CNN named the reason for the interest of Müller's agents to Vekselberg

Investigators from the team of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller were interested in payments that were transferred to the accounts of lawyer of the US president Donald Trump, close to businessman Viktor Vekselberg, told CNN sources.
Origin source
Agents of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller really questioned the Russian businessman Viktor Vekselberg, while they were interested in payments that related structures were transferred to Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen, CNN reported citing the source.

According to the channel, it is about hundreds of thousands of dollars. "The purpose of payments that preceded the sanctions, and the nature of business relations between Vekselberg and Cohen are unclear," the material says.

The interlocutor of CNN said that the company associated with Vekselberg "Columbus Nova" allegedly transferred Cohen payment. In addition, investigators were interested in a $ 300,000 donation made by Vekselberg's cousin, American Andrew Intterter, who heads Columbus Nova, to Trump's fund and the funds of his campaign. Investigators also interrogated Intrater himself, told two more sources.

The channel also refers to the words of Michael Avenatti, porn actress attorney Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford), while CNN clarifies that the words of Avenatti are not supported by any evidence or evidence.

Avenatti claims that Cohen received $ 500,000 from the company associated with Vekselberg immediately after the presidential election. The money went to the bank account of the front company "Essential Consultants", which Cohen created before the elections and used to transfer money Daniels in January-August 2017. CNN specifies that it has payment documents, but they did not pass an independent examination.

Earlier, Trump's new lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, said Cohen had transferred Daniels money to protect the Trump family. Giuliani explained that Daniels would have given the money, regardless of whether Trump was running for president or not. "The payment was made in order to resolve the situation with personal and false statements in order to protect the president's family," the lawyer said then.

Earlier May 4, The New York Times, referring to sources familiar with the situation, wrote that the agents of Mueller communicated with Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg at the airport in New York, where Vekselberg arrived in a private plane. The newspaper specified that the agents stopped the Russian businessman in order to interview him and check his electronic devices, but the exact cause of the investigators' interest was not named then.