investment & Finance Ltd Shalva Chigirinsky concerning misleading it with respect to the "Russia" tower prices by purchasing a 50% stake in this project Rashnikovym representatives commented Victor Rashnikova extremely emotionally.

"Shalva Chigirinsky - bankrupt. People accuse others of fraud, who are they ?! Rascal Shalva Chigirinsky. That is confirmed by the history of his British company Sibir Energy. He is under house arrest in the United States in connection with allegations of child sexual abuse. He has no money, he is very in need and looking for any way to solve their financial problems, "- he expressed his opinion on the source develompenta market.

Representatives of billionaire also categorically denied the arrest of Victor Rashnikovu owned real estate in France.

"Any seizure of property subject to registration in the register of real estate, there are no such records in France. The decision of the Cypriot court does not speak about the arrest, no arrest, no. It was pathetic, ill-founded, in an attempt to address the representatives of the French court Shalvas Chigirinsky with seizure of property September 8, September 9, the court dismissed it, "- said the lawyer Rashnikova.

Many of the experts we interviewed in the industry said that the situation with claims Chigirin to Rashnikovu puzzling. If the motives of Chigirin older brothers Shalva can understand bankrupt billionaire in urgent need of money to conduct the trial in the United States. If the court finds him guilty, he could end his days in an American prison.

But still only speculate about the behavior of his younger brother Alexander Chigirinsky, deliberately spoiled relations its main private investor. In the situation of the ongoing crisis in the construction industry, it looks like an exponential "suicide" business company "Snegiri", burdened with credit obligations to banks.