Citylink was left without owners

The court arrested the co-owners of the IT-distributor Merlion, which is developing the Citylink network of online stores. They are accused of destruction of property, resulting in the death of a person, as well as murder by prior agreement.
Origin source
The Khoroshevsky District Court of Moscow arrested the owners of the IT distributor Merlion Oleg Karchev, Vladislav Mangutov and Alexey Abramov. The "Moscow" agency was informed about it by the press service of the court.

The businessmen were charged with deliberate destruction of property, resulting in the death of a person, as well as murder committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy, the agency said. The accused were arrested until November 6. TAdviser with reference to sources reported about a search and detention in the central office of Merlion. Information about the searches was confirmed by a source close to Merlion, RBC.

Merlion told Forbes that all of its offices are operating as usual, and divisions are operating at the same level. “With regard to the circumstances and details of the investigation in which the arrests were carried out, Merlion does not have additional information other than what is available in official sources,” the company said. Merlion ranks 33rd in the list of 200 largest private companies in Russia with 266.6 billion rubles in revenue in 2019.

According to SPARK, the arrested businessmen own shares in Realist Bank. Last week a court arrested a member of the board of directors of Realist Boris Levin in the case of the murder of two or more people. In 2008, Levin, then vice president of security at Euroset, was arrested on charges of extortion and kidnapping of the company's former freight forwarder Andrei Vlaskin. Investigators came to the conclusion that the internal security service of Euroset kidnapped Vlaskin, whom it suspected of stealing cell phones worth 20 million rubles, forcibly detained him and extorted damages.

At the end of 2010, a jury acquitted Levin and other Euroset employees. Levin then turned to the Ministry of Finance with a claim for compensation and sued 20 million rubles for illegal criminal prosecution.