Client's money disappeared in Singapore

A sentence was passed on the theft in Transcapitalbank.
As the "Kommersant", entered into force conviction on the high-profile criminal case on the theft of $ 1 million in one of the TCB clients. The Moscow City Court found that seven years in prison - a punishment commensurate to the entrepreneur Harry Kuz'minykh, who with his accomplice, the former head of the department of credit institutions corporate clients, stole money from the client account and transferred them to Singapore. The Bank had to pay the full amount of the victim with a penalty, and now the bankers are trying to recover damages from convicted crooks.

Appeals board the Moscow City Court upheld the Basmanny District Court handed down the sentence against 50-year-old Harry Kuz'minykh, sentenced to seven years' imprisonment for "committing fraud on a large scale" (para. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code). According to investigators, March 4, 2014, Mr. Kuz'minykh, advises on commercial and financial issues, he persuaded one of his friends Alexander Dubovik businessmen put $ 1 million in TCB at the deposit account. Currency itself was acquired in the same bank. Dengi contributor subsequently going to be used for contracting abroad. However, in April 2014 by Mr. Dubovik, the funds were missing. It turned out that his account was closed, $ 20 thousand. Were cashed and $ 980 thousand. Went to the expense of a citizen Chitoroaga opened in one of Singapore's banks. After learning about the incident, Alexander Dubovik written statement to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Central Administrative District (CAO) of Moscow, which investigators have opened a criminal case on "fraud committed group of people on a large scale." Soon he was arrested the first suspect - the then head of the department of corporate clients Transcapitalbank Ivan Eremeev. It turned out that it was he who in the name of Alexander Dubovik forged documents to close the account of the victim and transferring money to another account abroad. This was done ostensibly after the bell on behalf of Alexander Dubovik requested. However, investigators have established police and the court, in fact, called it Harry Kuz'minykh.

Lawyer Ivan Eremeev Bakhmut executioner said, "Kommersant" that his client enoughtaken quickly realized that he had become a victim of fraud, attempted to return the funds, but to no avail, as reported to the leadership TCB. A member credit institution admitted that violated the instructions, but insisted that he had been misled. Ostensibly Kuz'minykh Harry was a longtime customer Transcapitalbank repeatedly credited and there, he said, was due to the bank's management, but because his reputation was never in doubt. As a result, Ivan Eremeev has been released on bail, while his accomplice Harry Kuz'minykh detained Tagansky district court. By the way, cashed $ 20 thousand. Investigators MIA on CAO considered possible reward for the services of the planned transfer of $ 1 million abroad.

Meanwhile, to Ivan Eremeev a dilemma - either to apply to the result of the re-qualification of his actions to "complicity in fraud" that could seriously reduce the possible penalty, or make a deal with the justice system, hoping for a lenient sentence in an already charged. He chose the second option, hoping for leniency of the court and probation. However, in January tekuschegof the year, despite the complete repentance and detailed testimony on Kuz'minykh Basmanny court sentenced a former top manager Transcapitalbank to three years in a penal colony. He was taken into custody in the courtroom. Bakhmut executioners tried to achieve reduction of sentence for his client, but to no avail, and Ivan Eremeev was transferred to the colony in the Kursk region to serve his sentence.

Meanwhile, Harry Kuz'minykh guilt categorically denied. He insisted that there could be related to the theft of $ 1 million, as it was not an employee of the bank, "was out of its location at the time of committing the crime Eremeev" and in general there is no evidence that he has provided an e-mail details for the transfer of stolen money in Singapore. Kuz'minykh demanded his full acquittal, but the Basmanny court found his guilt is proved. Lawyers for the convicted for comment were not available. The same position was taken and the Head of Public Relations Transcapitalbank Victoria Kazakova, "The Bank comments on the current situation is not Daye".

It should be noted that Alexander Dubovik simultaneously with the submission of the disappearance of his funds from the account went to court with a lawsuit to recover the stolen amount to the TCB and won it. However, he not only sought the lost funds, but received a total of penalties with $ 1.6 million. As a result of the criminal proceedings the victim was found just the bank itself. And now we need to jointly and severally indemnify how to admit his guilt Ivan Eremeev, and Harry Kuz'minykh.