Cleaning of staff: why the new head of the Kuzbass dismissed the vice-governors

The appointed head of the Kuzbass after the fire in the "Winter Cherry" shopping center, Sergey Tsivilev, sent four vice-governors to resign. This could lead to a conflict with his predecessor, Aman Tuleev, regional experts believe.
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On his decision to dismiss the four vice-governors, and the rest of the members of the board of the Kemerovo region administration, to be transferred to the status of acting duties, Sergei Tsivilev, the provisional governor of the Kemerovo region, announced on Monday morning, April 16.

"In accordance with the decisions taken last Friday with the heads of municipalities that Kuzbass should become the region number one beyond the Urals, today began to reorganize the management system of the administration of the Kemerovo region", - quotes the press service of the regional administration. Last Friday, Tsivilev held his first meeting with the heads of municipalities at his new post and presented a plan for the development of the region.

Sergei Tsivilev on Monday was unavailable for an operative comment.

President Vladimir Putin appointed Tsivili, former top manager and co-owner of Colmar Coal Company, a business partner of Gennady Timchenko, temporarily acting as governor after Aman Tuleyev's resignation on April 1. Tuleyev, who headed the region even under Boris Yeltsin, and in total supervised over 20 years, soon afterwards became the speaker of the regional parliament.

Reason for resignations

Retired Valery Tsoi, Alexei Kozhevin, Elena Zhidkova and Dmitry Kudryashov were sent to resign. Tsoi dealt with health issues, Kozhevin coordinated the work of law enforcement and military authorities, Zhidkova was responsible for the agro-industrial complex, and Kudryashov for the housing and communal services and roads.

Resignations of vice-governors were expected, said member of the regional parliament of the Kemerovo region from the LDPR and chairman of the expert council of the Siberian Policy Igor Ukraintsev, who alone in the regional parliament voted against the appointment of Aman Tuleyev as speaker.

Tuleyev had a lot of deputies in comparison with the heads of other regions, the former mayor of Kemerovo Valery Yermakov reminded RBC. He admits that the new governor can reduce their number, and some positions - combine, for example, combine health care with social policy.

With Ermakov agree Kuzbass political analyst Alexander Konovalov. In his opinion, under Tuleyev, the administration board "was inflated", and the maximum number of vice-governors under him was 16, including such positions as deputy on interaction with federal bodies of state power. " "Since many of the deputies actually supervised or overseen one department, if a part is cut, nothing terrible will happen," he added.

According to Konovalov, some of the vice-governors who were dismissed were "the closest associates of Tuleyev." He includes Tsoi, who "oversaw the whole process of Tuleyev's treatment last year," and the administrator of the administration of Alexander Martusov, "who provided all the economic activities of the administration." Martusov, Konovalov does not exclude, after dismissal he can move to work in the apparatus of the regional Council of People's Deputies headed by Tuleyev.

The next steps in the reorganization

Tsivilev dismissed the whole board of the administration, draws the attention of Konovalov. "This means that all deputies are in the status of performing duties, and the hands of Tsivilev are untied," he explained. "It's a test drive - how each of the deputies can show themselves." Therefore, according to the political scientist, in the near future among the vice-governors there can be new resignations, "most likely connected with the social bloc, because there are a lot of questions to it."

The meaning of Tsivilev's appointment was to significantly rebuild the management system of the Kuzbass, where Tuleyev had his own political machine, Petrov is sure. "He [Tsivilev] was introduced as an external person so that he could radically change the situation. Tuleyev's resignation in this sense is somewhat similar to Luzhkov's resignation, when the new [head of the region] appointed by the acting president fundamentally reformes the team in a situation where the old head retains levers of influence to some extent, "he explained.

In the team of Tuleyev, only he was important, all the others were "cogs", said the head of the Center for Political and Geographical Research Nikolai Petrov. "Now they are changing not just branch deputies, but changing the management system. Here [in the Kemerovo Region], apparently, sooner or later, everyone will have to change. Was it possible for Tsivili to find those people from the old Tuleyev team who are ready to play in the new team and under the new rules - this is a big question, "Petrov said.

His team at Tsivilev yet, says Ukraintsev. Konovalov also "did not see a single person" whom Tsivillev would bring to the region as a member of his team.

As for Tsivilev's further steps to reform the regional administration, he could, for example, abolish the college of the administration, Ukrayintsev believes. In the Kemerovo region it is the supreme executive authority consisting of the governor and his deputies, and there is no regional government as such, the role of regional ministers is played by the heads of the administration departments. The creation of the government could lead to an increase in their authority, notes Ukraintsev. "If they are ministers, they can do more. This is a long overdue question, all our neighbors have long been organized by the government, and we still have a college with an infinite number of deputy governors and with the same number of departments who do not understand who obey, "he said.

Complication of relations with Tuleyev

After Tuleyev was elected as the speaker of the local council, "the line of confrontation" between the legislative body and the administration of the governor became clear, Ukraintsev said. In the autumn, sources close to the Kremlin told RBC that Tuleyev was going to "be honored with retirement" after the presidential election. The federal official, after the resignation of Tuleyev and his transfer to the post of speaker of the local Legislative Assembly, told RBC that Tuleyev "will not take any part in the management of the region." "From this comes the Kremlin, and Tuleyev himself," the source said.

However, after the election as a speaker, it is possible that Tuleyev will not tolerate a ceremonial role, the Ukrainians assume. Tsivilev's decision on the resignation of vice-governors is, among other things, a consequence of "rather serious confusion", since Tuleyev's return to the regional parliament was not part of the starting plan, said Mikhail Vinogradov, head of the St. Petersburg Policy Foundation.

According to Konovalov, personnel policy can cause further conflicts between Tuleyev and Tsivilev. The former governor said that he leaves Tsivilev "a team of professionals," and he "ruins her," Konovalov said. "It is possible that Tuleyev will express his resentment against such personnel decisions," he said.