Clan of Akhmat Salpagarov fell to the budget

The firm of the brothers of the senator from Karachay-Cherkessia Akhmat Salpagarova received 5.3 billion rubles from the budget for the construction of housing for waiting lists.
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The clan of the senator from the KCR takes over from the defeated clan Arashukovs. The siblings of senator from KCR Akhmat Salpagarov received half a billion euros of government contracts. The Kubanskoye ICU of Askhat and Rasul Salpagarovykh builds three houses in Cherkessk for affordable housing in the Cherkessk federal budget program for 5.3 billion rubles at four times too high prices. FAS accused the company of cartel collusion. Relatives of the brothers Eldar Salpagarov, Oydur Elkanov, Bashir Elkanov, Murat Elkanov headed the administration of the president of the Karachay-Cherkessian Republic Rashid Temrezov, Federal State Budgetary Institution “Operational Directorate of the Grand Stavropol Canal”, the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service, the expenditure department of the Federal Treasury. A member of the Salpagarov clan, the head of the Karachayevsky district, Dakhir Elkanov, was arrested in connection with the murder of Islam Krymshamhamlov’s deputy and Natalia Nagornova, the treasurer, assassinated. Elkanov left the SIZO, headed the belt wrestling federation, after new charges he fled to Turkey.

Billions in construction

According to Metagazeta, three 16-storey houses in the northern part of Cherkessk, the capital of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic (KCR), are part of the program Housing the Russian Family. Its conditions are formulated at the federal level, but regions allocate money for construction. Apartments of an economy class under the program can be bought on preferential families with two or more children.

The contracts for the construction of these houses were awarded to the company Kubanskoe ICC, owned by Askhat and Rasul Salpagarov, brothers of the senator from KCR Akhmat Salpagarov. Kubanskoe is already building two 16-storey houses for the program: the company received a contract for 0.99 billion rubles in November 2015 and had to build the facility by the end of January 2018, and the contract for 1.38 billion was concluded in September 2017 , it was to be performed by the end of December 2018. Judging by the official website of public procurement, contracts have not yet been executed. Metagazete failed to figure out whether the houses were commissioned: the Kuban site has no site, the company does not publish building permits, design declarations and commissioning permits. The customer of the objects - the Republican state-owned enterprise "Directorate of Capital Construction" (DKS, its former director - Akhmat Salpagarov) - also does not talk about its achievements. And the KChR Government last reported on the results of the construction industry in 2016.

Three new houses are designed for 563 apartments (contract for 1.75 billion rubles), for 431 apartments (1.75 billion rubles) and for 563 apartments (1.8 billion rubles). To pass them to be the end of December 2022. Two thirds of the apartments in these houses will be one-room.

Construction of budget housing of economy class in Cherkessk for some reason is more expensive than in other regions. For example, in St. Petersburg, where the cost of housing is considered to be one of the highest in the Russian Federation, Anatoly Skorova’s Dalpiterstroy company estimated investments in building a house in Shushary for 870 apartments at just 706 million rubles (according to the project declaration). And LSR Group, controlled by Andrei Molchanov, will spend 1.73 billion rubles on two comfort class houses for 818 apartments in the Tsvetnoy Gorod microdistrict. This is almost as much as Kuban received one object for 563 apartments. That is, housing construction in Cherkessk is about four times more expensive than in St. Petersburg.

Cartel business

The company “ISK“ Kubanskoe ”LLC got up for tax accounting in March 2007 and immediately turned out to be the largest player in the market of civil servants of the KCR. Then Kuban was owned by three Salpagarov brothers - Akhmat, Askhat and Rasul. In 2009, Akhmat headed the Directorate for Capital Construction of the KCR, replacing Rashid Temrezov, the current president of the KCR, in this post. And in 2015, Akhmat Salpagarov was appointed senator from Karachay-Cherkessia.

Two brothers, Askhat and Rasul, remained in Kuban, and the company’s position after the transfer of Akhmat to the power structures was incredibly strengthened: the company takes the ranks in all the competitions in which it participates. Since 2011, the Kubansky government contract portfolio has exceeded 37 billion rubles, and almost all of them have been obtained without competition: no one is bidding for trades other than Kubansky. Or come other companies associated with the Salpagarov clan. For example, SUMS Karachaevskoye is a road contractor with a portfolio of state orders worth 9.2 billion rubles. Karachaevskoye was headed by Rasul Salpagarov, and his relatives were among the founders.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has become interested in the success of the Salpagarov family business. In January 2019, the FAS announced a cartel agreement between Kubansky, Karachaevsky, Chance LLC and other companies affiliated with Salpagarov and their business partners. Since 2014, these companies have agreed with each other on participation in public procurement. The authorities of the KCR, including the Directorate of Capital Construction, for some reason did not notice these agreements, although the procurement participants submitted completely identical applications and were connected by common founders and had common top managers.

It is possible that the authority of the Salpagarov clan prevented the republican authorities from discovering the cartel. He is one of the most influential in Karachay-Cherkessia. This family is closest to President Temrezov, especially after the fall of the Arashukov clan. The firms of the Salpagarov brothers account for more than 80% of all state orders in the republic.

Stronger than forty brothers

Another relative of the Salpagarov brothers, Eldar Salpagarov, from March 2011 to April 2018 headed the administration of the president of the KCR. On the website of the administration, he is still in this position, although since May 2018 he has been heading the FSBI Operational Directorate of the Grand Stavropol Canal.

A cousin of Salpagarovs Oydur Elkanov a year ago headed the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Cherkessk. The second cousin - Bashir Elkanov - for many years led the inter-district inspection of the Federal Tax Service for the KCR. Murat Elkanov - Head of the Expense Division of the Federal Treasury for the KCR. The other "cousin branch" - the Chotchayevs - is mainly engaged in business, rarely comes to power.

There are about 40 brothers in the Salpagarov-Elkanov-Chotchayev family. The members of this clan, like the Arashukovs, more than once found themselves under the gun of law enforcement officers. For example, the former head of the Karachay municipal district, Dakhir Elkanov, was arrested in 2012 in the case of two attempted murders. The first murder occurred in 2008 - the deputy of the National Assembly of the KCR KR Islam Khamshamkhalov was shot dead. And the second, in 2008, did not succeed: Natalia Nagornova, deputy head of the Federal Treasury Department for the KCR, survived after receiving two gunshot wounds.

When these cases reached the court, Elkanova was no longer among the suspects, he surfaced in 2017 as the president of the All-Russian Belt Wrestling Federation. In February 2019, when the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation decided to review these cases, Elkanov left the federation and, according to rumors, went to Turkey.

According to the Ruspress agency, Islam Krymshamkhalov tried before the death in court to challenge the results of the municipal elections in the Karachayevsky district, which Eldar Salpagarov won with the help of an administrative resource provided by KCHR Deputy Prime Minister Boris Gochiyaev, who is the alleged murderer's son-in-law.